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Monday, 2 June 2014

U stands for UP

When I was a child I was often asked 'What are you UP to Miss Moss?

 Not that my name was Miss Moss it was a pet name my grandpa called me, when I was UP to mischief! On one particular occasion I was tying my Grandma's pinafore ties to a door handle whilst she was gossiping to her next door neighbour, keeping her UPDATED with the latest activities of another neighbour, referred to as 'that Trollop', who's husband was away at sea in the Merchant Navy.

 Apparently she'd been UP to no good with the Insurance Man from The Prudential  who collected the  premiums on a weekly basis, as they did in those days, sic 1950

 There was no such thing as direct debits then.

 It seemed that 'The Man from the Pru', had been collecting more than the  premiums from said 'Trollop', who  according to Grandma, was 'no better than she ought to be'!

 'What's a trollop Grandma, and what does 'UP' to no good mean,' I enquired innocently? .......Go UPSTAIRS and wash your hands, ready for tea', retorted Grandma. It always seemed that when I asked a question about matters that didn't concern me, I was sent UPSTAIRS to wash my hands........ I must have had the cleanest hands in the road !


I have, at last, started using my new Panasonic Lumix TZ40 Camera and have UPLOADED, some
pictures of our grandchildren UP to mischief and generally having fun.  


Olivia Molly and Freddie
playing on the garden swing. Freddie UP to mischief teasing the girls! 
Christian the youngest looking UPWARD at the camera, he was UP late and rather tired.

Picture of the parents togged UP and ready for a night on the town.
Kirsten and Dean at our house.
Ingrid and Kirsten round at Ingrid's home ready to go UPTOWN and party. .
Mike and Ingrid, Kirsten and Dean
all togged UP and ready  for a knees UP !
Time's UP folks!
My thanks to the UBIQUITOUS Mrs Nesbitt for devising the ILLUSTRIOUS AbcW and the UNIQUE Roger for his UNSWERVING administrative skills!


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  2. Hello Trubes ..

    Thumbs UP to you and your camera. Super photos and I am glad that you managed to UPLOAD them on to your blog with my help. It makes me feel good that I can help someone remotely . I must have good skills in direction and communication in writing too. (sorry don't normally blow my own trumpet)

    YOur Olivia reminds me of OUR Olivia , in the pose near the swings. :-) all your grandchildren and family look lovely.

    All lovely photos. I will be sorting mine out soon. I am back at work and family commitments now. I will do a post this week hopefully. Take care luv Anne

  3. Aw...such a lovely family, Di! I can tell how proud you are of them all.

    abcw team

  4. Hi Anne, good to hear from you, I am really pleased that, under your careful tutelage I can almost do most of the camera stuff on my blog!
    The photo's show great clarity too.
    I'm delighted that you've been able to explain the process clearly, so much easier than google and the likes of!

    You're wasting your talents you should set up a Q&A site for over 50's of how too carry out simple
    tasks(for a small fee of course!)
    Your communication and directional skills are very good.
    Our family are all lovely, it's nice to have sons-in-law, they are so good to Ian and I.
    I think Ian is glad to have some male company.
    Looking forward to seeing your photo's,
    Take care,
    love Di..xx

  5. Hi leslie,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I am very proud of all the girls and boys, adult and child alike.
    I gave Olivia my La Rousse dictionary and she was thrilled. She's doing well with her French studies, so any encouragement helps. I've got loads of French reference books so there's plenty more for all the others too, when they need them.

  6. Great photos Trubes - I can see you're getting along great with your new camera.

    Just spotted a previous post where you said you stayed in a hotel in Bridge of Orchy.

    My grandparents used to own that hotel.

  7. Wow ! that is a coincidence Angus about your grandparents and the Bridge of Orchy Hotel...
    It's amazing how our paths have crossed over the years!
    I am enjoying my camera and am chuffed to be able to post my pictures,
    I have a lot of people to thank for helping me so much and that includes you x
    Lovely to hear from you again, best wishes to the lady doctor Liz and wee Rosie and most of all, your kind self,


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  9. Well now it's up to me to write a comment! It is such a funny story about the Trollop, and typical of a child to ask about it's meaning.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  10. You? Mischief? Hard to believe! (BTW, your link was not working; I fixed link, but couldn't fix pic.)

  11. Hi Wil... Good to hear from you, I so enjoy your comments.
    The word 'trollop', was commonly used when I was a child, I never did find out what it meant until I was older.
    My Mother really did have a way with words too, sometimes caustic enough to strip paint!
    Best wishes,

  12. Hi Roger... little Miss Mischief was my name, I have a daughter and granddaughter just the same as myself!
    Thanks for fixing my link, Leslie sent me a whole note book page of instructions and I still got it wrong...Grrr so frustrating, will keep on trying,
    best wishes,

  13. Happy people doing happy things...good stuff!

  14. Love the pictures of the Grands and family...nice camera.

    Interesting how words are used in different contexts.

    I think we have all been UP to no good at one time or another..(:0)

  15. Mischief is what kids do best:-) Indeed onwards and upwards with your camera now.

  16. Hi Thud, good to hear from you again.
    I like the picture with Freddie hanging on the side of the garden swing...don't know how he's hanging on, but he is! He a lovely little chap, gives me lots of cuddles, as they all do!
    Hope all your little ones are well, bet they're looking forward to their holiday in California,

  17. I got into trouble for asking awkward questions as a child so I know how you felt- my mother would always say "curiosity killed the cat" which may explain why I love dogs.

  18. Photowannabe...Hi!

    Good to hear from you, thanks for your comments.

    I am still on a learning curve with my camera but am very pleased with the current results.

    The letter U gave me room for some thought.

    I'm never quite sure what I'm going to write until I sit at the keyboard.
    There's usually a theme in my mind and I just let it flow. Sometimes it's a load of drivel, so a lot of editing takes place!
    Keeps my mind active !
    Best wishes,


  19. Gerald (SK14)
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your comments.
    'Curiosity killed the cat'...that's another one of my Mother's little adages..
    .It's funny as I get older, I remember more and more of my parents and grandparents little sayings...God bless them!
    Best wishes,

  20. What a darling story a out you being sent upstairs!! That sounds like what my Mom would say when I wanted details I didn't need to know. Cute pictures of the grands. New cameras are so much fun.

  21. Very good Di! It's also for Upside down xx

  22. Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by.
    It's funny the way mothers and grandma's speak in riddles when they are trying not to tell you something that they don't want you to know about, particularly of a *exual nature ha ha !
    I am really enjoying my new camera, we're off to Anglesey, a small island off the coast of North Wales so I shall be happily snapping away!
    Best wishes,

  23. Hi Sue, I'm al upside down today, I'm trying to pack for our holiday and Chloe (cat), keeps sitting in my suitcase and disrupting proceedings, she knows we're going away, always the same performance...we'd take her with us but she howls her head off whenever she's in the car, Silly cat !

    best wishes Di.


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