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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

O is for Out and about

I live in a leafy suburb of Liverpool England  UK.
We are lucky to live in such an  outstanding  area of learning excellence.
 There are several faith schools which always achieve good results  through the national curriculum and also some private schools which are now grant maintained.
 Thanks to Government funding, this gives all children an equal chance to go to a school that will suit their needs.
We also have the Hope University Campus,( part of Liverpool University). just around the corner from our home.
This a lovely place to just to walk through with our grandchildren on the way to school.
One of our favourite places to go is Calderstones Park , it is in open parkland with a beautiful  secret walled garden.
 There is a large lake with swans and ducks paddling around, eagerly awaiting  little chubby 'kiddy hands.' proffering chunks of bread and cake.
 Also there is a cafĂ©, serving delicious home made cakes, hot and cold drinks and an assortment of ice creams and ice lollies.
Across the road from our home is Childwall Woods, also a lovely place to walk after a hearty Sunday lunch.
 We can walk across the woods to our local church, Childwall Priory Parish Church, it is dated back to the fourteenth century when it was a Priory for an order of monks.
 Eventually it was extended and remains as the wonderful building it is now.
Just across the road is the  Old World Pub  called The Abbey, good place to meet the Parish priest for a pre dinner pint!

The local school two of our grandchildren attend is called Bishop Eton and is affiliated to the the Bishop Eton Monastery next door. This is a Roman Catholic faith School and the children have a fine education, as I can see, when I do homework and reading  with Olivia aged 8 and Christian age 5, Grandpa takes them to school 4 days out of the week and they  sometimes come home here for tea, which is always a riotous occasion as they let off steam after all the lessons and oral exercises in which they participate.
We have lived here for 27 years and although we really should downsize it would be such an awesome operation,  I don't think we could orchestrate it without heartache........
So, Perhaps we are destined stay here ! 

My thanks to the outstandingly   clever Denise Nesbitt for devising ABC Wednesday and the observant Roger  for his objective administration.        


  1. I try to get to rosemans as often as I can....near you I guess? finest bagels money can buy!

  2. Ah ha Thud....I've been sussed. Actually, it's no secret where I live. Mr Lakes used to live nearby.
    I've stopped going to Rosemans since the original owner Lenny, retired. Sadly he died a few years ago, such a lovely man
    I found the subsequent owners not very good and often sold stale bagels, particularly to me and other gentiles. I buy mine from Waitrose vi Ocado now.

  3. Thank you Trubes for your beautiful description of your beautiful surroundings. It makes me longing for a visit to Liverpool, where I never have been. Thank you for your most interesting comment on opals. You told me some facts I didn't know actually. Like the blue eyes being so important in Turkey and bringing good luck. I saw that you have fair hair, and I know that this is also popular in many countries in the middle east!
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW team

  4. Hello Reader Wil, I am always delighted when you comment on my blog, you always make such positive comments.
    My youngest Daughter, Astrid has Auburn hair and the brightest blue eyes eve.
    On a trip in Spain an elderly lady clasped her and kissed her forehead, she was fascinated b her eyes and kept saying... lucky beauty, lucky Spanish of course.
    When we are on holiday people often mistake me for a Scandinavian.
    What did Robbie Burns say...

    'Oh the gift that god could give us
    To see ourselves as others see us'.

    Happy weekend,
    Best wishes,

  5. Great post and sounds like an outstanding place. Carver, ABCW-Team

  6. O is also for oranges which I love!

  7. Carver, thanks for your kind comments, it is a good place to live, not exactly an area of outstanding beauty but as far as town living it is pretty good,

    Best wishes ,

  8. Hello FP,
    I love Oranges too, one of my favourite meals is Duckling al'Orange , or ice cream with melted dark chocolate and segments of juicy oranges on the top....scrummy !

    Di, xx

  9. Sounds like it would be fun to go out and about with you
    An Arkie's Musings

  10. Hello Richard, how sweet, but my
    Husband would like to come along too!

    Best wishes,

  11. It sounds like you have many lovely places to visit nearby. Plenty of places to practice with your new camera :-)

  12. Hi Trubes , best Bagels are bought in London :-) ,,,

    You certainly do paint a lovely picture of where you live ,, and the park seems a huge hit with everyone :-)

    We talked about downsizing but I don't think that works when you have family that do not live around the corner ...

    Great Post Diane. xox

  13. Next time we're in Liverpool, we must come and visit and take a look around your neighbourhood. It sounds so lovely.

    abcw team

  14. Lovely that you have such a good school for your grandchildren. x


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