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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Count your blessings

2012 started quietly after spending Christmas with our eldest daughter, Kirsten and family, down in  Bramley, Surrey.
  It was a wonderful , particularly spending time with our darling grandchildren, Molly, aged 7 and Freddie, then aged 5. Kirsten and Dean made us so welcome, we went to a Carol service and crib blessing in the village church, then, most of the congregation tumbled over to the Jolly farmer pub, directly opposite the church, for a bit of Yuletide cheer.
Delicious Christmas dinner ensued the following day, lots of fun with the children, playing with their new toys.
On Boxing day there was a party at Kirsten's for friends and neighbours, so a good time was had by all.
 We motored home the day after to spend some time with our middle daughter Ingrid, her husband Mike and two grandchildren Olivia, almost 6 and Christian 3. our youngest daughter Astrid and fiance Ian joined us to celebrate our second Christmas, which was equally as enjoyable as as the first
January and February came and went and instead of March roaring in like a lion, it meandered in like a  frolicking spring lamb. From all accounts we had the hotest march on record, the thermometer reaching great heights.
We were fortunate enough to have booked a holiday in Northumberland and stayed at a delightful inn called The Coach House at Crookham, recommended by  a blogging friend Cherie. Visited many places of interest including Bamburgh Castle, Craister, a delighful little fishing port, where we visited the Smoke House and purchased some juicy North Sea kipper to bring home.
On May the 25th our darling youngest daughter, Astrid married her love, Ian, at The Rookery Hall Hotel, in mid Cheshire. It was a most moving occasion, in a pretty setting, amisdst the rambling hills of the Cheshire countryside, Our four grandchildren and two of Ian's nephew were flower girls and mini groomsmen, very well behaved too I may say! Astrid looked gorgeous and young ian most dashing in his morning dress. Such proud parents all round.
After all the merriment and laughter, in July, my dearest  cousin Joy, passed away, very suddenly.
This hit me like a sledge hammer, she was more like a sister to me, we virtually grew up together.
I miss her so much...RIP..dear Joybells..
This brings me up to was said that,  'August is a wicked month', but it wasn't for me because I met a very special blogging friend, who had travelled all the way from Vancouver for a grand tour of the UK, I know many of you will know who I am talking about...... Watch this space....yes,  Anne, as Welshcakes would say, 'patienza' there's more to come !  


  1. I thought you were blogging about your trip .. Not Christmas LOL ..

    Hope to see more of you on here with photos of your trip to Anglesey :-) xx

  2. There's more to come Anne, no pics I'm afraid, as I forgot to take my camera...
    As I havn't written anything for ten months, I thought I'd give my devoted followers (ha ha) a resume of my year, just to get back into writing again...Di..xx

  3. It is nice to hear from you :-)

    I am glad you enjoyed your trip to the Coach House again. I really must go back again soon :-)

  4. Hi Cherie, we had a wonderful time at The Coach House, so cosy and in formal. Northumberland is such a beautiful county, I'm sure we will return some day,in the not too distant future. Lovely to hear from you, I still visit your site, i just got a bit tired of blogging and , at times, had little to write about.
    lol Di..xx

  5. Ha ha Trubes ... I see it is about your year :-) to get you back into blogging .. Patienza!!!

    Yes quite a few of us met a special blogging friend :-)

  6. Great to see that you're blogging again!

  7. Hello Mr Lakes, thank you for your kind comments, lovely to hear from you again.
    I hope you, Dr.Liz and wee Rosie are keeping well and avoiding the terrible floods that are blighting our lovely country.
    I shall be popping over to your site for a 'catch up'!
    Love Di..xx

  8. An eventful year and most enjoyable with plenty of family time I see. x

  9. Welcome back from me too, Trubes.

    Things have quitened down a lot on the blogs as you will find.

    Congrats to your youngest and my condolences for your loss.


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  11. Hi Liz, we do spend a lot of time with our 'Girls n Boys n Babes, they really take up a big part of our life, which we love.
    I wish our eldest daughter lived nearer, but, then, she is so happy and involved in 'village life'I couldn't wish for anything better for her, and her husband and our darling grandchildren.
    I know she'd love us to go to live down there but our middle daughter needs our support with the children, and of course, the youngest daughter lives nearby I'm a bit torn......
    Nevermind it's a joy to have them all.
    We'll all be together at Christmas, so that's something to look forward ...
    I've been told, in no uncertain terms, that the three girls and husbands are cooking dinner, so we can play with the children!!
    Hope all your family are well,

  12. Hi Thud,
    so good to hear from you again, and thanks for your kind comment, it means a lot to me.
    I have been looking at your progress on your building, the gateposts are superb,
    Your little fellow looks so grown up with his haircut, the girls are growing fast too....a lovely little family, you and Mama Thud must be very proud,

  13. Dear Kevin, lovely to hear from you and thank you for your condolences, that means a lot, as my cousin Joy was very dear to me....
    Anyway, it's good to be is back. I think I needed the break, because all I seemed to write about was my health, and even to the most patient of reader, I'm sure would soon become bored....
    So, there it is !
    I hope that you, Paula, and 'the Boys', are well and happy,

    lots of love..

  14. Nice to see you blogging again, Di. AS I said on fb, I'm so nsorry about your cousin. xx

  15. Thank you so much Pat, I can't begin to explain the grief I feel, my heart aches, she was looking forward, so much to Astrid and Ian's Wedding, then she just took terribly ill, so suddenly, so final....RIP,, Darling Joybells.. miss her so
    Sorry Pat, I am just so sad at present..
    Much love to you and darling Simi... Chloe said hello ...purrmpurrr n zzzzzzng

  16. Glad to hear that you have been busy even if life does not always turn out as you would like it too.

  17. Hello Cheshire Wife, thanks for your comments, good to hear from you again, i shall pop over to your site to se how you're doing

    Love Di..xx


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