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Count your blessings

2012 started quietly after spending Christmas with our eldest daughter, Kirsten and family, down in  Bramley, Surrey.
  It was a wonderful , particularly spending time with our darling grandchildren, Molly, aged 7 and Freddie, then aged 5. Kirsten and Dean made us so welcome, we went to a Carol service and crib blessing in the village church, then, most of the congregation tumbled over to the Jolly farmer pub, directly opposite the church, for a bit of Yuletide cheer.
Delicious Christmas dinner ensued the following day, lots of fun with the children, playing with their new toys.
On Boxing day there was a party at Kirsten's for friends and neighbours, so a good time was had by all.
 We motored home the day after to spend some time with our middle daughter Ingrid, her husband Mike and two grandchildren Olivia, almost 6 and Christian 3. our youngest daughter Astrid and fiance Ian joined us to celebrate our second Christmas, which was equally as enjoyable as as the first
January and Februa…