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Friday, 9 October 2009

Adiòs amigos'

Darling Trubes and I are off to sunny Spain for ten days for a long overdue holiday.
We are staying in a place called La Mata on the Costa Blanca.
Most holidays come at a price, particularly when, one's husband doesn't pay attention, when being given precise instructions by 'she who must be obeyed'!

I spent some time on my PC trying to get a 'best price' for Easy Jet flights to Alicante, which is approximately a thirty minute drive to La Mata.
After finding the best price, DT was given precise details and requested to go to his
den to complete the booking.

Two hours later he reappeared clutching the booking confirmation, proudly announcing that by slightly altering the dates, he had managed to shave £70 off my original costs.
Heaven knows why it took him two hours.
Nothing to do with checking the football scores on his PC perchance!!

Two weeks later, DT was discussing having got such a good deal, on the flights with the friend, who was kindly leasing out his holiday apartment to us, at a very reasonable cost.

Shock horror! He had booked the flights to Malaga instead of Alicante, which is a five hour drive from our destination, he had also booked the hire car to be collected at Malaga.

He tootled off back to his den to change the bookings...
At an extra cost of an extra £150 the deed was done....

If only men would listen, when they they know, we girls are always right!

Moral to this story...
If you want something doing....Do it yourself!


  1. He no doubt had a cunning plan...yet again foiled by a woman...well thats an excuse us chaps should stick with.

  2. Oh My Goodness..what a shock that would of been, imagine how you would of been at the airport, I dread to think.....

    Have a super time..take care Anne

  3. Well I glad to know that it is not just me.

    But look on the bright side he just wanted to spend more quality time with you. Probably had a romantic picnic lunch in mind.

  4. My mum booked a flight - when she turned up at the airport she noticed she was a month late!

    Enjoy Spain! I have been two years in a row - Valencia last year and then a mini tour of Andalusia this spring. I love that part of the world. I think many Spanish people have a much healthier attitude to life than many Brits. And the food and wine aren't bad either :-)

  5. Should've gone to Radio Rentals...

    Have a great time Trubes, the sun will shine on the righteous!

    Although there will be just one tiny argument about that little transaction won't there!

  6. Have a great time,'s currently wet and foggy in the Lakes.

  7. Oh my YES! Just do it yourself, is my motto. Have a great time!

  8. I so agree! Except when it's anything practical - my husband is brilliant at fixing anything!

  9. LOL that story sounds very familiar ;-)

    I hope you have a great time :-)

  10. Men. I don't think I would trust my husband to book a flight either.

  11. That's what I don't understand, Trubes - why didn't you do it yourself? You spent time on the PC finding precisely what you wanted so why tell another to complete the transsaction? Why not book it?

    Puzzled from Fortean Times.

    Anyway, stuff it, you're going on holiday so how great is that??!! Hope you're having a great time. We're broke and half-terming on the costa del homestead so I trust you are having fun for 5 :-))) Please tell us all about it when you return safely.


  12. Hi Thud,
    'Cunning plan indeed'!
    I did feel sorry for DT, he was quite cross with himself...
    However, the situation was redeemed.
    The local produce was so good we dined on the veranda at our apartment most evenings, thus enabling us to trim our expenditure.
    Hope all are well in California!


  13. Hello Anne,
    It was a good thing the error was discovered before we travelled, albeit a costly mistake.
    We would have had to drive down to Alicante which takes about 4 hours.
    Hope all is well with you and yours!


  14. Old Tarf:
    Good point there Tarfers re 'Romantic picnic lunch'. We did have lots of nice lunches together on the beach at favourite beach bars.


  15. Hello Blue Eyes:
    Oh dear, your poor Mum, I do hope she managed to rearrange her flight.


  16. Hello Scrobs:
    'The sun certainly did shine upon the righteous'.
    Surprisingly, No arguments either!


  17. Hello Mr Lakelander.
    The weather was lovly apart from one or two showers in the morning.
    It was foggy when we arrived back in the UK, and freezing cold too...
    Winter draws on!


  18. Leslie:

    Hope you are ok, I'll be over too your place later.


  19. Hi Flowerpot:
    DT is good at fixing things....When he gets around to it!
    As they say in Spain, 'Manana'!


  20. James:
    A post indeed!
    There's more to come, as soon as I've caught up with domestic duties, and of course, visited my favourite sites.

    Watch this space!


  21. Hello Electro:
    Yes, on reflection, I had a good laugh.
    I can imagine the outrage had I made the error.
    That would have depleted my 'Brandy and Soda funds'!


  22. Hello Cherie;
    Good to hear from you and thanks for your kind wishes.


  23. Hi Ellie.
    I can't understand what DT was thinking about, although he was distracted by a football commentary.
    It just illustrates the old adage that men can't multi-task!


  24. Hello Philipa:
    The reason why I didn't complete the transaction is that I do the research and DT books the venue.
    If I pay, he conveniently forgets to reimburse me.
    Call it feminine intuition, but, 'I've been there before'!

    Hope you have an enjoyable half term with the children....
    Ahh 'golden days', they grow up so quickly.


  25. Trubes - I see! I was puzzled with you being so competant and all. Hope you had a good time and can regale us with stories and pictures??


  26. You got that right! It didn't take me long into my marriage to figure it out. Clues like putting glasses into the dishwasher upside down...not having any idea what was in the checkbook! I'm the organizer. And that's OK.

    Have fun on your trip!

  27. Hello Pippy,
    We did enjoy our holiday, sadly it went by too quickly.
    However, the eternal optimist, I'm planning the next one.
    Brrrr it's cold here today.
    I shall definitely book the flights next time!
    Hope the weather improves for the half term.


  28. Hi Barbara,
    Good to hear from you again.
    We did have a great holiday, I am getting a few yarns together for my next post.

    Hope all is well for you and yours...



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