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Monday, 24 March 2014

Kitten Cat, Kippers and Knapsacks.

This is my beloved Kitten Cat Princess Chloe. She is a most wonderful pet, companion and a very clever, 'Lap Top Kitten Cat'.
As many of you may know, I am a very keen Scrabble player, as soon as I'm tapping away at the keyboard,she appears from nowhere, sits on my lap and stares at the screen.
Whilst I am trying to knit together my latest set of letters, hoping to form a killer word, that'll knock out my opponent.
Nearly each time I win a game she'll be sitting on my lap, I guess she's my lucky charm!
 Sometimes she bops the keyboard with her huge white mittens (paws), as if she's putting a crucial letter in.
  She is nearing her twelfth birthday, yet still plays like a Kitten Cat,


I love kippers,
As I live in Liverpool. which is just a short ferry trip across the Irish Sea to The Isle of Man, we had many childhood  holidays there with our parents,
. Apart from the most endearing times  spent there, I can always remember  the delicious aroma of grilled Kippers,  at breakfast time,  wafting around the cosy boarding house, where we stayed for our annual two weeks idyll,
Before the Kippers   were served we had the choice of, a huge bowl of steaming hot porridge or Kellogg's Cornflakes, also, there was a choice of the ubiquitous Great British Breakfast, consisting of juicy rashers of bacon, sausages, black pudding, potato cakes and fried eggs, Lots of warm toast was served with this King sized feast.

Kippers are,  as most will know, simply, smoked  Herrings, a great delicacy in The British Isles.
At the end of our holiday we always took home with us a large box of them which we shared with friends and family.
Lots of places in the UK produce Kippers, not surprising  as we are an Island surrounded  by  seas,
rich in sea food, including shoals and shoals of silvery Herrings,

 The Kippers  from Craister, a lovely little seaside town in Northumberland  produce the most delicious Kippers too, when ordering them on-line I vary between the two, as I really can't make up my mind which are the most tasty!

. The Craister  Kippers are bigger than the Manx (Isle of Man) but equally as mouth watering, Therefore, the only way to find out is, order some !


As a youngster I was very much involved in church activities, being in The Brownies, attending Sunday School and so on, These activities including a trip to camp and the annual Sunday School outing,
 As I got older I joined the Church Choir, The Girl Guides and then became a Sunday School teacher, also I played Badminton in the Church Hall.
All these activities required my trusty  Knapsack in which I could pack the necessary equipment to  help me  in the particular pursuit of the day, 
Kudos  ruled the day as we all competed to have the most fashionable bag.
Mine was made of fawn canvas and had blue piping around the various pockets.
The greatest fun my lovely Knapsack and I  had, was when we went up to the
 Lake District for walking trips, we always sang as we walked along, this  is what we sang...

I love to go a' wandering
Along a country path
And as I go I love to sing
my Knapsack on my back.....

Val-deri val-dera 
 val- de  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

My Knapsack on my back,

My thanks to the kindly Mrs  Nesbitt for making ABC Wednesday happen and to Roger the administrator, for Keeping the close KNIT family of ABCW's together.


  1. Hi Trubes , Hooray, now you can post photos. My pleasure to help.

    Thank you for your lovely comment about the photo and card .

    I am not going back to Paris yet , well I don't think I am but you never know if finances and time allow. But I am going to France , more on that later :-)

    The way I would post a picture from say Wikipedia would be too , right click a photo , SAVE AS and save to your computer , then you can upload it to your posts. Give it a try . xo Hope you are well , take care Anne xo

  2. I, too, like kippers but they're not too common around here. And I remember that song from Brownie camp, Girl Guides, and CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) at the Canadian United Church. I know how much you love your kitty, too. You're getting pretty good at this!

    abcw team

  3. Hi Anne, good to hear from you, I can't tell you how much help you have been, I'll have a go at getting a picture from Wikipedia, looks simple enough.
    Love the 'Fabulous post' comment...I respond very well to compliments....keep it up!
    ha ha !

  4. Hi Leslie, Shame you can't get kippers, I'd send you some but I don't know how well they would travel. I also think it is illegal to send food stuff through the postal systems.
    Love it that you sang our marching song, it's universal. I think it may have originated in Germany, there's clips of it on U-tube of German youngsters singing it.
    I do adore my cat Chloe, she's not like any cat we've had before, she's almost human, even talks to me, she seems to understand every thing we say to her, you probably think I'm KRAZY, but then, I am !
    As you will see by my chat with Anne, I'm still on a learning curve, but getting there, slowly!
    love Di.xx

  5. Handsome cat! Don't think I've ever had kippers, now that I think on it.

  6. Love your cat. How cute that she tries to help you out with Scrabble!

    Thanks for stopping by my page earlier :)

  7. I like kippers - haven't and them for ages!

  8. Hi Roger, so sad that you haven't had kippers they are so delicious, one has to be adept at dealing with bones, which after eating them from about the age of nine, they're easy pickings for me.
    Glad you consider Chloe to be handsome, good description.
    Now that's she's nearly twelve, she does have a matriarchal look about her.
    She was a very pretty Kitten too.

  9. Shailaja: Welcome to my site, I'll be regular at yours too, lovely writings.
    Everyone loves Chloe, she doesn't like small children but has got used to the 4 grandchildren, aged from 5 to 10... so they understand not to tease her,
    Whenever any of them stay over, once they're settle in bed she sneaks in and snuggles up at the end of their beds.

