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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

M for Manx .The Isle of Man.

Map of the Isle of Man.

In the middle of the Irish Sea between England and Eire (Island) is a beautiful verdant Island called The Isle of Man; people born on the Island are known as 'Manxmen/woman'. The island is 52kilometers long and 22 kilometres wide; with an area of 572 square kilometers. At the last census, there were approximately 30,000 residents, about 2000 of them claimed to be able to speak or have a sound knowledge of the Manx language.
The Isle of Man Ferry from Liverpool.

To get to the Island from Liverpool England, it is 2hours by high-speed ferry or flying from Liverpool John Lennon Airport which takes about 40 minutes.

The Manx flag bears The Legs of  Mann, the official flag since 1932. The three are known in Manx as 'ny tree cassyn (the three legs). The triskelion is an ancient symbol used by the Mycenaeans and the Lycians. The Islanders have their own parliament known as the House of  Keys which is based at a place called Tynwald Hill.

 The Isle of Man famed for the wonderful kippers they produce . There is an abundance of herrings in the seas around the island and for centuries they have been fished out of the emerald green waters and taken to the smoke houses and then to be smoked and turned into kippers.


The delicious silver herring .Herrings don't have to be smoked, the Scottish people are fond of them coated in oatmeal and sauteed  in butter, I like this too but there's nothing as good as a MANX kipper. 

Kippers are Herrings that are split and cleaned then put on poles in a smoke house then gently smoked over wood chippings and a special ingredient, that is a strictly kept secret amongst the smoke house people.

Delicious grilled Kipper....Yum Yum !

There is so much more to write about this delightful island but sadly time eludes me so I shall write more in another thrilling instalment whenever i have the opportunity.

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