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X stands for........

I really did have to go that eXtra mile to create this post, I know there are a lot of words beginning with the letter X, as a Scrabble aficionado there is a glossary of X words stored in my jumbled mind!
 However, I just couldn't think of one word that I could write something interesting about. Then inspiration struck!
 I remembered the wonderful Windmill that was just around the corner from where we stayed in Anglesey on our recent holiday.

Here is my X 
This is Llynnon Mill displaying it's magnificent sails in the form of the letter  X...
Hurrah I've done it !  Whilst pondering about the letter X  I  recalled the amusing tales of Don QuiXote   the delusional Spanish gentleman who believed he was a Knight and had to go on adventures to achieve recognition for his great deeds
. On one of his adventures he saddled up his trusty old steed Rocinante  and rode off with the jolly  labourer Sancho and his dusty old donkey Dapple.
During the adventure they encountered several windmill…

W stands for Wales.

The babbling brook running through the garden and woodland, complete with abridge and a little Waterfall! Cymru am byth ....  Wales forever !

We have just returned from a wonderfulholiday in Wales. I adore this country, it is virtually on our doorstep and takes about two hours from our home in Liverpool to reach one of our favourite haunts, the delightful Isle of Anglesey.
This time we stayed in a beautiful old lodge house which is situated at the gate of Llynon Hall in the pretty little village of Llanddeusant. 

Wonderful aspect of the rear of The Lodge

Wonderful !

This is the front of the Lodge. It is built as a split level, in fact, there are really three levels, from the entrance hall, go up four steps into the beautiful bedroom complete with a balcony overlooking the verdant country side. Then, going down eight steps brings you to the comfortable sitting room. This was our holiday home for one week and what fun we had, we dined on delicious local fare including fresh fish , delivered to …

U stands for UP

When I was a child I was often asked 'What are you UP to Miss Moss?Not that my name was Miss Moss it was a pet name my grandpa called me, when I was UP to mischief! On one particular occasion I was tying my Grandma's pinafore ties to a door handle whilst she was gossiping to her next door neighbour, keeping her UPDATED with the latest activities of another neighbour, referred to as 'that Trollop', who's husband was away at sea in the Merchant Navy. Apparently she'd been UP to no good with the Insurance Man from The Prudential  who collected the  premiums on a weekly basis, as they did in those days, sic 1950 There was no such thing as direct debits then. It seemed that 'The Man from the Pru', had been collecting more than the  premiums from said 'Trollop', who  according to Grandma, was 'no better than she ought to be'! 'What's a trollop Grandma, and what does 'UP' to no good mean,' I enquired innocently? .......Go UP…