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Christmas Titbits and a Yuletide ode

Oh Dear!
No Santa and sleigh from The Rotary Club's annual collection this year. Wait for it....Yes it's been cancelled on the grounds of 'Elf and Safety' !

To quote Littlejohn, 'You couldn't make it up'.

I'm so disappointed, it used to be the pre- Christmas highlight of 'The Avenue'.
After the collections had been made, the 'neighbours' used to get
together and have a glass or two of Christmas cheer and nibbles.
Nevermind, no doubt there will be some sort of 'get-together', over the holiday.

Now then, a Christmas ode for my blogging friends,
and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous
New Year......

Christmas is forever, not for just one day for loving,
sharing, giving are not to be put away like bells and
lights and tinsel in some box above a shelf.

The good you do for others is the good you do yourself.

[Norman Wesley Brooks 1976]


Jingle Bells

This little yarn is for my friend Welshcakes Limoncello, from the Siciliy Scene blog. She hasn't been too well of late so I hope it will make her chuckle!

As most of you know I come from the grand City of Liverpool. Sadly the City is often maligned by the media and anyone else who cares to jump on the bandwaggon.
How wrong they are!

Liverpool is a great and vibrant City.

We live in a lovely leafy suburb, surrounded by woodlands and verdant parklands, complete with lakes and gardens. Sefton Park has the magnificent Palm House, which was recently restored to it's former glory.

There are two things you can't take away from Liverpool people is their wonderful sense of humour and the ability to laugh at themselves.

Last year, at the beginning of December the local Rotary Club were carrying out the customary door to door collection on behalf of designated charities.
This is quite an event, complete with a large float on a flat back lorry, decked out with a Christmas Grotto Scene, with…


As it is more than a month since I wrote anything on my Blog and as several kind Bloggers have e-mailed me, to enquire of my well-being and whereabouts, I feel compelled to give you an update.
I am still struggling with health issues and up to my eyes in prescibed drugs it is difficult to find inspiration. With this in mind, I thought, perhaps I may have a general chit chat or even a 'rant'!

Here goes.......

DT and I are thoroughly depressed with the on-going financial failings of this awful Government. Everything we have both worked so hard for and saved for, to use in our retirement, is quckly fading away. When we both retired we were quite comfortably off, not now! We live in a quite large house which we would like to sell and buy something smaller but because of the current financial climate it is an impossible task without losing a lot of money. In the meantime we are using savings (what's left of them) to subsidise our outgoings.

Neither of us have ever been dependent …


Mothers-in-Law law are often the butt of so many comedians jokes, sometimes, quite unfairly. There are a lot of good alternative comediennes around but I've yet to hear any of them berating their husband's or partner's mothers.
Why is this I wonder?

Is it because we 'girls ' stand together as the Sisterhood and believe that we are beyond reproach, or, is it because men feel threatened, often by three adult women, influencing their lives; ie. wife, own mother and, mother-in-law?

I have had two Mothers-in Law. The first was a 'She devil from Hell' and the second was absolutely lovely, most of the time, (after all nobody's perfect)!

As I am a Mother-in-law to two Sons-in law, I know I am treading on dangerous territory, but, apart from the occasional, faux paux, usually committed by me when I am trying to be 'Wonder Woman' and getting stressed, particularly when entertaining so many , when they all come to stay at the same time,
I feel we have a good …

Then I saw him standing there.

Many years ago I was the witness,(matron of honour),at a friend's marriage, to a chap I had introduced her to. There were two single men also attending the wedding. One was a M. Ross, Esq. and the other was DT, (Darling Trubes).
As I had introduced my friend to her soon to be husband, she was hell-bent on returning the compliment.
Still smarting from recently being divorced, I really had no intention of diving headlong into another relationship so soon, despite my friend's bungled efforts to 'match-make'!

We arrived at the Registry Office, and then.....

I saw him standing there!
Well..My heart went boom,
When I crossed the room,
and..He held his hand in mine...

We proceded with the Marriage ceremony and every time I turned around to check that the five children were ok, (my three, and my friend's two), all I could see was DT siiting in the centre of the children, with a smiling face and twinkling eyes.
The children behaved impecably throughout the ceremony. It must have b…

Ladies and their 'Unmentionables'.

Why is it that ladies of a certain generation are very particular about their 'undies'?
My dear Mum-in- Law would never hang hers out to dry on the washing line in the garden, and placed them discretely on a clothes maiden indoors, out of sight, and of course, always referred to them, as her 'unmentionables'.

My own dear Mama, whenever she stayed with us, always insisted on washing her 'unmentionables' by hand and hanging them to dry on the radiator in her room. This used to drive me potty as I washed everything else for her with the family wash and, I hate washing being hung up to dry on radiators. There was just no way her 'unmentionables' were going to be displayed to all and sundry on a washing line!

I had a lovely Auntie May, who, in her later years, had a mild form of dementia, and was sweetly confused.
She happily,resided in a Nursing Home in Southport, where, she was well cared for until, sadly, she passed away.

Her daughter, my cousin 'Joybells…

Do I Hear A Waltz ?

This the title song of a Broadway Musical first performed in 1965. It was written by Rogers and Sondheim. I don't know very much about this Musical other than the storyline is that of an American Spinster, who could not give herself emotionally, (whatever that means), until she falls in love.

She has a doomed affair with a married man during a vacation in Venice.

Many years ago I used to sing in a ladies choir and one of the lady soloists named Edith, who had never married, used to sing this at many of the Concerts that we performed.
In fact, it was one of the most requested song in our very varied programme.

