W stands for Wales.

The babbling brook running through the garden and woodland, complete with a bridge and a little Waterfall!
Cymru am byth ....  Wales forever ! 

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Wales. I adore this country, it is virtually on our doorstep and takes about two hours from our home in Liverpool to reach one of our favourite haunts, the delightful Isle of Anglesey.
This time we stayed in a beautiful old lodge house which is situated at the gate of Llynon Hall in the pretty little village of Llanddeusant. 

Wonderful aspect of the rear of The Lodge

Wonderful !




This is the front of the Lodge. It is built as a split level, in fact, there are really three levels, from the entrance hall, go up four steps into the beautiful bedroom complete with a balcony overlooking the verdant country side.
Then, going down eight steps brings you to the comfortable sitting room.
This was our holiday home for one week and what fun we had, we dined on delicious local fare including fresh fish , delivered to our door every morning if we wanted!

The large spotted flat fish in the centre is a Turbot which we enjoyed for supper one evening, absolutely delicious.... simply roasted whole in melted butter, white wine, wild garlic and parsley. Served with Anglesey new potatoes and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto..WHAT a feast.
We also enjoyed the most succulent WELSH shoulder of lamb, cooked in the Greek style of Kleftika..... baked in foil with herbs, onions, garlic, carrots and Cyprus potatoes.....
Another Wonderful Welsh Feast.....
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  1. OMG! That is absolutely stunning! I was just saying to Lorne the other day that we should hold off on a palm tree/beach honeymoon until next summer and go to Anglesey. You must send me info on this place! PLEEEEEEZZZZ. I promise we'll come to Liverpool to visit you! lol

  2. I agree Diane it all looks delightful . As you say not far from home but a totally different environment . You certainly have super meals too , with all your fresh fish and the lamb.

    So glad that you had a fabulous time. x

  3. A charming place, I imagine!

  4. Wales looks like a glorious Country. The lodge is just gorgeous--what a perfect place to stay. The dinners sound so delicious.

  5. Wonderful Wales...stunningly beautiful! Great post!

  6. Hi Leslie, just Google Anglesey Escapes that will take you to Llynon lodge and or just Google Llynon Lodge and it should come up.
    There's loads of information about Anglesey on google too!
    You must come to Liverpool again but please please wait until lorne is fully fit !!
    Hope you're feeling brighter,
    love Di..xx

  7. Yes it is all it says on the wrapper, I have posted some poor bits on trip adviser about, what I felt was, poor standard bedding, poor kitchen utensils, no mention of the steep flight of stairs down to the living area and no mention of danger too small children of the fast flowing river and it's steep embankments....other than that gorgeous place...I have pulled the manager of Anglesey Escapes up once before about another property we stayed at. I told her, I wouldn't write on trip advisor as long as she would put the shortcoming s right!
    Well, she had her chance and she knew full well about my condition and standards (not a cheap property to rent). All this said, it is a lovely property !

  8. The above reply is for Anne from Oxfordshire....sorry Anne I seem to have deleted your name..lol Di..xx

  9. Hi Ann,
    Indeed a lovely place and we do love Wales.
    Good to hear from you again,
    best wishes,

  10. Roger...Charming place so pretty too!
    Wales is a stunning country in many parts,

    best wishes,

  11. Hi Armit,
    Good to hear from you again.
    Wales is a very pretty country with many twists and turns around every corner and it would take too long to describe all the lovely placed there are to visit.

    Best wishes,


  12. W is also for Wishful - thinking maybe?!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Wales was the place where we spent three wonderful holidays. Can you pronounce Llandrindod ? Well we can!
    The initial sound of Llan is notdifficult for Dutch people.
    Wales is wonderful! Thanks for this post
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  15. It looks fantastic, way better than my holidays of yore on Anglesey when little in a rickety old caravan.

  16. Great shots. I like those outdoor shots, very ncie,

  17. Hi Wil...I think one pronounces llan as 'clan'please correct me if I'm wrong..
    A lot of Liverpool people retired to live on Anglesey, I would love to but we have one set of grandchildren living nearby and help with school runs etc,,,truly we would miss them terribly also their parents...Our eldest daughter Kirsten lives in Surrey in the S.E. part of England, so at least, when they come home with Molly and Freddie we can all be together...youngest daughter lives just a 15 minute drive from the family home... so we are well placed to be together on special occasions... which are many...
    love Di.xx

  18. Hi Thud, truly stunning but nor for children under the age of 10, at least, also the stairs down to the sitting room are a bit dodgy too...The vista is amazing, however!
    I was amazed there was no mention of the steep rocky river bank and some very deep pools, which apparently you can swim in...No way Hosea !
    Love Di..xx

  19. Hi Rajesh, thanks for your kind comments, glad you liked my photo's I'm just playing with my new camera,
    Best wishes,

  20. Hi Christina,
    good to hear from you, it was a delightful place to stay and such a pretty spot,
    best wishes,

  21. Hi Flowerpot, thanks for your 'wishful' comments...I'm always wishing for another holiday to go on,I'm usually planning the next one at the end of the last one, if you know what I mean!
    In doesn't understand my logic at all... I just like to have something to look forward to...
    Hope you're enjoying your sailing in this lovely weather!
    love di..xx

  22. What a beautiful place to stay, Trubes. So glad you had a great time in lovely Wales!

  23. It is a while since my last visit to Anglesy. We had an extended family holiday there. If we had know about this place at the time I am sure we would have chosen it as our holiday venue ;-)

  24. Hi Welshcakes,
    Lovely to hear from you again. We've always considered Wales as our second home. I don't think a lot of Brits realise how lovely Wales is and tend to pile into the West Country for their family holidays, which is totally overcrowded in the Summer months...Good luck to them...leaves plenty of room in wales for the more discerning holiday makers !


  25. Hi Cherie,
    It is a lovely spot but if you intend to take either older family members or under 12's, I must warn you of the steep stairs down to the sitting area and also the steep river banks and also the rapid flow of the river which is quite deep in parts.
    Apart from that it is truly a heavenly place,

  26. Liz it really is.. would suit you and dearest, lots of good places to eat if you should not fancy cooking...
    We really loved it but did complain on Trip Adviser about a few things we were not happy about !
    Why not? Should make some of the over patronising owners stand up and be counted !!!


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