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Charles Dickens

    The one story that so captivated me,  all those years ago was a story called.....                        'A Christmas Carol'.
 It was a Christmas Ghost story. There was a film made about it in 1951 and my sister Norma, took my brother Clive and I  to see it, at The West Derby Cinema,  in the village where we lived. What a fabulous film it was too, it was screened in black and white, which made it more realistic, particularly in the 'ghostly' scenes! I think we spent most of the time hiding under our coats because it was so scary.
  My sister, who was eight years older, used to read it to my brother and I in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The underlying theme of the story was about a Miser called Ebenezer Scrooge,  Scrooge's meanness, and in particular, the way in which he treated poor Bob Cratchit, his Articled Clerk.
 He made him work very long hours in the office, which was very cold and damp he knew Bob had a large family to …