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Holiday in North Cumbria at the top of the Pennines

Recently we had a delightful holiday in a tiny hamlet called Garrigill near the highest market town of Alston, reckoned to be 1500 feet above sea level.
The cottage that we stayed in was called Isaacs Byre, which is a converted cow shed, if you care to take a peek, or those who haven't already, here is the
It was the most quirky little cottage, In a corner, in the centre of the sitting room was the biggest wood burning caste iron stove I have ever seen, I swear it would create enough energy to fuel The flying Scotsman (train) from Penzance to John O'Groats
. It had two large comfy sofas and a decent sized TV, one thing I hate is a fiddling little TV in a holiday let.
The cottage had been lovingly restored by the present owners, who lived in a larger cottage next door.
We were welcomed by Judith-ann (owner), bearing a large pot of hot tea and some delicious home made biscuits, very welcome after feeling the lowering change of temperature.....
I sha…

Return of Ms Trubes

As I have 'cleverly' managed to link myself up with my face book site, I thought I had better explain to my FB friends that this is my blog site, 'Trubes'..... for those of you not familiar with blogging, it is an application where people write about anything and everything, as long as it not offensive. Also you can publish pictures etc along with your writing.
For varying reasons I stopped blogging for a couple of years , primarily because of health issues making me semi house bound, therefore giving me little inspiration to put pen to paper.....however, after a couple of good holidays and family fun, plus a few request from some of my Blogging friends, I'm at the starters blocks again..... sooooh........

Watch out, Watch out, Trubie's about !!

My husband Ian, whom I used to refer to as DT...(Darling Trubes,)and  as most of you  know is DT  I may as well use his proper name, I digress..
.Anyway, he gave me a fab camera for my recent birthday, it's a Panaso…