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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Return of Ms Trubes

As I have 'cleverly' managed to link myself up with my face book site, I thought I had better explain to my FB friends that this is my blog site, 'Trubes'..... for those of you not familiar with blogging, it is an application where people write about anything and everything, as long as it not offensive. Also you can publish pictures etc along with your writing.
For varying reasons I stopped blogging for a couple of years , primarily because of health issues making me semi house bound, therefore giving me little inspiration to put pen to paper.....however, after a couple of good holidays and family fun, plus a few request from some of my Blogging friends, I'm at the starters blocks again..... sooooh........

Watch out, Watch out, Trubie's about !!

My husband Ian, whom I used to refer to as DT...(Darling Trubes,)and  as most of you  know is DT  I may as well use his proper name, I digress..
.Anyway, he gave me a fab camera for my recent birthday, it's a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ40 so, now I really need to learn how to transfer my pictures on to my PC then put them wherever I wish, usually FB or this site (Trubes).
 I do have a friend (where are you Angus?), who is brilliant at all the 'techie' stuff so I shall be picking his brains to get me 'up and running' again.... No good hiding Angus, I know where you live..ha ha ! Look out for the e-mail..x
I can transfer pictures from my blackberry mobile to my FB but not sure how I can publish pics from the Blackberry to my blog site....

All tips will be very welcome, particularly as I have so very much to tell !



  1. not very technical myself so cant help you there, Trubes!

  2. Don't worry FP, you have enough to think about at present, I must say, I do like the sound of your new chap...
    I was at an all time low when I met Ian and my world changed forever, bringing so much joy.
    You never know what's in store but I bet it'll all be 'plain sailing' from now on,

  3. Woohoo Trubes is back , well done and hope to see more in the future, I still have you on my blog roll. I hope that readers now come over to read about your recipes etc etc ,

    I wish I lived nearer I would show you how .. Link up your phone to you PC and then look in my computer , you should see your Blackberry link ,, and should be able to access your photos from there, and then when you go to Blogger and want to put up photos , it says browse, you browse for your Blackberry and see your photos .. and just choose which ones you want ,, and then in blogger you click on them and up load ,, I do hope this make sense , it does to me as I am writing it , :-)

  4. Thanks Anne,
    I've got so much to write about after the drought, my head is buzzing full of ideas but I need to have a little think about what comes first...maybe the holiday on the top of the Pennines, oh boy that was fab but cold, then work backwards to other things I've done.... thanks for your support, I really do appreciate

  5. Found you again, Trubes! (I'm sure you know that Scrobs = Michael, I just have two addresses, and they sometimes get in each other's way)!

    And here's Flowerpot too! Thought we'd lost her! And Anne In Oxfordshire - everyone's getting back together, and all for the better!

    One or two have gone, Trubes. Lakelander decided to pop off, and of course our dear Mutley really did pop off, which is a shame as well!

    I'll put you back on my list, and hope we can all chat a bit more!

    Best wishes to you and Mr DT!

  6. Michael, how lovely to talk to you again, I do of course know you as Scroblene, good that we're re-uniting again...Do you keep in touch with Lilith ? I enjoyed her blog, I know lakes has stopped but I'm sure he'll be back...he's had a lot to deal with after losing his Dear Mum and Dad and Mum in law all in a space of about 18months..

    We keep in touch by e-male though

    Awfully sad about Mutley passing away, RIP Mutley.

    Love Di..xx

  7. It is good to see you back blogging again :-)

    I am sure you will have great fun with your Panasonic Lumix. I have a Panasonic and have enjoyed putting it through its paces.

    Do you have a memory card slot on you PC? If so the easiest way to transfer photos it to take the memory card out of your camera and use that slot. The pictures will show up as a file and you can copy them and save them on your PC.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you :-)

  8. Hello again Cherry Pie, I am so looking forward to using my new camera and yes it does have a memory card...ironically, as we speak, Ian has just taken a picture of the cat, basking in the sun and then the camera told him he can't take another picture as the built in memory card is full...any ideas ? back to the drawing board methinks..

    love Di..xx

  9. Hello dear Thud, isn't this exciting being surrounded by so much technology? if you read my last comments to Cherry Pie you will get my gist!
    I do hope all my bloggy chums will bear with me whilst I get sorted!


  10. The memory card that comes with a camera usually only takes around 10 photographs because they only have a small capacity.

    You need to buy a memory card with a larger storage capacity. I am currently using one that stores 4GB. It stores well over 200 photos before I need to erase and start again.

    You also need to consider the transfer speed (the speed it saves the photo to the card).

    Memory cards can be located very cheaply online. I can't remember where I ordered mine, but I could have look around for you if you like.

  11. Hi Cherie, A memory card came with the camera that is 8GB, twill be enough if it saves four hundred photo's, if you have and on-line address, if we require more , that would be useful,
    thanks for your help,
    love di..xx

  12. I've got a memory card thanks Cherie, an extra one came with the camera. It's an 8GB so that should do for now. Thanks for your help.xx
    Maybe, one day we'll drive out to Shropshire and meet up for a gossip and spot of lunch in a local eaterie or pub, that is when the weather is warmer!
    love Di..xx

  13. I am glad you got that sorted out :-)

    It would be lovely to meet up when the weather gets warmer :-)


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