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Thursday, 29 May 2014

T stands for my Theatre of Dreams.

The coastline along North West Scotland.
It is my mission in life now to travel around the British Isles.
 We've had several holidays in Scotland and have thoroughly
enjoyed the  wonderful Scottish hospitality.
The pictures below are taken in The Trossachs National Park
and the stunningly beautiful Loch Lomond.
On this particular trip we travelled further north to a lovely hotel called
 The Bridge of Orchy.
which is at the southern tip of Glencoe.
 It was a wickedly cold evening so we were glad to settle
in for our overnight stay.
 We were welcomed with a tot of Whisky and buttery
 shortbread biscuits.

This is Loch Lomond,
 we drove along the edge of it to reach Glencoe

When supper was ready a Scottish Piper, in full regalia, piped the
guests into the beautiful oak panelled dining room.

Dinner was tantalisingly  tasty,
 as was the handsome Scots Piper pictured above ! 

Starting with Loch Fyne Scallops on a bed of delicious Haggis.
The Main course was......

A huge rib of succulent Beef, carved at the table.

We had roasted Tatties and roasted white Turnips.

Yorkshire Pudding,

  an assortment of tasty seasonal vegetables and

my favourite part of any hearty roast dinner is the gravy...

one of the finest gravy I have ever tasted!
No room for pudding, just a Drambuie liqueur
and petit fours then we tootled off to bed.

A peat fire welcomed us,  burning in the old stone fire place.
I soon snoozed off  to sleep,
 watching the pretty little purple and red flames dancing
around the fire place.
Next morning, there was a freezing  Hoare Frost
 encrusting the huge Scots Pine Trees,
standing rigid in the freezing terrain outside.
 A  hearty breakfast awaited us, porridge and kippers for me
 and bacon, sausage, black pudding and eggs.
for himself .
Suitably repleted,  we bade our farewells to the most hospitable staff
and moved on to our next destination, Strontian, which is a tiny hamlet
on the edge of Loch Sunart.
  Loch Sunart is on The Ardnamurchan Peninsula.
This is a copy of a painting which depicts a rutting Stag, baying for his ladies to follow him to the glen.
 We had a similar view from our bedroom to this part of the loch. 
 Our hotel was The Kilcamb Lodge,
 The room was just perfect, about 50 yards from the edge of the loch,
we could hear the water lapping gently over the sandy shore.
Below is the stunning beach, just over the peninsula from the hotel,
it is breathtakingly beautiful.
 We managed to sit in the sunshine for a couple of hours
just taking in the beauteous sight before us.

Here lies part of my Theatre of dreams.

I must tell you all that all the above pics are not taken by me but I have been to each place..
on my holiday... particularly the above beach ..


Many thanks to the terrifically talented Denise Nesbitt for devising  'abcWednesday'
 and the thoughtful Roger for being such a tenacious administrator. 


  1. What a lovely trip! I've been on a coach tour of Scotland and saw a lot, but next time I'd like it to be more leisurely to really drink it all in.

    abcw team

  2. Splendid visit you are having--I've heard how gorgeous it is there!!

  3. I think your holiday was a real dream.
    Such a gorgeous country and the Inn you stayed at sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I want to go to Scotland. I've never been and it looks so beautiful.

  5. How romantic and breathtaking ! I can understand that you enjoyed this trip thoroughly!
    Wil, ABCW team.

  6. It is a long time since I last visited Scotland for a holiday. Your trip there looks great :-)

  7. Awesome pictures!
    -your latest follower

  8. Hi Leslie, I feel the best way to visit Scotland is to base yourself in a cottage, say on the west coast in the Oban area, then plan you route from there having day trips out.
    We've also stayed outside of St Andrews (Home of golf) and then travelled North to Balmoral..
    Again, breathtaking scenery but totally different.
    I'm not a great lover of hotels, I like my privacy and space, also it works out cheaper in a cottage and we like to prepare our own food!
    This particular trip was a special anniversary, the hotels were rather expensive but well worth it for the service and cuisine..(then)..xx
    Love Di..xx

  9. Hello Ann,
    Gopod to hear from you, yes Scotland is lovely but then there are so many beautiful place to visit/stay in the British Isles that we have decided to do our own grand Tour....we're off to the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales next week, staying in a lodge house this time,
    Best wishes ,

  10. Hi photowannabe,
    Scotland , as is the whole of the UK is beautiful, has it's mucky bits like most places.
    As I'm a townie I love to be besides the sea or in the countryside, we get a bit of everything here.
    The inn that we stayed in was special and wonderful cuisine,est wishes,

  11. Liz, you must visit Scotland it is so beautiful,
    we avoid high Summer because of the midgies!
    The Mountains and Lochs are is the seaside, although you have some of the best beaches where you live... but then the scenery is quite different from Wales.
    love di..xx

  12. Hi Reader Wil, yes, Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful.
    We had alovely time then, it was a special occasion, normally we rent cottages, which, in truth we prefer... When we're renting a cottage I do my research for decent eating places and good purveyors of local produce.
    Praise the Lord for the internet and trip Adviser !
    Hope all is well with you,
    best wishes,

  13. Hi Cherry Pie,
    We love Scotland, that trip was to celebrate a special occasion, although I prefer to stay in cottages, that was very good too!
    I have really been enjoying reading about your trip to Mechelen, (I hope I've spelt that correctly), there's certainly some stunning architecture there,
    love Di..xx

  14. The first two pics are like postcards. Very pretty!

  15. Wonderful travel inspiration! I haven't yet visited Scotland but you make me want to go right now!

  16. Scotland would definitely be a great item on a bucket list…just for the coastline alone! Gorgeous shot. And I absolutely love Scottish brogue accents!

  17. You know I've never been to Scotland so thanks for the quick tour! x

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hi Roger,
    Some of the pics are postcards and one with the rutting Stag is actually a painting.
    As I've explained, the rest are selected from various other sites.
    I now have a new Panasonic Digi camera and we are off on holiday next week so, I look forward to showing my very own pics !


  20. Susan, Scotland is a beautiful country, well worth a visit, thanks for your comments,


  21. Lisa, the Scottish coastline is stunning but you should see the Mountains and lochs, equally as beautiful..

    love di.x

  22. FP: You should take a boat trip up the west coast, stunning scenery, thanks for dropping by, glad the recovery is progressing well,

    love Di..xx

  23. These are some great pics! I bet you had a great time :)

  24. Hi Cristina, yes it was good fun, quite a long time ago but we go back from time to time.

    Thanks for your comments,



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