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Kitten Cat, Kippers and Knapsacks.

This is my beloved Kitten Cat Princess Chloe. She is a most wonderful pet, companion and a very clever, 'Lap Top Kitten Cat'.
As many of you may know, I am a very keen Scrabble player, as soon as I'm tapping away at the keyboard,she appears from nowhere, sits on my lap and stares at the screen.
Whilst I am trying to knit together my latest set of letters, hoping to form a killer word, that'll knock out my opponent.
Nearly each time I win a game she'll be sitting on my lap, I guess she's my lucky charm!
 Sometimes she bops the keyboard with her huge white mittens (paws), as if she's putting a crucial letter in.
  She is nearing her twelfth birthday, yet still plays like a Kitten Cat,

I love kippers,
As I live in Liverpool. which is just a short ferry trip across the Irish Sea to The Isle of Man, we had many childhood  holidays there with our parents,
. Apart from the most endearing times  spent there, I can always remember  the delicious aroma of gril…

Isaacs Byre

For my ABC Wednesday offering I would like to tell you about a most 'interesting' holiday cottage we stayed in at the end of January 2014. I have written about it previously but felt I should tell you more about 'Isaacs Byre', it really was a most 'intriguing' place to stay. Most of the ground floor, apart from a large double bedroom and separate bathroom, was in open plan style which flowed from the front door to an 'integral' fitted kitchen a dining area and a sitting area with large comfy sofas. All this looked through a complete wall of double glazed windows that opened onto a small patio and the most 'inimitable' view of the rugged countryside. The most 'interesting' feature of the place was an 'immense' log burner, the heat that emanated from it could only be likened to Dante's 'Inferno'! 'Isaacs Byre' is 'immersed' in the middle of a tiny hamlet called Garrigill, North East Cumbria. '…


Home is where the   Hearth is...

This is one of the most favourite places in our home, it's where we all gather on family occasions before and after dinner or indeed, most evenings at present, whilst the weather is so cold and damp.
 Many Happy Hours have been spent sitting together regaling tales of yester year, recalling funny little anecdotes of the mischief our three girls used to get up to when they werehormonal teenagers, to save further blushes I shall say no more! 
The Hearth is as old as the house, approximately 62 years old, and the brickwork is typical of that era in the fifties, Many people have removed the fireplaces but I just love it. 
We do have a lovely cream coloured French Limestone Fireplace with more a more contemporary finish but it still has a Hearth .

This my first attempt at ABC Wednesday so I hope you are all happy with my humble attempt,
Many thanks to the most humerous   Mrs Nesbitt  and the Honourable Roger Green  for making ABC Happen,,,, 

Snow and a Spooky Occurance

Here are the snow pictures just before it went dark, they're not really very good, taken with the Blackberry,  slightly out of focus, but I wanted to show the colour of the sky,  hopefully there will be an improvement  when I get my new camera in action,

  One afternoon we decided drive out to view the scenery from Cross Fell, on the top of The Pennines, which I believe is quite stunning, As we were tootling along I noticed a strange looking  white cloud which seemed to be furled across the top of the fen......

.One moment were driving along in bright daylight then, suddenly we were enveloped in a swirling cloud of huge white snowflakes....Ian managed to turn the car around drove us gingerly back to the cottage.

There was an eerie howling wind to accompany the enormous snowflakes, now splattering against the windscreen, in a menacing manner.
 Ian parked the car and  got out to open the front door and put the lights on in the cottage.

 Whilst I was sitting waiting for him to help …