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Monday, 16 March 2009

News up-date and stuff. Dedicated to EK.

At last I'm back on line after nearly four weeks without my PC, I had eighty eight e-mails to deal with and all kinds of rubish to clear before I could even begin to read all my favourite sites.
Not being able to do my weekly Ocado shop and having to struggle around the local Sainsbury's was no laughing matter, especially for a 'gal' like moi in such fragile health.
What's that expression now?....'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'!

Thankyou to everyone who has been enquiring of my well being and that of baby Christian.
Christian is really thriving and gaining weight and his Mama is really full of beans!
My brave girl has bounced back after such a traumatic time in childbirth. My heart swells with pride each time, I see or think of her and Christian.

RIP Rocket.

We've lost our family pet rabbit Rocket to a murderous fox from the local woods. It'd been hanging around for a few weeks obviously eyeing up the ingredients for his next banquet.
Although our garden was secure a neighbour had inadvertently removed a panel in the
fence and off Rocket went. He was murdered in another neighbour's garden and I assume, carried off to the woods.

There was nothing left but a bit of white and gold fur, thankfully no blood and guts!

He'd lived to the grand old age of 9 years. You can imagine how sad we feel....
I hope the Foxes enjoyed their banquet.
Heaven knows what we will tell the Grandchildren as they loved him so much, they played football with him and he alway patiently let them stroke him, not always as gently as instructed.
We are now down to two pets, Princess Chloe the Cat and Chico the Cockatiel.

I know all this is all very trivial but you did ask!

EK will know why I've dedicated this to him.

Anyway it's so good to be back on-line again. Now, I'm going to have a good read of all my favourite sites.


  1. EK will know why I've dedicated this to him


    Glad you are back!! Less glad to hear you are not at 110% - I hope you stocked up on Shredded Wheat at Lord Sainsbury's.

  2. POOR EK! We had a rabbit named Silver that lived to the ripe old age of 14...I know how you feel...damned foxes! Glad you are back...I've been away myself...and am having a giveaway, too...for March 31st...
    Again, poor EK...

  3. Oh, I'm sorry about Rocket. But glad Christian is thriving and that you are Ok. Take care, Trubes. x

  4. Good to see you back on the air Trubes!

    So sorry about Rocket. Paws - R - Us very much these days... and you need 'em too!

  5. Sorry to hear about your continuing health problems.

    Sorry to hear about rocket too and just about everyone will know why you dedicated that post to me.

    We lost three rabbits prematurely in total. One to foxes, the other to a brain tumor and the third to ...


  6. So pleased that little Christian is thriving and his mummy is doing well.

    Sorry about your little rabbit.:-(
    poor love.

    Take Care Trubes, pleased you have your PC back...happy shopping online :-)

  7. Blue Eyes:
    Glad you liked that and thanks for your kind comments.
    I hate giving my dosh to Joe Sainsbury but needs must...The nearest Waitrose is a 40 minute drive away.

    Keep happy,


  8. Hi Sandi,
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your words of comfort.
    I hope you don't mind me saying but
    rabbit was called Rocket not EK.
    EK is a favourite Blog site of mine and he had a funny rabbit story to tell a while ago, so, I dedicated my story to him.
    Actually if you scroll down you will be able to access his site via mine. He's alovely guy and well worth reading...
    Sometimes serious and sometimes hillarious.



  9. Hello my friend Welshcakes,
    I'm so happy to be back on line again, it's like losing a good friend when one's PC goes down!
    Yes it was sad about my Rabbit...he was a little vandal, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did, he was always escaping, I don't know how many times a neighbour brought him back home when he escaped, we all loved him, nevetheless.
    He was quite a local 'celeb' all the children loved him and often we would have a string of little visitors bearing carrots and apples for him.
    Hope you are keeping well, and of course, Simi.x


  10. RIP Rocket :-(

    Are you sure E-K had nothing to do with this?

  11. Hi Lils, Good to hear from you.
    Ha that's why I dedicated my post to EK after his Rabbit episode.
    We can only assume it was Mr Fox that got him as there was just a load of fur but no rabbit.
    Again we can only assume that the fox carried him off to the local woods probably to feed his cubs.
    I'm surprised he lasted so long, he was a great escapeologist.
    I think he was trying to tell us he didn't like living in captivity.....For that reason I won't get another rabbit.


