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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cathedrals Churches and Choirs

 When I was a youngster I loved going to Church, my local Church was called St Christopher and played a pivotal part in the community where I lived.
It was known as the Church of the Children, for very good reason too, There were so many activities for children to participate in, from Brownies, Girl Guide, Life Boys, Boys Brigade, Youth club and my very favourite pastime was singing in the Church Choir.
 The main Church Building.

It was a bright and airy Church which was very welcoming particularly for Children.. There used to be an annual Summer garden party with a Rose Queen, picked by the Children of the Sunday   School.

 The Rose Queen and her entourage would sit on a flat back truck and lead the procession through the local streets. All the Children of The Sunday School would dress up and parade behind The Rose Queen. I was a lady in waiting one year much to my dismay, as I was a bit of a tomboy and preferred climbing trees to dressing up in frilly dresses, but Mother insisted! So there I was feeling a right fool having to wave to spectators as we went by. It didn't help that my brother who was dressed as a Crusader was marching behind the float making derogatory comments about my 'skinny banana legs' and sniggering with his horrid friends!    

 I was so proud to be able to join the Choir when I was thirteen, I had to sit on a wooden chair just to the side of the Choir stalls whilst I learned the psalms and hymns that  were sung at every service. Eventually I was robed in a Cassock and surplice and given the honour of taking my place with the rest of the Choir and walk solemnly down the aisle singing the opening hymn of the service. This was to encourage me in enjoying singing in Choirs for many years to come.



We are most fortunate in the City of Liverpool to have two Cathedrals.

The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral  which stands with great majesty on St James Mount, overlooking the city and across the River Mersey to the Wirral peninsular and beyond to The Welsh hills

This picture was taken before the building was complete, WW1 and lack of funding then WW2 hampered completion


 The completed final part of the Cathedral
The new grand West entrance of the Anglican Cathedral. 

The Cathedral was eventually  Completed in 1978 Looking down the aisle from the grand West entrance . I have had the great honour of singing in the Cathedral in a Choir created from schools from all over Liverpool. Two Choristers were selected from each school,  joining the  Cathedral Choir and an adult mass Choir in performing  Claudio Monteverdi's Vespers. The BBC Symphony orchestra accompanied the performance and   The  famous Composer and conductor  Walter Goehr led this mighty recital.

It was broadcast on Radio 3 live. On reflection, this must have been one of the greatest honours in my life. 


The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King.



The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King stands at the opposite end of a road called Hope Street.   

The ultra modern Roman Catholic Cathedral  of Christ the King,  is a most unusual building and initially it was slated by the Critics when it was first built. 

The Main Sanctum


I am pleased to say that, opinion has Changed and it is now, rightfully, a highly acclaimed place of worship. It is a wonderful building and has a maze of tunnels beneath it forming an amazing Crypt

Apart from it being an alternative place of worship it is used for receptions,

 I think it is spectacularly quite different from any place of worship but it is amazing...well worth a visit.


We even have a folk song, sung by The Liverpool Spinners called,

 'In my Liverpool Home'.

In this tuneful ditty the two Cathedrals are mentioned,

goes something like this....

'In my Liverpool home

In my Liverpool home

We speak with an accent exceedingly rare

If you want a Cathedral

We've got one to spare

In my Liverpool home.... tra la laa ! '


Crikey ! That was a long post, I hope you all haven't fallen asleep halfway through reading it! 

My sincere thanks to the cheery  Mrs Nesbitt for devising abcWednesday and Roger the very capable administrator.  


  1. one of the things I love most about visiting England (and other places) is seeing all those gorgeous cathedrals. You do not have that sort of thing here in western Canada. You might see a few pretty spectacular Catholic churches in the east but never here! I love the history of them all.

    abcw team

  2. Loved all the C's in your post. Churches and Cathedrals are always on my must sees when I travel. So much history and beauty.

  3. Very nice post- I enjoyed learning about the cathedral, and I had similar events like you did with your brother. LOL

  4. wow..stunning interiors. I love the entire post. I have visited a the Notre Dame in Paris, a few renowned ones in Swiss and Spain and Italy.
    Waiting to visit England and explore more of these cathedral. The architecture always intrigues me and the serenity puts me at ease.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. I am always in awe of the time and patience in building cathedrals, and the skill required without modern machinery. One could spend a lifetime, and what a great way to put in the time!!

  7. Our church choir is called the worship team. I LOVE being a member, the idea of making a difference is so important to me. The cathedrals are splendid.

  8. when i was a child, i was in the church choir. i prefer traditional architecture in church.


  9. Cathedrals have such interesting histories...choir members add to the service, but get more out of the experience themselves♪

  10. Hi Leslie,
    Each Cathedral in the UK has significant historic tale associated with it, many going back to medieval times and even before.
    In comparison the two Liverpool Cathedrals are very modern particularly The Roman Catholic Cathedral. The Anglican one is more traditional.
    Next time you visit you must go and see them, both amazing in their own right!
    I've visited many Cathedrals in the UK and in Europe. I would need a lot time and space to write about them but will when I can through abcw.

