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W stands for Wishes and White

I love this time of the year when  friends and families gather together to wish each other a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Some cynics may say "Be careful what you wish for" But I am not a cynic and I truly believe there's nothing wrong with wishing. We all have dreams and aspirations....... So go on,  throw a coin in my Wishing Well,  and make three wishes....     Who knows? ......  they may just come true! My first most earnest wish is for World Peace. My second wish is for all those who suffer pain, whether it be mental or physical, that God will grant them relief. My third wish is for all the displaced people in the World , due to famine, floods or strife. I pray that the people of which ever land they settle in, will  warmly welcome themand help them rebuild their broken  lives.
Winter Wonderland. I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas Just like the ones we used to know,where the treetops glisten, and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow I'…

U stands for Under,

Under Milk Dylan Thomas (1914-1953).Under Milk Wood  was regarded as the play for voices, it was a radio drama commissioned by the BBC and later adapted for stage and screen. Dylan Thomas was a famed poet and writer, also broadcaster. He was born in Swansea, South Wales.  Whilst Dylan Thomas was staying at New Quay, West Wales he went out early one morning, when the people of the town were sleeping, verses came to mind about the residents. The play was really a short story and initially  was called  'Quite Early One Morning', it was about a mythical village called 'Llareggub', if you reverse the letters it says 'bugger all'.  Llareggub was a typical Welsh village in South Wales, with terraced houses and one 'ty bach' (little house), and five cottages. In 'Early One Morning' there were lots of ideas and various interesting characters who would later be developed for 'Under Milkwood', they would come out and empty the slops out side …

T stands for Termites Turtles and Toucans.

The Termite.Some primal Termite knocked on wood      And tasted it,  and found it very good ! And that is why your cousin May Fell  through the floor today. (Ogden Nash).The Turtle.The Turtle lives twixt plated decks Which practically conceals it's sex,  I think it clever of the Turtle,In such a fix to be so fertile.     (Ogden Nash).

Mummy TURTLE swimming in the sea Probably hoping to meet up with one of her new born,

Newly hatched baby TURTLE heading for it's first swim in the sea.


There was a TOUCAN named TIKKIWho lived in a house that was leaky So he wore a rubber hat And in the rain he sat That silly old TOUCAN named TIKKI
My thanks to the Talented Denise for devising this Terrific  ABCWednesday. site,  Also thanks to the TenaciousRoger for all that he does too! Last but not least, the Thoughtful Team of helpers who lend their support by assisting Tirelessly  with the visits to each contributor. Best wishes one and all,  and in these Troubled Times. Stay Safe. Di. xx

R stands for Ruth.

The story of Ruth is one of my favourite books in The Old Testament. It gave me lots of pleasure reading it as a child. I was asked to memorise and read a text from it  in school assembly, when I was just about ten years old.
 It was something I've never forgotten and  the text stays within my heart even now. Ruth is a story of love and redemption and so easy for a child to understand. Here is a quick synopsis of the story, as I perceived it, when I was very young it.
 There was a place called Moab where there lived a family.  Elimelech, his wife Naomi and their two sons. They had fled there from Bethlehem, where there was war and famine.
 Sadly Elimelech died leaving Naomi and her two sons. Later the two sons married Orpah and Ruth.  Buttragically the two sons were killed in another war,  leaving two childless young widows;  They decided to stay with Naomi to look after her, which was a very kind thing to do. One day Naomi decide she would like to return  to the land of Moab, where …

Q stands for Ouaint and Quilp.

This Quirky house is for sale at a cool one million dollars (£795,000:00)

 It is in a village called Hertford apparently one of the most desirable and expensive place to live in the UK. It is said to be a Quaint Victorian Water Tower.

My next Q standsfor Daniel Quilp who is an evil little dwarf  in Charles Dickens' 'The Old Curiosity Shop'.