  12. Poor Rocket! And poor you. Nine years is a long time for a pet to be part of a family.

    But wonderful news about Christian and Ingrid.

  13. Hi Liz, Good to hear from you again.
    Christian is now 8lbs. Ingrid is back to driving again and buzzing around everywhere. Olivia, (age nearly 3), Christian's big sister, absolutely adores him.
    The outcome to all this after such a trauma is just wonderful...I shall never ask God for anything else again.
    I really enjoy reading your blog, you live in such a lovely part of Wales and your tales are so interesting.


  14. Hello to Anne in Oxfordshire:
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words.
    Baby Christian is doing fine, now weighs 8lbs.
    It is sad about Rocket he was a lovely rabbit.


  15. I am so glad that Christian is improving :-)

    What a pain not having the internet for so long...

    It is good to see you back :-)

  16. Hello Cherrypie, Good to hear from you . Thanks for your kind comments.
    Yes, being without my PC for so long was an absolute pain...It's like losing an old friend.
    There was a mix-up over ordering a spare part, hence the delay.
    Beautiful warm sunny spring day here, We're taking Christian to the park later.


  17. It is sad when a family pet goes like that and I hope the Fox got Heartburn. I am Happy to hear that your Daughter and Grandson are doing very well. So sorry to hear that you are having some pain and discomfort.

    We are almost finished with the rebuilding of the condo. Had the flooring guys into day to redo a section of floor that was dodgy. The Tile Guy is here now in the Kitchen swearing as , the tile he put in some time ago is scratched and needs to come out good thing the grout hadn't set yet. Will be so Happy to have all this Brouhaha over and done with.

    Your Word verification is Lonjions.

  18. Lonjions- (long Johns)

    Sounds like something we would wear over here in the winter.

  19. Hi Old Tarf, Good to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments.
    We are sad at losing Rocket He had a certain aeasthetic appeal, sitting on our verdant lawn in the sunshine, happily munching the surrounding shrubs and herbs.
    He really was a little vandal but we still miss him.
    Glad to read that your renovations are coming along well.

    DT wears Long Johns in the wintertime when he plays golf, he looks hillarious in them, as I don't doubt, most people do.


  20. I'm so sorry ot hear about Rocket - sadly his fate is all too common at the mment - several friends of mine have lost either rabbits or chickens to foxes... good to see you back!

  21. Hello Flowerpot, Good to hear from you.
    Yes, it is sad to loose a pet, paticularly in such circumstances. Rocket was getting quite doddery but we were always careful to put him in his hutch before nightfall.
    He'd gone missing before but always turned up a some time later for his supper.Usually brought back home by a neighbour.


  22. i am sorry about your rabbit...that is always difficult to lose a pet...seems as though you are fairing quite well though, as expected...i'm trying to get back on myself and get going again...not always as easy as it appears...

  23. Hello Daisy, Good to hear from you, I do hope you are feeling OK.
    I've been laid up with a nasty virus which my darling little grandaughter Olivia passed onto us all.
    However...out of bed today and just about to take a shower....Take care my darling.


  24. So sorry about your rabbit, Trubes. I remember loosing ours and was so upset. We have squirrels and he caught something and just died. I can't even talk about rabbits now :-(

    Hope your health improves x

  25. Hi Phillipa, good to hear from you and thanks for you kind words. Glad you're back blogging....good for you going all through lent without a word...I have missed reading your blog.
    We are still missing our bunny but we still have Chloe (cat) and Chico (cockatiel) to keep us suitably entertained!


  26. Spring is sprung Trubes...time to get blogging!

  27. hello Thud...You are quite right, it is time I got blogging...Watch this space!


  28. Hey there Truuuuubes! Sorry to hear about Rocket. I am sure that his demise was swift and painless, and that he put up a good fight against the fox. Maybe it was EK who nabbed him?

    come back to blogging my dearest Trubes! Love to Christian and his mama x

  29. Trubes...another scouser has arrived!....the womans did a great job as you know.

  30. More on the murderous fox please.


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