Most of our audiences were older ladies in Residential Care homes and Senior Citizens Clubs. For some reasons, which you may understand, when you read the lyrics, that, whenenever Edith performed this song, many crinkly old faces were wreathed in knowing smiles, and many faded old eyes, regaining their lovely true colours, glistened with with tears.

Here are the lyrics. (S…

Michael. Z Christianson. RIP. 01.05.07.

This is a Tribute, to the dear Father of our Three Daughters.

Sadly, he died last year, after a valiant fight against Pancreatic Cancer.
As many of you will know that I have been very happily re-married to Darling Trubes for 21 years and he has been a wonderful Step-Daddy to the Three Girls, and a 'Fab' Grandpa to our three grandchildren.

Michael and I divorced 26 years ago. On reflection, we married far too young, but people did marry a lot younger then. We had had always been in touch, particularly on special Family occasions. We had a courteous relationship he too, re-married and was very happy in that relationship.

It hit home to me, how we all missed him, when, the extended family, attended Darling Olivia'`s second birthday celebrations. Although he was desperately ill, last year, he strugggled to attend her first birthday party.
Sadly he died a few weeks later.
Michael was the only son of a guy called Chris Christianson, who was a Flight Lieutenant in The Royal Can…

Terms of Endearment

'Tilly Mint'.

I was recently asked by fellow blogger Thud, if, I knew the origin of the name 'Tilly Mint'. On researching this question I discovered that, it alludes to a female Scouser, (Liverpool lass), who, has ideas above her station.
Ironically, my father used to address me by this 'term of endearment', when, I was a stroppy teenager, and 'looked down' my imperious nose, upon his advice, and observations, regarding my general lifestyle, and demeanour.
On reflection, I was, a bit of a 'Tilly Mint'.

For heavens sake, I was a wild child of the Sixties.

We invented everything, including, Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll, The Beatles, Flower Power, The Beach Boys, Surfing at Woolacombe Beach.
I Didn't indulge in all of these things. Not telling you which I did indulge in, either !

Real Teenagers didn't exist until then, believe me.

My sister, who is eight years older than me, was a demure, Snub-Nosed 'Paragon of Perfection', according to…

Health Issues......Again !!

Who was Spotty Muldoon ?
Well, I don`t know who he was, but I sure know how he must have felt.
I am sharing yet another 'health issue' with my dear Blogging Chums, as so many of you have been enquiring of my whereabouts, via e- mail and telephone; So, Here goes.....
As most will be aware that, I am really a bit of an 'Old Crock' and have probably bored for Britain on my recent 'Back' problems. Not content with having had Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years, then the Synovial Cyst saga, I have decided to hit the Jackpot and develop a very nasty skin condition called Pemhigoid ! Don`t ask, look it up, if you`re interested,(at your own peril). I feel like the Dennis Potter Character in his wonderful play about 'The Singing Detective'.
My Consultant Rheumatologist referred me to a Consultant Dermatologist, who, was quite baffled by my rash. To my horror , he thought it may be Scabies. I broke out in more spots art the very thought of having the 'S'…

The Birthday Treat.

We arrived at the Inn at Whitewell, in the Trough of Bowland Lancashire, to a very warm reception. It was bitterly cold outside but on entering the Inn we were immediately warmed by the blazing log fires, a large pot of coffee together with, warm home made scones and clotted cream, accompanied by a Cognac, (for medicinal purposes only)!
Our room was delightful, furnished with a large Four Poster Bed and a roaring Peat Fire. The room has spectacular views of The River Hoddle, which is surrounded by glorious rambling hills, and edged by The Forest of Bowland.
Charles Bowman is the owner and his ancestors date as far back as the 15th Century. One of the ancestors was a Bowman at the Battle of Agincourt, it is believed that his bows were made from the wood of a local yew tree.
After 'sprucing ourselves up', we wandered down to dinner. What delights awaited us! We decided to eat in one of the many cosy rooms spread around the bar area, each room complete with a huge roaring log fire.

Whiter than White in the Lions den'

I have just been doing the rounds of my favourite blog sites and the current themes are primarily about the integrity of The Honourable Members of the British Parliament.
Lakelander has a good analogy about a certain suspended Honourable Member, by the name of Conway, which you can read about on his Blog Site.
Without sounding like a "Grump";
Am I alone in becoming more and more enraged by the mendacious behaviour of some M.P.s? The behaviour of Mr Conway regarding the supposed employment, and subsequent payment, of friends and family, through the generous Parliamentary Allowances System is a total sham.
Do these people pay N.I.Contributions and Income Tax ? If so, a record of such should be available for scrutiny, also the amounts paid to these people, hours worked, and work done. We the tax payers are their "Employers" not the `Honourable Members. It is our money, they are so generously giving to their friends and family, not theirs ! This is not a "Slush Fun…

Health Scare

Well, I consider myself to be a "tough old bird" but was almost floored when, my Consultant Rheumatologist informed me on Tuesday, that I have a Synovial Cyst on the Lower Spine. Not malignant, "they say" (whoever they are)! Needless to say I have been scouring the Internet for information, I am glad to say, this seems to be the case! Treatment is initially Cortisone Injection in the affected area, Ouch! Should this fail then it`s an operation, Cripes!
Have any of my Blogging Chums or their friends etc come across this condition? Apparently it`s quite rare, any words of wisdom or indeed, comfort, would be most welcome at this time. Maybe old Trubes just aint as tough as she thought she was!
The most annoying thing is that I opted out of BUPA 18 months ago to save £2000 pe year....Now that`s what I call "Sod`s Law". However I have been well looked after by the NHS to date. In Liverpool we have one of the most highly acclaimed teaching Hospitals in the world.…