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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Q is for Quill

Let me introduce you to Chico our beautiful Cockatiel, he will be seventeen next month and has kept us suitably entertained over the years.
You may be wondering where the letter Q  enters my little anecdote, then,  I shall tell!

Chico has a lovely tufty feathery adornment on the top of his head, which was christened,  Chico's  Quill by  Ingrid, our daughter.
Ian was away on a golfing trip, his first since he retired, so he knew nothing about the new arrival.
I may have mentioned, there was a lovely 'chicky' cockatiel in the local pet shop that needed a new home but too this day he swears I hadn't mentioned it.
Moving forward...... Bird in situ... He stood bolt upright on his perch not making a sound, staring at us, this went on for two days,. by this time I was rather concerned so I telephoned the pet shop owner, Steve, who reassured me that he was probably just settling in and not to worry.
'Hi girls', I'm home called the errant golfer, slinging his muddy golf bags in the porch.
 With that, Chico let out the most piercing shriek, enough, almost, to pierce one's ear drums!
'Good God', what was that, said husband?
'This' is Chico, I said, we rescued him from the pet shop, he was very lonely as all the other birds have been re-homed', 'I hope that racket is not going to be a daily occurrence', said himself, I couldn't stand that',
Chico quickly settled in.

 Soon we were able to let him out of his cage to fly around the Orangery at the rear of the house, he was very much at home in there because it is nearly always very warm and sunny and overlooks the garden.
Chico developed a deep bond with Ian and whenever he arrives home from wherever, Chico will let out his shriek and go crazy around his cage by flapping his wings until Ian pays him some  attention by tickling his tummy and tweaking his Quill.
 A grand performance often follows, consisting of Chico bashing his hanging bell with his Quill and doing wolf whistles after Ian.
He ends the quirky performance by hanging upside down on one leg and flapping his wings vigorously,  You can imagine the amount of feathers he sheds after this carry on, enough to fill a Quilt!
He spends a lot more time sleeping, as he's quite an 'old boy' now.... Ha, that applies to husband too,
 Often, when all is quiet in the Orangery, husband and bird can be found snoozing harmoniously in the lovely relaxing environment, this is known as having a quick nap,
 I must mention that Chico will be safely perched in his enormous cage and Ian in his favourite armchair. At this time, well, you all know where I shall be,,, yes you've got it... tapping away at my
keyboard, complete with snoozing Chloe cat on my lap,
At around four pm, all awakens for the quintessentially  British ritual, afternoon tea
 I enjoy Yorkshire Tea and some cake, the Yorkshire tea is most thirst quenching.

There!  Quest accomplished... I have run out of  Q's......

My thanks to the  Queen of ABCWednesday, Denise Nesbitt for devising such a quirky quest, and
to Roger who is, without question, a most qualified administrator.



  1. Good selection of Qs. I can' think of a single one!

  2. I never knew you had Chico! But this is quite the story about his life with you.

    abcw team

  3. Hi Flowerpot, I must say I struggled a bit as you can see, thanks for dropping by,

  4. Hi Leslie, fancy you not knowing about Chico! He had a sister called Poppet, she lived with the Pet shop owner and his family, she died 5 years ago, that's why we're amazed that he's survived so much longer.
    Astrid calls him 'Carbo Head' as he loves pasta, rice, potatoes, chips and even scrambled eggs, (cannibal)...he also loves apples, grapes, oranges and strawberries.... It's his diet that keeps him going !

  5. Wonderful good post for Q. Great quality, Trubes!
    Thanks for this lovely story!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  6. Hi Trubes! I tried to find out with the help of Google, if the Tasmanian devils are related to the Quoll. They are somehow related but there is, as far as I can see , not a close relationship. Perhaps you can have a closer look? Could you tell me what you have found out?

  7. Your Cockatiel sounds like he is a Quirky bird with character ;-)

  8. She's a beauty. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  9. I LOVED this one Diane - yes it is nice when our pets form bonds - Sadie has definitely bonded with me whilst Bing is a "mans" dog and loves going to work with Jon. xxx

  10. Reader Wil,
    Thanks for dropping by, so good to hear from people all over the world, glad you liked my tale about Chico, our much loved chatty bird.


  11. Reader Wil,
    Hello again, I have a Scrabble e Buddy who lives in Tasmania, she is also an investigative journalist so she may be able to hep with the question of The Tasmanian Devil and The Quoll being related...I'll be in touch,


  12. Hi Cherie, Chico certainly is a quirky character, very handsome too... I forgot to mention his rosy cheeks too!


  13. Hi Denise, good to hear from you, I'm rather getting the swing of ABCW, it's good because it's got me writing again, so I am much indebted to you for devising it xx
    Glad Bing and Jon are work buddies and you and Sadie do all the 'girls' stuff, she's a beautiful dog.
    Whilst Chico has bonded with Ian, Chloe the cat is my 'girl' she sits on my lap whenever I'm on my PC, spasmodically bopping the keyboard when ever she wants to make an input!

  14. Carver, thanks for your comments, yes Chico is a lovely bird,


  15. Love the relationship between Ian and chico!


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