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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Paul McCartney

I cannot let the opportunity pass without mentioning 'The day I met Sir Paul McCartney.....
This how he looked then....just so handsome !
We were in a stream 0f traffic driving along a congested street in Liverpool city.
It was 1964 I was a very happy teenager and had fallen in love with the guy I was to marry three years later.  We drew alongside a very smart, silver Aston Martin DB6 and who should be driving it but Sir Paul McCartney. I nearly passed out, he was so handsome. He wound the window down to speak to me, I spluttered to him, "I absolutely love your latest record, 'I want to hold your hand". He asked if I would like to hear it, then pressed a button on his 6 track tape recorder and played ' I want to hold your hand'. Then he proceeded to sing along with recording.
I bet there's not many girls can boast that they were personally serenaded by Paul McCartney. His father was sitting alongside him, smiling proudly.
Although, I'd seen The Beatles perform live at The Cavern  years before, they were just a talented, local band of boys and didn't have the pazzazz that  they'd achieved by 1964. 

During the heady days of the sixties they used to sing a song called Penny Lane.
Long before they recorded it, Paul  was sitting in a Bus depot waiting for John to arrive. Whilst he was looking around the environs, he started to write the lyrics for the song, which was recorded later.
 It is a song I very much relate to because it's a place I know well as it's not far from where I live now.
 Here are some of the lyrics that a very talented young Paul wrote whilst waiting for John Lennon, little knowing what lay in store for them.
I unashamedly say that, I am one proud person  to have been a part of Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles phenomenal rise to fame!
Here a few lines from that touching little ditty......
In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
of every head he's had the pleasure to know
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello
Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling Poppies from a tray.......
Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit
Penny Lane,
Paul as he performs today.

My sincere thanks to the patient Denise for devising Abcw and Roger for his painstaking efforts in his administration of Abcw.

Trubes and Paul McCartney


  1. as you may know, I saw Paul, only 50 years after this incident.

    BTW. your Linky is fixed!


  2. What a wonderful chance meeting...I'm a fan...saw him in concert at the Chicago Center and was amazed how well he has aged♪

  3. Personally serenaded by Paul McCartney = priceless!!! You lucky woman Di!
    Love reading your stories about Liverpool and The Beatles, thanks for sharing with us.

  4. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. I got goose bumps reading the lyrics knowing the background of the song now.

  5. Thank you for this great story.
    How excited you must have felt. The Beatles were the first popgroup I liked and still do. I got acquainted with them in the sixties. I was not so enthusiastic about Elvis, but the Beatles were fantastic!
    Thanks for yourcomment. I have heard about Shrove Tuesday. A great tradition.
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  6. My hubby just got his portrait tattooed yesterday. He has John and George also, Ringo is coming in December. :-)
    Lucky you met him, and what a meeting is was!

  7. What a wonderful and unique meeting.

  8. I KNOW I would have passed out if I personally spoke to Paul. We have a post-connection today, pretty cool.

  9. Nice recall, Trubes!

    He lives about a dozen miles from here, sometimes, and is often spied in the various towns and shops. A very normal guy!

    How's The Beatles Hotel going these days?

  10. Hi Roger, thanks for fixing Linky, I don't know why it works sometimes then doesn't at other times!
    I'm so glad you got the opportunity to see Paul in his latter years. He played at the Liverpool Arena but we couldn't get tickets, absolute 'sell out'.

    Di xx

  11. Hi Lmkas: Thanks for dropping by, it was a total surprise. so spontaneous! Glad you got the chance to see him in concert, he has aged well and seems so happy in his new marriage.

    best wishes,
    Di x

  12. Hi Susan,
    it was just a lucky chance meeting, he was so sweet and his dad was beaming with pride as he sat alongside him, more cherished memories of my wonderful teen years in Liverpool!
    Thanks for your kind comments, I loved your post about the Pelicans!

    Di .

  13. Hi Su-sieee! Mac
    Thanks for your comments, and 'goose bumps' too!
    I still get flutters in my tummy when I see or hear any Beatles stuff.
    So sad we lost John and George too young to die.

    best wishes,
    Di x

  14. Hi Wil, so glad you loved the Beatles, they really were phenomenal, so much talent, there's never been a group as good as them. Maybe The Beach Boys, they were pretty good too, wonderful harmonies, but somehow they didn't have the wit and personalities of The Beatles.
    I wasn't fussy on Elvis he had a top voice but a very flawed lifestyle, which put me off him,

    have a happy Halloween,
    love Di xx

  15. Leovi: thanks for your comments, Penny lane certainly is a very catchy song,

    Best wishes,

    Di x

  16. Fredaman: It was a very lucky meeting, something I shall never forget....Cherished memories!
    Husband and has Beatles tattoo's..Wow!

    best wishes,


  17. Joy: Yes it was, something I shall never forget, such a lovely man too!

    Best wishes,

    Di xx

  18. Hi Scrobs, good to hear from you again...The beatles Hotel is swarming with tourists, which is good!

    Best wishes,
    Di x

  19. Hi Ann, we did indeed have a connection today, how good is that ?
    I certainly swooned when he spoke to me, such a lovely guy, loved him, still do. I'm so pleased for him that he's made a happy marriage after the disaster of Heather Mills, she was a bad one !
    Love Di xx!

  20. Samuraifrog, yes it is a memory etched on my heart, something I'll never forget.
    Thanks for dropping by,

    best wishes,
    Abcw team.

  21. As per my reply to your comment on the intro, why were we not sisters so I could have been right there with you that day! lol

  22. A PRICELESS story , as you say cherished memories xxx

  23. Very good post it's nice to hear the memories from when we were young.

  24. Hi Leslie,
    Good to hear from you again, I've missed you,
    I saw your comment on the intro...maybe we should be honorary sisters?
    Paul McCartney really is a lovely guy... a typical Liverpool lad, as one would say!
    Hope all is good as can be for you,
    love Di. xxx

  25. Anne in Oxfordshire:
    Hi Anne thank you for your comments, always enjoy your input x

  26. Ni de Aqui...
    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I was so lucky to live in Liverpool UK in the sixties, they were such heady days...
    I suspect it was when, teenagers were given a voice!
    'Cherished memories indeed'
    Best wishes,

    Di x

  27. I like that would u still love me when I am 64.


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