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Saturday, 24 September 2011

May 'till September.

So much has happened during the passed few months it's difficult to know where to begin, so I'll try and pick out a few bits and bobs from each month.....So, here goes....
In May, I was presented with a new wheelchair which, although, still manual, was a much more comfortable ride and much easier for DT to manoeuvre around the ubiquitous pot holes, broken paving slabs and ridiculously high kerbs. At this time we were eagerly awaiting yet another chair, this time, an electric one which I could operate myself, with a little joystick...this comes later!
Why I couldn't have the electric chair, there and then, instead of all the 'faffing around' by the bureaucratic regimes, in the Primary Care Trust, Lord only knows...such a waste of time and money!
Any way, it's full steam ahead as DT whizzes me around the pavements, it's so good to get out and have some fresh air, We have a lovely park, about ten minutes walk from our home, called Calderstones. our dear little grandaughter, Olivia, likes to come along, with a bag of bread, to feed the ducks on the lake. when she gets tired, she likes to hitch a lift and sit on my lap, for a ride home. Poor DT huff and puffs then, because it's uphill all the way, He's such a kind and loving, Grandpa and husband, our world is enlightened by him each day.
We had a lovely holiday on the Isle of Anglesey, on th tip of North Wales.
Our accomodation was a traditional, white, rough stone Welsh cottage....It was divine, it overlooked three fishing lakes and was just a five minute drive from a gorgeous beach on Benllech Bay.
We would go daily, either to the little 'Fish shack' to buy delicious fresh Anglesey crab and lobster, or to the local butcher's for the wonderful Welsh lamb that he purveyed.
Anglesey is the place where Prince William and Princess Catherine live, sadly, we didn't see them, but apparently they did shop in the local places, also there was a great gastro pub on the beach at Red Warf Bay, where they frequently dined, sadly, again, we didn't bump into them,,,,who knows...maybe. one day we will, as we do go toAnglesey quite often, as it's only an eighty minute drive there.
Right now, there is what I have been up to, in the summer....more to follow soon.



  1. Glad you had a good holiday! Your description of Anglesy (sp?) has made me add it to my itinerary. Hopefully next year I'll be able to have enough $$$ saved to come over to England and Wales for at least 3 weeks - would rather a month, though. Take good care - am looking forward to our meeting up. :D

  2. I am so glad you have a more comfortable wheelchair and hope the electrical one arrives soon :-)

    Your holiday on Angley sounds fun, it brings back memories for me.

    I am really excited about your upcoming break, I know you will be looked after :-)


  3. Well done to DT!

    North Wales is very lovely.

  4. Hi Leslie, we did have a lovely time in Anglesey, I'm such a beach babe...Sadly,...but who knows what medical science at the present I can't swim too far, as my legs won't allow me too, but who knows what medical science will come up with...Would love to meet you when you visit the UK, although, we do have a very heavy schedule next year, Astrid, our youngest daughter is getting married in may, we shall be celebrating our silver wedding anniversary, in October and Ian will, with all of us, be celebrating his seventieth birthday. In between all of this, we are trying to arrange a cruise....Ooh I think I shall have to go and have a lie down!...Di.xx

  5. Thank's Cherry, We too, are looking forward to our break in Northumberland. I went ther many years ago and was staggered by the beauty and interest of the place. I stayed in Morpeth at that time.
    Good news about the electric wheelchair is this space!


  6. Liz...What did Frank Carson the Irish commedian say....'He's a cracker'...DT is a cracking man, and we all love him dearly, particularly, Olivia,
    You know the feelings, now, of having grandchildren, they bring such joy....Just when you mourn the loss of your grown up children leaving home, they return again, with lovely cuddly couldn'tbe

  7. No problem, Di. I will let you know my itinerary when I have one, but it won't be in May or October as I'll be tutoring then. Thinking more in terms of July/August/early September. I would love to meet you, too, and take all the Beatles tours around the area. Friends from Andover just did that a few months ago and really enjoyed it - first time they'd been to Liverpool. If you come out this way, just sayin', I will meet you here. (e.g. Alaska cruises go out of Vancouver).

  8. Great to hear from you! Before we married Mrs OTW and myself enjoyed strolling around caldys as it is right by her home, it always looks good in the snow doesn't it?

  9. Good to hear that you've been having some fun.

    My Mum's been in a wheelchair for about ten years. She's a devil on her mobility scooter. Something comes over her.

  10. Hello Diane , YOu have such a way with words .. love your chair antics , sounds like you would be a devil in your electric one :-) :-) watch out .... ha ha

    I have never been to North Wales , been to Carmarthenshire, to a beautiful beach named "Munt".. my husband used to go there, when he was younger.

    Fish .... mmmmm , my favourite ..

    Thank you for your fab postcards, and thinking of me... each time you are on holiday, very special.

    Looking forward to your next episode. take care xx Anne

  11. So glad to hear you had a lovely holiday, Trubes. Hope the elctric chair arrives soon x

    I wish you were here.

  12. Hello again Leslie, good to hear from you again...I would love to visit Vancouver some time but as for an Alaskan Cruise....Noooh Noooh...I just don't do cold and the thought of looking at icy water and ice bergs etc just makes me shiver. I'm a warm/hot weather holiday girl. It would be good to meet you if you visit Liverpool but I'm just not sure of our future holiday plans yet...I would be so disappointed should I miss you...Fingers crossedxx Are you travelling with a friend or alone? All very exciting, whatever!


  13. Hi Thud, lovely to hear from you again. Oh yes Calderstones is absolutely gorgeous in the snow..I'm looking forward to having a snowy winter so that I can toodle around the park in my new Electric chair, of which....da...dah, I am in receipt of....look out for next instalment...such larks!
    Hope you and Mrs Thud, and of course the lovely Princesses and your young Prince, are all well and enjoying the lovely weather...Even The Mersey looks blue against the backdrop of the brilliant blue sky.


  14. Hello Electro, It is so good to be blogging again. I'm afraid to say I've become a little embroild in Facebook, which really takes up too much time!
    Just telling Thud, I've just got my new electric chair so look out for tales of 'doings'. Ask you mum wouls she like a race...Ha ha!


  15. Hi Ane, thanks for your comments, lovely to hear from you too.
    It has often be said that I have a 'way with words', paticularly by DT when we are having a disagreement!
    Glad you like the Postcards, you're one of the chosen few that I send them to, as I know how you like to add to your collection.


  16. Hi Pippy, lovely to hear from you. I have another holiday in Juan le Pins to write about as soon as i get going again...Hurrah! The electric chair has arrived! Watch this space..



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