  11. Hello Ellen B,
    Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments.
    I'm most interested in all places of worship.
    We have in Liverpool, a diverse collection, including, Mosques, Synagogues, United Reform, Greek Orthodox and so on.
    All so interesting,
    Best wishes,

  12. Hi Terri, thanks for stopping by and your comments.
    My brother now, of course, denies all knowledge of being so horrid, but I've never let him forget it! ha ha!

    best wishes,

  13. Hello Vidya V.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.
    I have yet to visit Notre Dame but it's on my wish list.
    I too love the serenity of places of worship.
    best wishes,

  14. Hello Roger,
    Glad you liked it and stained glass is quit beautiful in both cathedrals.

    Best wishes,

  15. Hello Hildred,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I am often puzzled how the workmen, particularly in the Middle Ages, were able to construct such magnificent buildings with such Spartan building equipment.....quite amazing !

    best wishes

  16. Ann.
    Hello good to hear from you again.
    Glad to learn that you are a chorister, nothing better for the soul, than having a good old sing!
    I like the idea of a 'Worship Team', don't think the stuffy hierarchy in the UK ministry would like that, they resist change on most counts!

    best wishes,

  17. Photo Cache,
    When I was a child,girls were not allowed to join the Anglican church choir until the age of 13 and not at all the in the Roman Catholic Church.
    Thankfully things have changed considerably since then!
    Yes, I too prefer traditional architecture but I actually do love The Roman Catholic Cathedral, it is quite stunning for ultra modern!

    Best Wishes di.x

  18. Lmkazmierczak:
    Thanks for visiting and your comments.
    Cathedrals do have a tale to tell indeed.
    My experience in singing in the choir was most uplifting and
    a great honour to lead so many good honest Christians in our form of worship.
    I always went home to a hearty Sunday Roast dinner after the morning service... Uplifting indeed!

    Best wishes, Di.

  19. Well done Di - don't know how you do it!

  20. Hi Flower Pot, thank you, Come to think about it neither do I !!
    I just think out my subject matter sit at my keyboard and start typing and it just flows from there.
    Mind you I have always had a fertile imagination....make of that what you will! ha ha !
    hope you're well, just going to find out more about Ms Pilcher!
    love Di..xx

  21. A lovely account of the two cathedrals - I've seen them both but never been inside.

  22. Spectacular architecture...happy to know you were in the choir..!

  23. Gerald. next time you're in Liverpool please take a look at two buildings, I can guarantee you will be impressed.....
    Some wonderful photo opportunities!
    Thanks for calling by, good to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

  24. K V V S Murthy.
    good to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments.
    I was so proud to sing in the church choir, I loved singing at weddings but didn't like funerals for obvious reasons.
    Christmas and Easter was very special too!
    Best wishes,


  25. What a wonderful post,Trubes! Your British Cathedrals are fascinating and very beautiful!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  26. I went inside the Anglican cathedral when they had an exhibition on the theme of icons, a marvellous space and one that must be amazing to sing in. I haven't ventured inside Paddy's wigwam yet but its on my list of things to do. Love that reception area.

  27. I enjoyed reading your post. Brothers are like that all over the world, aren't they!The cathedrals are so grand!

  28. Reader Wil:
    Hello Wil, good to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments.
    Our Cathedrals are very grand and I've managed to visit many over the years and plan to visit many more in the future.
    I hope you're enjoying your holiday
    or perhaps you're home now.
    I'm looking forward to reading all about it,

    love Di.x

  29. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.
    The acoustics are wonderful in the Anglican Cathedral, I love to go to The Sunday Morning Eucharist and listen to the wonderful choir.
    I deliberately didn't mention the nickname of the Catholic Cathedral for fear of offence and it would be difficult to explain the rivalry between the two faiths in Liverpool, which used to be quite an issue when I was a child!
    You must visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, it's quite stunning inside and the acoustics are really good along with the choir.

    Best wishes,

  30. Hi Lotus Leaf,
    thanks for stopping by and your comments too.
    Yes I'm afraid, brother's are the same the world over. I have to smile at my grandchildren when they torment each other.
    My brother and I are quite close in age and when we reached our teens became the best of friends. The Cathedrals are quite grand, they must have cost a lot of time and money to build.
    Best wishes,

  31. This was a very rich post, with gorgeous photographs, fascinating history, and delightful Childhood memories. I must admit that the story of your reluctant wearing of a dress and your brother's teasing was the part that really made me Chuckle most. :)

  32. Hi Black Jack's Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.
    I'm so pleased you liked my post, the pictures are courtesy of Google. I have recently had a gift of a Panasonic Lumix TZ40 and it is, for a starter takes really good snapshots.
    I know you are a great photographer so I reckon I've got a long way to go!
    My brother denies all knowledge of calling me names but he really did....We are the best of friends now, I love to tease him too!

    Best wishes,


  33. What a wonderful idea to use the cathedral for receptions.

  34. I've been to that Cathedral. Standing outside of it you get a sense of just how small we are, and how enormous it is! Also because it is not surrounded by large buildings, it really does tower over the landscape. It's phenomenal.

  35. Two fabulous Cathedrals. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos :-)

  36. Hi Cherie, thanks for your comments, sorry I'm so late in replying.
    I knew you would like the pictures etc as you have such a keen eye for architecture.
    Liverpool is just heaving with some spectacular architecture. I hope your back is ok now, it's taken two months to get mine almost back to normal, thank goodness,

    love Di x


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