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The Pantomime season is here

As Christmas draws nearer I'd like to tell you about my 'thespian days', which
began at The Pillar Club, held in a grand old house in West Derby Village, called Lowlands.
It played host to many talents, including The Beatles and other well known Liverpool Groups of the 'Sixties'.
Local young people gathered there during the week to play table tennis, drink coffee and generally 'hang out', doing things that teenagers do!
From these activities a drama group was formed, which was to become The Basement Players.

Each year a seasonal Pantomine was produced.

This was my first experience of 'treading the boards' and..... 'oh boy', what fun we had!

Along with my best friend Jenny, we were plucked from obscurity and put in the chorus line.

Oooh....... The smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd...
*A star was born*......

I was well and truly hooked and just loved strutting my stuff in front of a live audience.
Flushed with our first success, Jenny…

Viva Espania! Part one.

What a lovely time DT and I had in La Mata, a seaside resort at the top end of Torevieja, Costa Blanca.
We stayed in an apartment which is owned by a friend.
It was very comfortable with a spacious patio area that overlooked well manicured gardens, with a large swimming pool.
There were fine views of the Mediterranean too.
I love to be by the sea, I suppose that living in Liverpool, one of the world's major seaports, it's in my blood.
My Great Grandfather was a Captain in the Merchant Navy and used to carry goods to many far off places, including Southern Spain, where we have holidayed on many occasions.
Everything was going 'swimmingly well' until our second day at the beach, when, DT decided to launch himself off his sunlounger.

He has a poor 'track record' of the said item!

I had my nose in a book, when there was an almighty ripping sound.
Turning around, I saw him with his backside firmly planted in the sand, and the remnants of the bed and aluminium frame, encir…

Adiòs amigos'

Darling Trubes and I are off to sunny Spain for ten days for a long overdue holiday.
We are staying in a place called La Mata on the Costa Blanca.
Most holidays come at a price, particularly when, one's husband doesn't pay attention, when being given precise instructions by 'she who must be obeyed'!

I spent some time on my PC trying to get a 'best price' for Easy Jet flights to Alicante, which is approximately a thirty minute drive to La Mata.
After finding the best price, DT was given precise details and requested to go to his
den to complete the booking.

Two hours later he reappeared clutching the booking confirmation, proudly announcing that by slightly altering the dates, he had managed to shave £70 off my original costs.
Heaven knows why it took him two hours.
Nothing to do with checking the football scores on his PC perchance!!

Two weeks later, DT was discussing having got such a good deal, on the flights with the friend, who was kindly leasing out his holiday a…

A Magical Mystery Tour .

Roll up, Roll up..
I'm Coming To Take you Away, Take You Away.....

There was a music store in Liverpool called Nems, it was owned by the
Epstein Family and managed by.....Yes you've guessed.....
Brian Epstein, later to become The Beatles Manager.
I've also met him, on several occasions.

Talk about 'name droppers' !

Brian was a charming man, although he was the MD, he would often work
in the Record Department, when it was busy.
There used to be booths 'in store' where you could listen to tracks of
selected records.
Needless to say, each time The Beatles released a new single, the store
would be inundated with bright eyed and excited teenage girls, bopping
away to the music.
This was at the time Brian had just signed The Beatles, and several other
Merseyside groups.
Sadly, later, he moved down to London, he was very much missed in the store,
by his Staff and devoted customers.
Although, his success in managing so many artistes, brought him fame and fortune,
I believe, deep d…

She was Just Seventeen and She Loves you, Yeay Yeay Yeay.!!

Dedicated to my friend Scroblene and apologies to those who may have read part of this tale already.

I was just seventeen, if you know what I mean!

One day, whilst being driving through the City of Liverpool we were stuck in a traffic jam. Eventually, we pulled alongside a beautiful, silver, Aston Martin DB6.
Oh joy, if, that wasn't enough, Paul McCartney was driving it and his father was sitting alongside him.

He wound down his window and said 'Hello'.
When I had gathered my equilibrium, I told him how much I loved his latest record.
He asked me if I would like to hear it, then pressed a button on his eight track,
stereo cassette player, a thing unknown in standard cars in those days He and played for me.....
'She Loves You'.
Well, 'You know that can't be bad'. Yeah yeah yeah... I nearly passed out with delight.
He signed a Photo for me, whilst his Dad, proudly looked on.
Thereon, whenever The Beatles sang 'She was just Seventeen', (I Saw Her Standin…

Two Baptisms and One Wedding.

On Saturday 4th July 2009 our darling Daughter Ingrid married her long time love and partner of 12 years Michael.
The following day their two lovely babies were baptised into the Roman Catholic Church, Olivia Grace aged 3 and Christian Zane aged 6 months.

At the wedding, Ingrid was given away by her Step-Daddy, my beloved Darling Trubes.
Certainly brought tears to my eyes when DT walked her down the aisle.
Olivia was the chief bridesmaid and Christian was the best man. The Registrar commented that Christian was the youngest best man that he could ever recall.
The ceremony was particularly moving, bearing in mind Christian's traumatic arrival in January.

When the ceremony was over Olivia danced down the aisle swinging on her parents arms and Christian exercised his perogative, as babies do, and slept soundly.
He was, however, awake during the proceedings, and tried to join in on one occasion, only to be unceremoniously carried off by an auntie, for refuelling!

The Reception was held in a …

News up-date and stuff. Dedicated to EK.

At last I'm back on line after nearly four weeks without my PC, I had eighty eight e-mails to deal with and all kinds of rubish to clear before I could even begin to read all my favourite sites.
Not being able to do my weekly Ocado shop and having to struggle around the local Sainsbury's was no laughing matter, especially for a 'gal' like moi in such fragile health.
What's that expression now?....'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'!

Thankyou to everyone who has been enquiring of my well being and that of baby Christian.
Christian is really thriving and gaining weight and his Mama is really full of beans!
My brave girl has bounced back after such a traumatic time in childbirth. My heart swells with pride each time, I see or think of her and Christian.

RIP Rocket.

We've lost our family pet rabbit Rocket to a murderous fox from the local woods. It'd been hanging around for a few weeks obviously eyeing up the ingredients for his next banquet.

Joy of Joys. More baby News

Our Darling new Baby Grandson Christian is home from hospital. He came home on Friday with his Mummy Ingrid.
Today is Ingrid's 36th Birthday so lots of celebrations all around.

Christian has regained his birth weight and is feeding very well.
Apparently premature babies don't always know how to suckle properly, hence the reason for them having to be tube fed for a while. This all depends on how premature they are.
Anyway, he is feeding well on Mummy's milk and quite content. They had bacon and eggs for breakfast and I believe rump steak is on order for dinner!

We are all so grateful to The Liverpool Women's Hospital for the wonderful professional and loving care they received. The Neo Natal unit there depends on lots of Charitable Donations. They look after Mums and Babies from far and near.

When I telephoned Ingrid this morning to wish her 'Happy Birthday', I also wished her a 'wonderful day', she simply replied, 'Every day is a wonderful day now Mama&#…

A New Grandchild

Our daughter Ingrid has given birth to a beautiful baby boy on Wednesday 14th January 2009.
His name is Christian and weighed in at 5lbs.1oz.
He was born 8 weeks prematurely and was in the high dependency unit until yesterday.
He is now out of the incubator and in his own cot and doing very well.

The birth was very traumatic as Ingrid haemorrhaged and the Doctors had to perform a C section to save her life.

Ingrid is a lot better now, she had to have several blood transfusions to bring her blood count up.

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved we all are, this has been a terribly worrying time.

Christian is a little brother for Olivia aged 2years 9months.