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Monday, 29 October 2012

The Pedalogue arrives

On Wednesday, the 22nd of August, my dear blogging friend, Leslie, arrived in Liverpool,  to fulfil a long promised plan to say hello to me and our wonderful city.
I was so excited, Leslie was all I had imagined, and more !
 She is an amazing lady and has the most engaging smile, along with a most delightful and interesting personality.
We met at The Albert Dock, on the spectacular Liverpool waterfront.
 Leslie had her dear friend, Kathy with her, as her travelling companion. They had been travelling around South Wales, catching up with family and friends.
As many  of you know, Leslie hails from Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, she is a retired foreign laguages teacher and has many interests, including, photography and reading, She still teaches students, privately in her home, I guess this may fund her travel activities!
Like many people who live in British Commonwealth Countries, she has many forebears in the UK, and is very proud of her heritage.
She loved The Albert Dock and spent a lot of time looking around it. The dock is just part of the regenerated docklands of the city.
 It is now a thriving tourist area and has many good restaurants, hotels etc.
There is The Beatles Exhibition, a great favourite with our Japanese visitors, who flock there in their thousands to pay homage to their favourite 60's group.
There is also The Tate Modern Art Gallery along with the Liverpool Maritime Museum..... so much to see and do, but I digress...
We met for dinner at the bustling, Italian Restaurant, Gusto, .....
 Gusto by name and Gusto by nature.
Italian waiters swivelling around the tables, taking orders, pouring Chianti and flirting with the ladies, young and old!
The kitchen is in the centre of the restaurant where one can watch their particular choice of fare being prepared....
 Needless to say, in central position,  is the ubiquitous, Pizza oven.....
.I'm sure they don't need central heating, in the Restaurant, as the heat emanating from the oven, must warm the cockles of many a heart !

We  talked and talked and talked, exchanging tales of familes and friends, travels and amusing anecdotes, whilst, enjoying the typical, rustic, Italian food and wine. We had various pizza breads for starters, then, went straight into the mains....
 I can't quite recall what everbody ordered, but Leslie and I had a delicious Risotto each and Darling Trubes enjoyed  a hearty Salmon and seafood Tagliatelli,  I think  Leslie's friend, Kathy, had lasagne.....all the fare was declared delicious, I passed on dessert but I know Leslie enjoyed a very chocolatey, gooey  concoction, drizzled in Nutella. I settled for my favourite, a shot of luscious creamy, espresso..... All in all...delicimo!
I wish we could have spent more time together, but those few precious hours will be cherished in my heart and memory  forever....
Thank you Leslie, for taking the time to visit us in our beloved City, I look forward to the time when we can meet again, as I surely know, we will !


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time. It is always nice to meet fellow bloggers and put faces to names :-)

  2. Hi CherryPie, good to hear from you again, maybe, next year we will drive down to Shropshire for a day trip, and we can say hello, then, I will have another blogger to cross of my 'meetings' list....Such fun !


  3. Oh goodness, Di! I enjoyed meeting your your dear hubby so so much and from what I saw of Liverpool makes it a repeat trip in the future. Maybe we'll be able to enjoy one of your delicious-sounding menus in the warmth and cosiness of your home next time! Our meeting is truly one of my treasured memories from the trip! Hugs to you both,


  4. I meant YOU and your DEAR HUBBY

  5. Wow Di, what a time you had with Leslie and Cathy .. all fantastic :-) I think the Gusto dinner sounds super duper , just my sort of foods.

    Yes you, I, .. also Liz, have treasured memories of Leslie and Cathys trip to our cities (only Leslie came to Oxford) ... oh yes and we must not forget Denise and then Sally and Ellee..

  6. I have not been brave enough to meet another blogger but this year a friend and I, who had not seen one another for 40 years, met. So maybe I'll pluck up the courage to do so.

  7. I'm still a lover of the casa Italia...serving scousers for a good 30 odd years now.

  8. I really must visit Liverpool.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.




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