Quilp  lends money to Nell's grandfather, who has a gambling habit .  Nell is the main protagonist in the story and lives in the shop with her grandfather, who is struggling to raise her after her parents died. The reason why grandfather is gambling is so that he can leave Nell enough money to keep her after he's gone. Unfortunately he gambles all the money away and can't repay Quilp. So, he and Nell go on the run to escape the dwarf.Quilp attempts to find them but thankfully, is unsuccessful!  Later, Quilp is pursued by the Police, but he gets lost in the fog and drowns in the River Thames. This a brief synopsis of  one of Charl…

P stands for Pantomime.

When I was in my teens I  auditioned for a
role in Pantomime at our local community centre. This was the beginning of many years of 'treading the boards'. The first Pantomime I was in was Robinson Crusoe, where I was in the chorus line, playing the part of a villager then a 'hula girl' on a  tropical island. The following year A Star was born...... I was taken from the chorus line and given the leading role of Jack, in Jack and the Beanstalk.
It is customary in British Pantomime to have role reversal, of leading roles: Therefore, the Pantomime dame traditionally would be played by a man and the leading male part would be played by a female....Don't ask..... It's just an old British tradition! Also it is customary to have a Pantomime cow or horse.  In Jack and the Beanstalk we had a cow called Daisy, not a real cow mind but one made of fabric with two men operating it. One would operate the back end legs (Dave) and the other. the front legs and head etc.(Tom). Now…

M stands for The Mr Men and Little Miss's stories.

Roger Hargreaves author and illustrator of The Mister Men and Little Miss stories. (1935-1988). Roger worked as an advertising copy-writer. He died unexpectedly, after a series of strokes. His son Adam, said of him, "Dad had always been this huge man in every way, he was 6ft 5' and he always seemed larger - than - life and healthy". Adam recalls, when he was aged 8, that one day, whilst playing at the breakfast table with his Father, he asked him, "Dad what does a tickle look like, my dad looked at me and laughed, he then went away and drew a yellowy-orange man with long arms, sketched in an appealingly bold style, in basic colour---------- Mr Tickle was born.  
Abridged version from Mr Tickle. Mr Tickle was walking along looking for anybody to tickle, eventually he came to a school, he peeped into a classroom; there were children sitting at their desks and a teacher writing on a blackboard. Mr Tickle's extraordinary long arm went right up to the teacher, paused,…

L stands for

Lewis Carroll.Lewis Carroll Is the pen name of an Oxford Don and Anglican Deacon Charles Lutwidge Dodd, he wrote the legendary story 'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland'It is, in my view, a fantasy story for children and adults alike.
  I read this in junior school and found it rather scary, but when good old Walt Disney turned it into an animated movie I got a better feeling about it and could see the writing for what it was.. a tale of fantasy. Lewis Carroll was born in a small Cheshire village called Daresbury just 20 miles from my home.  His father was the Anglican Parish Priest there  when LC   was growing up.  Ken Dodd, a much loved comedian from Liverpool,  has recorded a series of readings from the story, they are held at the Lewis Carroll Centre in the village. As the Alice in Wonderland tale is so long and complex, oozing with wonderful zany characters and wise and witty sayings, I've compiled a few extracts and images, from the book for you to enjoy. The main …

K stands for

King Witlaf's  Drinking Horn. ( By Henry W Longfellow),

Witlaf a King of the Saxons, Ere yet his last  he breathed To the merry monks of Croyland His drinking horn bequeathed--,
 That whoever they sat at their revels, And drank from the golden bowl,  They might remember the donor And breath a prayer for his soul.  So sat they once at Christmas And bade the goblet pass; In their beards the red wine glistened Like dewdrops in the grass.  They drank to the soul of Witlac, They drank to Christ the Lord, And to each of the Twelve Apostles, Who had preached his holy word.  They drank to Saints and Martyrs, of the dismal days of yore, And as soon as the horn was empty, They remembered one Saint more. And the reader droned from the pulpit, Like the murmur of many bees, The legend of good Saint Guthlac, And Saint Basil's homilies. Till the great bells of the convent, from their prison in the tower, Guthlac and Bartholomaeus,  Proclaimed the midnight hour.And theYule -log cracked in the chim…