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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Snow and a Spooky Occurance

Here are the snow pictures just before it went dark, they're not really very good, taken with the Blackberry,  slightly out of focus, but I wanted to show the colour of the sky,  hopefully there will be an improvement  when I get my new camera in action,

  One afternoon we decided drive out to view the scenery from Cross Fell, on the top of The Pennines, which I believe is quite stunning, As we were tootling along I noticed a strange looking  white cloud which seemed to be furled across the top of the fen......

.One moment were driving along in bright daylight then, suddenly we were enveloped in a swirling cloud of huge white snowflakes....Ian managed to turn the car around drove us gingerly back to the cottage.

There was an eerie howling wind to accompany the enormous snowflakes, now splattering against the windscreen, in a menacing manner.
 Ian parked the car and  got out to open the front door and put the lights on in the cottage.

 Whilst I was sitting waiting for him to help me out the car, a weird feeling overcame me, as if  someone or something was watching me..... I turned my head slowly and there was a huge black woolly face with enormous amber eyes, staring at me.  It was a sheep, an exceedingly large sheep!...
'That's strange', I thought because the sheep were in the field surrounded by a stone wall, at the rear of the cottage....
 It had it's chin resting on the wall and stared and stared and stared...
 Just then the lady who lives in the cottage next door, came over to the car and explained that the sheep was a pet, called Lamb lamb, she'd rescued her as an orphaned d had bottle fed her and raised her indoors, with her sheepdog  Jess.
 Jess treated her like her own puppy, however, as Lamb Lamb grew and grew, she was given a large out building to live in, but she still insisted upon muscling her way indoors, whenever she could, to sit by the fire with the dog.
After this encounter with Lamb Lamb,, each time we went out or returned home, we had welcome committee of said sheep and her adoptive mother Jess the sheepdog.....
 You could here her hooves clip clopping across the yard to greet us and to have her head tickled and of course a stroke for Jess, who spoke to me by woofing gently and standing on her hind legs.
 I don't know what the sheep in the field must have thought of this cossetted beast... or do sheep think ? Or did Lamb Lamb want to join the flock who knows ?
 I should think if she had any sense she would rather stay with Jess and the family or end up as some ones Sunday lunch...
.Oh! and did I tell you about the the three little Piggies that shared the barn with her, but then, there lies another tale!


  1. Oh my gosh! That would have scared the blankety blank out of me! But actually then it must have been kind of fun to be greeted by a wooly beastie every time you went in or out! LOL What an experience! Looking forward to the story of the 3 pigs! :D

  2. It was a bit scary, sitting in complete darkness near 'top of Pennines', waiting for husband to reappear, I felt a little spooked, then himself had decided to pop to the loo, of course, thinking I was warm in the comfort of the Honda.... Oh how we laughed when I introduced him to the sheep...well when I eventually get out and about, life is never dull !

  3. Of course they think. Good musicians too, sheep.

    That famous Irish sheep band ? What was it ?

    Ewe Too ?


  4. Hello Kevin, you are very funny...Ewe two...ha ha xx
    it's so good to be back in blogging land, I think I ran out of ideas and words, most unlike moi !
    There's quite a few missing of the list. I see lils comments sometimes, I wonder how she's doing in her new home....give her a shake Kevin and tell her her public need her.. ha ha !
    How did you get along in all the terrible storms? Iw as thinking about you,,

  5. I think if I had turned around and seen a sheep I would have jumped out of my skin!!

  6. Well actually Cherie, I did do just that but the sheep was totally unmoved, just stood there staring, it must have been lonely, then it had Jess and the three little Piggies for company....
    Reminds me a bit of Orwell's Animal Farm!



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