  10. Hi Flowerpot,
    lovely to hear from you and I hope you continue to get stronger after you 'op'x
    I buy fresh fish from The Cornish Fisherman AKA Wings of St Mawes on-line, I notice they sell kippers if you fancy some, very good for you too!
    Best wishes,

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. That song reminds me of my grandfather. He used to sing it :-)

  13. Kittie has interesting markings! Never heard of Kippers. Thanks for informing me!

  14. Excellent choices. Princess Chloe is adorable and I'm sure she is one Krafty Kitty. :-) I've never had kippers as I'm not a fan of fish!

  15. Hi Cherie, thanks for dropping by.
    The Happy Wanderer song was universal, I can't ever remember my grandfather singing, he was a rather miserable old gent and only ever seemed to lighten up when he'd been to his 'Local' for a pint or two of his favourite tincture.

    love Di.x

  16. Hi Linnea good to hear from you, yes Chloe does have unusual markings, she has what we her white boots...which go half way up her hind legs, one leg has two black splodges on it, they look like buttons.
    Black and white cats are known as tuxedo cats and although they are just Moggies they are deemed to be highly intelligent, which Chloe certainly is !
    best wishes,

  17. Hi Lisa, good to hear from you, Chloe certainly is 'krafty kitty', as we speak I am enjoying a mid morning coffee with a chocolate croissant... she's doing everything she can to sneak upon my lap and take a nibble!
    I've just relented and given her a little taste....very spoiled Kitty !

  18. usThanks for visiting both of my blogs today, concerning the Bennett name--we could be 4th or 5th cousins-who knows. Your kitty is very cute and sure wants to be involved in Everything!!I've never tried Kippers I don't think. My Dad was a handsome chap I agree and he has 3 grandsons who look a lot like him. We lost him with cancer at the age of 69.

  19. Such a lovely post! Thank you. In Holland we have the same song about the knapsack and the "valerie, valera "part.
    How fortunate you were to see a kookaburra right in front of you! In Australia they usually sit at some distance from us.
    Oh and I love cats and also kippers!
    Have a great weekend!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  20. Hello Ann, thanks for dropping by.
    Glad you think my kitty is cute, she's sitting on my lap at present staring at the PC screen, no doubt waiting to add a comment!
    We could indeed be cousins, so many people move from the UK to settle in Canada centuries ago, so who knows?. I am signed up to a genealogy site I might just take a look, when I have time.
    Best Wishes,

  21. Hi Reader Wil,
    thanks for visiting my site, I'm really enjoying participating in ABCW, I seem to meet new and interesting people each week, certainly gone global!
    it was an enchanting moment when the Kookaburra landed upon our table, it didn't stay long enough to take a picture.
    I wonder if Kippers are produced in Holland. my friends in Canada and America don't seem to obtain them, which is a shame as they are so good for you re the essential oils and omega 3 and of course,not overlooking the delicious taste.
    Best wishes,

  22. Great post for K day. Beautiful cat. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  23. Hi Carver,
    Thanks for the comments,
    Chloe is a lovely cat and a great companion to me, She spends every available moment to sit on my lap. She doesn't sit on my husband, just sits along side him! She follows him around the house, chatting as she goes.....particularly at food time !

    Best wishes,

  24. Can just visualise those boxes of kippers right now...I used to love going to the IOM. Good memories, thanks :)

  25. Hi Vinogirl,
    Lovely of you to drop by.
    I'm going order some Manx kippers next week, I sometimes make Kipper pate, quite easy and very delicious.
    I wonder what wine you would recommend to go with kippers, I rather fancy a nice oaky Chardonnay, what do you think?
    I'm really enjoying catching up with my blogging chums,
    Must go over to see what Thud is up to,
    Best wishes,

  26. Hi Trubes! Me again. I am sure we have some kind of kipperlike fish at our fishmonger's, but we are mainly eating raw salted herring, which is really delicious. Our fishmonger and his family sell all kind of fish dishes and salads.

  27. Hi Tanya, glad you think my Kitty is cute we love her to bits, she's totally ruined but brings a lot of joy to our lives,
    Thanks for dropping by,

    Best wishes,


  28. Hello again Reader Wil,
    We have raw pickled herrings too, they're called Roll Mop Herrings, basically they soaked in a vinegar type marinade they have finely sliced onions and gherkins then rolled up and placed in the marinade.
    My mother used to make whole soused herrings, similar sort of pickling mixture but baked in the oven for two hours...The aroma from the oven when they were cooking was sublime!
    Why don't you ask you Fish man to buy some kippers on-line I'm sure they'd be a great hit..
    A company called 'Manns' in the Isle of Man UK has an on-line delivery service...
    I guess I'm a big Herring fan in all forms.

    best wishes,

  29. Wine and kippers, hmmmm...when in doubt, opt for a fruity, acidic Sauvignon blanc.

  30. Vinogirl Hi. thanks for the tip re a wine to go with Kippers, I'll try it.
    What about Liverpool FC topping the Premiership by 5 clear points, really pleased for them.
    Our side Everton are 5th.they've had a brilliant season too under new manager Martinez.
    So proud of our city and it's fab footy teams!



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