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Monday, 2 February 2009

Joy of Joys. More baby News

Our Darling new Baby Grandson Christian is home from hospital. He came home on Friday with his Mummy Ingrid.
Today is Ingrid's 36th Birthday so lots of celebrations all around.

Christian has regained his birth weight and is feeding very well.
Apparently premature babies don't always know how to suckle properly, hence the reason for them having to be tube fed for a while. This all depends on how premature they are.
Anyway, he is feeding well on Mummy's milk and quite content. They had bacon and eggs for breakfast and I believe rump steak is on order for dinner!

We are all so grateful to The Liverpool Women's Hospital for the wonderful professional and loving care they received. The Neo Natal unit there depends on lots of Charitable Donations. They look after Mums and Babies from far and near.

When I telephoned Ingrid this morning to wish her 'Happy Birthday', I also wished her a 'wonderful day', she simply replied, 'Every day is a wonderful day now Mama'.

Such touching words from my wonderful brave Daughter. I understood exactly what she meant, the outcome could have been so different.

I feel I am the luckiest Mother and Grandmother ever. My heart sings.
People often say that having Grandchildren is so special and I totally agree

Thank you God, thank you.....
Off to the wonderful Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on Sunday to give thanks.

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