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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Do I Hear A Waltz ?

This the title song of a Broadway Musical first performed in 1965. It was written by Rogers and Sondheim. I don't know very much about this Musical other than the storyline is that of an American Spinster, who could not give herself emotionally, (whatever that means), until she falls in love.

She has a doomed affair with a married man during a vacation in Venice.

Many years ago I used to sing in a ladies choir and one of the lady soloists named Edith, who had never married, used to sing this at many of the Concerts that we performed.
In fact, it was one of the most requested song in our very varied programme.

Most of our audiences were older ladies in Residential Care homes and Senior Citizens Clubs. For some reasons, which you may understand, when you read the lyrics, that, whenenever Edith performed this song, many crinkly old faces were wreathed in knowing smiles, and many faded old eyes, regaining their lovely true colours, glistened with with tears.

Here are the lyrics. (Sorry I can't sing it for you)!

Do I hear a Waltz...

Do I hear a waltz?
Very odd but I hear a voice,
There isn't a band and I don't understand it at all.

I can't hear a waltz,
Oh my lord there it goes again!
Why is nobody dancing in the street?
Can't they hear the beat?
Magical, mystical miracle,
Can it be true?
Is it true?
Is it me?
No it's you!

I do hear a waltz,
I see you and I hear a waltz,
It's what I've been waiting for all my life... to hear a waltz.

Do I hear a waltz?
Oh my dear don't you hear a waltz?
Such lovely Blue 'Danubey' music,
How can you be still,
You must hear a waltz!

Even strangers are dancing now,
An old lady is dancing in her flat,
waltzing with her cat.

Roses are dancing with Peonies.

Yes it's true,
Don't you see?
Can't be you!
Must be me!

Do I hear a waltz?
I wan't to share it 'cause...
Oh boy, do I share a waltz!

Sadly Edith the soloist died a few years ago and I never did pick up the courage to ask her what was behind her reason for singing 'Do I Hear A Waltz'. I always felt it held some deep significance in her life but she never revealed what that significance was.
She was a very tall, good looking and beautifully groomed lady. She certainly had an 'aura' about her, however, she was a very private person, that was, until until she opened her mouth to sing, in her beautiful Contralto voice.

I truly believe Edith did hear her Waltz!

Do you hear a Waltz?...Do tell

I will share my 'Waltz' with you, on my next post.....

Monday, 14 April 2008

Michael. Z Christianson. RIP. 01.05.07.

This is a Tribute, to the dear Father of our Three Daughters.

Sadly, he died last year, after a valiant fight against Pancreatic Cancer.
As many of you will know that I have been very happily re-married to Darling Trubes for 21 years and he has been a wonderful Step-Daddy to the Three Girls, and a 'Fab' Grandpa to our three grandchildren.

Michael and I divorced 26 years ago. On reflection, we married far too young, but people did marry a lot younger then. We had had always been in touch, particularly on special Family occasions. We had a courteous relationship he too, re-married and was very happy in that relationship.

It hit home to me, how we all missed him, when, the extended family, attended Darling Olivia'`s second birthday celebrations. Although he was desperately ill, last year, he strugggled to attend her first birthday party.
Sadly he died a few weeks later.
Michael was the only son of a guy called Chris Christianson, who was a Flight Lieutenant in The Royal Canadian Airforce during WW2. His Family still live in Calgary on the West side of Canada.

He was 'shot down' over Holland and sadly, didn't get to meet his only son. Michael was born after his Father died. Chris was 22 years of age young sad.

My song is to you. Michael.

There were Bells on a Hill,
but I never heard them at all,
No I never heard them at all,
'Til' there was you.

Rest in Peace...Mike..

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Terms of Endearment

'Tilly Mint'.

I was recently asked by fellow blogger Thud, if, I knew the origin of the name 'Tilly Mint'. On researching this question I discovered that, it alludes to a female Scouser, (Liverpool lass), who, has ideas above her station.
Ironically, my father used to address me by this 'term of endearment', when, I was a stroppy teenager, and 'looked down' my imperious nose, upon his advice, and observations, regarding my general lifestyle, and demeanour.
On reflection, I was, a bit of a 'Tilly Mint'.

For heavens sake, I was a wild child of the Sixties.

We invented everything, including, Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, The Beatles, Flower Power, The Beach Boys, Surfing at Woolacombe Beach.
I Didn't indulge in all of these things. Not telling you which I did indulge in, either !

Real Teenagers didn't exist until then, believe me.

My sister, who is eight years older than me, was a demure, Snub-Nosed 'Paragon of Perfection', according to my mis-guided parents. Hmm... how little they knew.
She was a teenager in the fifties ,and liked all the soppy crooners of that time, including Johnny Ray, Frankie Lane, Pat Boone,and 'Ol Blue Eyes', himself, Frank Sinatra.
I know Bill Hailey and the Comets, and then, Elvis were around, but I could never have imagined her jiving in the aisles of the local flea-pit to 'Rock around the Clock' and ripping out the seats.
...Oh dearie me, no. That would be more likely her naughty little sister, Moi, indulging in such wayward behaviour, had I been old enough.....Tilly Mint..Indeed !

I set about shattering this conception, as soon as I hit sixteen ,( and not so sweet).

I 'dropped out' of Education and rebelled. (more stories to follow at a later date)!

For my punishment, I was levered into a respectable job in Lloyds Bank Trust Company.. where 'Miss Goody two Shoes', worked.

The Parents probably thought she would be able to 'keep an eye on me'.

Thankfully, 'Big Sister', married and moved to Worcestershire, so, I was able to be my own person in the workplace, without being talked down to, and generally, being bossed about.

Don't get me wrong, I get along fine with my Sister, but through my parents blatant favouring of her, always made me feel, that, I lived constantly in her shadow.
Actually, when standing next to her now, I do, literally, 'stand in her shadow' She's a very large lady and I believe, weighs a good deal more than I do.
Now, I ain't no lightweight, some may say 'cuddly', but I do try to keep a check on my weight , diet, etc.
My sister lives in Brittany N.W. France, which is an absolute gourmets' delight. Needless to say, she enjoys the delicious local fare, with relish. Unfortunately she is diebetic, and really shouldn't eat half the stuff she does. C'est la vie!

I sometimes think my sister is locked in a 'fifties', time warp. She still finds it difficult to speak to me as the mature person that I am , not the teenage sister, of many years gone by.....Tilly Mint..indeed !

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