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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Whiter than White in the Lions den'

I have just been doing the rounds of my favourite blog sites and the current themes are primarily about the integrity of The Honourable Members of the British Parliament.
Lakelander has a good analogy about a certain suspended Honourable Member, by the name of Conway, which you can read about on his Blog Site.
Without sounding like a "Grump";
Am I alone in becoming more and more enraged by the mendacious behaviour of some M.P.s? The behaviour of Mr Conway regarding the supposed employment, and subsequent payment, of friends and family, through the generous Parliamentary Allowances System is a total sham.
Do these people pay N.I.Contributions and Income Tax ? If so, a record of such should be available for scrutiny, also the amounts paid to these people, hours worked, and work done. We the tax payers are their "Employers" not the `Honourable Members. It is our money, they are so generously giving to their friends and family, not theirs ! This is not a "Slush Fund". This is Taxpayers Money, intended to be used for our benefit.

There, Now the rant is over I am compiling a list of M.P`s I would like to throw into the Lions Den and the reasons why.
Feel free to add to the list.
1. Anthony (freebee} Blair and his money grubbing wife.
2. John Prescott and his "Property" developing sons.
3. Alan Milburn. He resigned from a Ministerial role to "spend more time with his family".....Why ? NuLab don`t do resign...was this something to do with a Directorship of a Company, some how linked to a Government Department ?
4. Tessa Jowell......inexplicably separated from her husband over an alleged "cash payment" from that nice Mr Berlusconi. (Tony and Chezzas friend)
5.Peter Mandelson The European Commissioner, and a special loan arrangement from the then, Paymaster General. Geofrey Robinson.

The list is endless regarding the dodgy behaviour of many, in this so-called "Whiter than White Government. Who would you like to throw to the Lions and why ?

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Health Scare

Well, I consider myself to be a "tough old bird" but was almost floored when, my Consultant Rheumatologist informed me on Tuesday, that I have a Synovial Cyst on the Lower Spine. Not malignant, "they say" (whoever they are)! Needless to say I have been scouring the Internet for information, I am glad to say, this seems to be the case! Treatment is initially Cortisone Injection in the affected area, Ouch! Should this fail then it`s an operation, Cripes!
Have any of my Blogging Chums or their friends etc come across this condition? Apparently it`s quite rare, any words of wisdom or indeed, comfort, would be most welcome at this time. Maybe old Trubes just aint as tough as she thought she was!
The most annoying thing is that I opted out of BUPA 18 months ago to save £2000 pe year....Now that`s what I call "Sod`s Law". However I have been well looked after by the NHS to date. In Liverpool we have one of the most highly acclaimed teaching Hospitals in the world. I can substantiate that claim as I`ve met Medical Students from all around the Globe during my recent French Studies at the University. That`s something I`ve dearly missed, I had to drop out for a year because of the wretched back problem, Drat! However, I will go back as soon as I`m fixed.
There, I feel better already....... A problem shared is a problem halved.....Voilla !

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