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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Isaacs Byre

For my ABC Wednesday offering I would like to tell you about a most 'interesting' holiday cottage we stayed in at the end of January 2014. I have written about it previously but felt I should tell you more about 'Isaacs Byre', it really was a most 'intriguing' place to stay. Most of the ground floor, apart from a large double bedroom and separate bathroom, was in open plan style which flowed from the front door to an 'integral' fitted kitchen a dining area and a sitting area with large comfy sofas. All this looked through a complete wall of double glazed windows that opened onto a small patio and the most 'inimitable' view of the rugged countryside. The most 'interesting' feature of the place was an 'immense' log burner, the heat that emanated from it could only be likened to Dante's 'Inferno'! 'Isaacs Byre' is 'immersed' in the middle of a tiny hamlet called Garrigill, North East Cumbria. 'Irksomely' we drove past the place four time before we found it! We settled in quickly and enjoyed the 'intimacy' of our warm and cosy dwelling. The cottage is Eco friendly and the water for the place is drawn from the ground and heated via an electric boiler. There are six hens that will provide the most delicious new laid eggs for breakfast, unfortunately, they were not laying during our visit but maybe better luck next time we visit. We did however, manage to get some from the local deli, in the nearby village. During the second evening, there was a blizzard but we weren't bothered, it was 'infinitely' more pleasing to sit in front of the blazing log burner, watching the farmer with his dog rounding up the sheep to put them 'inside' the adjoining bar for the night. Whilst I imbibed a large Brandy and Soda, dearest husband 'Ian' cooked supper, a delicious 'Italian' styled Vognole.... Linguine with clams in white wine, chopped shallots, garlic, parsley and finished with some fresh cream...... 'Indulgent' and 'intoxicating' but who cares, we were on vacation ! My thanks to the 'intelligent' and witty Denise for creating ABC Wednesday, and to Roger the 'infallible' Administrator.


  1. Sounds like a great place to stay. Especially with the food and beverages you described. Carver, ABC Wed Team

  2. From the photos you published in earlier posts, it looks to be a beautiful and cozy place to stay, whether in spring, summer, fall, or (as in your case) a snowy winter!

    abcw team

  3. Glad you had such a lovely time!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Hi Carver thanks for dropping by, It was a lovely place to stay, I knew the weather would be bad so that's why I searched a while to find an idyll such as Isaccs.
    I rather like observing the Autumn and Winter seasons from a little hideaway, here or there!

    best wishes,

  5. Leslie, thanks for your comments and help.
    I've edited my post and suggested googling it, as the photo's are far better than mine!

    Love Di..xx

  6. Hi Roger, we did enjoy it, I am enjoying doing the UK by car for our holidays nowadays....
    The next thing is to become competent in photography with my lovely new camera and then, hopefully, there will be a pictorial account of our very British travels!

    Best wished Dix

  7. The images I conjured up in my mind based on your wonderful descriptions are lovely! :-) It sounds like a place I'd very much like to visit. Maybe someday......

  8. It's a pity that you don't have any pictures to show ! Sounds so nice !

  9. Hi Gattina, thanks for dropping by,
    I have some pictures of Isaacs Byre if you just check back on my site. I had intended to put some pictures up but I couldn't retrieve them, so sorry about that. I added some information at the end of this post giving you the address on google which is Isaacs Byre in Carrigill, Alston, Cumberland. Uk. this will give you pictures of the inside and outside of the cottage and some interesting historic facts

  10. Hi Lisa, thank you for your kind comments, I do like to write in a way so that people can get a picture in their mind of the situation.
    One day I may write a novel and most novels aren't illustrated, so your comments about 'images being conjured up in your mind' really delighted me as that is my intention for the reader to do just that!
    Thank you again, I feel most encouraged.
    best wishes Di.x

  11. Diane, I don't know where the heck my blogger notice has been but haven't seen anything on my "favorites list" from you until today...and what a return it was~ I loved the vacation story and it made me long for the mountains...loved the part about the farmer and his dog rounding up the sheep. will be checking in regularly...when the RA allows

  12. I am sorry you are still having problems with publishing your photos.

  13. Hi Trubes , sorry you cannot get your photos up , wish I could talk you through , putting links on your blog then people can go straight to the site.

    If you want to try this ,,,,

    Open up the site of the Cottage first .. then do your post in blogger ,, then open up the cottage page ,, and then click on the http:// at the top of the page left hand side , it should turn blue, right click and say copy .. go back to your blog post ,, highlight the word/words you want to link ,, put your curser at the beginning of the word and drag your mouse over it until highlighted ,, athe top of the page you should see a LINK , click this and a box should come up , you should see the word/words you want to link to and then an empty box, put curser in this box , right click and say paste ,, and then done , and it should linked now,, give this a try . You can do this for your post now by editing it , and then saving , or practice on a new post.

  14. Sounds wonderful! I've always wanted to stay in a cozy cottage! Thanks for stopping by my ABC. Enjoy the week.

  15. Hi Sandi, good to hear from you, I know, it's been quite a while but now I'm back to blogging a lot of favourite bloggers are in touch, which is nice,

    love Di.

  16. HI Cherie thanks for your support...I'll get there in the end.....God willing !


  17. Hi Anne I have taken note of all you've said an I shall try to put your suggestions in action...
    I am soooh frustrated at being a 'dumbo'...can't help's being blonde you see!


  18. Hi Linnea, thanks for dropping by. I seem to be makinga lot of new friends since I've started doing ABCW,

    Best wishes Di.x


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