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Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year 2010

Well, here we are 2010....

Never, have I been so glad as I am, to see the back end of 2009.
It has been an awful year, with the exceptions, of course, of baby Christian's early arrival in January, the marriage of his parents and the baptism of Christian and Olivia, in July.

2009 is the year I shall remember for 'sacking' my Consultant Rheumatologist, he replaced the previous one who had been forced to retire, by the inept and poorly qualified, so called PCT managers.
In his place was a poor excuse for a Consultant.

I believe, that to cut costs, many other,senior and highly qualified Consultants have been 'retired off' to be replaced by younger and less experienced people.
Many of them foreigners, with a very poor grasp of the English language and culture.
In my case there was a complete breakdown in communication, causing my Rheumatoid Arthritis to deteriorate drastically, which, in turn has caused me a lot of uneccessary pain and anguish.

However, there is an upside in all of this, I managed to get a referal to another Rheumatologist at another hospital.

Totally different scenario!

My new Consultant is brilliant, he was quite appalled to hear of my poor treatment by the previous fellow, and immediately ordered every available test including, MRI and Bone Density scans, also Neuropathy tests etc.

All this should have been arranged 18 months ago!

Ironically, my new chap trained under my retired Consultant and holds him in high esteem. I shall be seeing him again in 9 days time....
'Fingers crossed' for some good results!

So, Here's to 2010....Things can only get better...

Oops! I shouldn't really have used that little expression, as it was used as a slogan by Blair/Brown's NuLab spinmeisters in 1997!

However, being the eternal optimist, I believe the end is in sight for the NuLab machine and we will get a new and honest,(I hope), Government in 2010.

Then, and only then....

Things will get better!

I wish all my friends and fellow bloggers...
A Very Happy Peaceful and Prosperous New Year and thank you all for your kind support, during what can only be described as an 'Annus Horribus


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