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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Musings from the Chairs

At present, I have two essential chairs:
The first one is a delightful leather bound recliner, placed strategically in the front bay window, so that I can watch the world go by, and, enjoy my lovely new wide screen HD TV.
The TV was a gift from DT to alleviate my displeasure at my recent immobility.
I'm having a lovely time, shouting at the blethering Polititians, trying to convince us that, they're 'The man for the job!

The second chair, is a wheelchair, that I now have, in order to be perambulated around in, by DT.
Annoyingly, at present, I am unable to walk unaided, without either, falling over or swearing, due to searing pain, using words, even DT hasn't heard before!
The falling over is due to Peripheral Neuropathy and the pain is caused by multi- facet disc bulge, in the lower part of my spine......
Yes ouch!

It's a whole new world, sitting in a wheelchair.

As DT is pushing it, I am cautious, in putting my seat belt on.
On reflection, Knee pads and a Crash Helmet, should be worn too!

Once he has gently helped me into the chair, and ensured that I am comfortable, he takes off at the speed of Jensen Button, at a Grande Prix.

Not, taking into account the pot holes and uneven pavements ahead,..... Oh No!
It's full speed ahead with DT, with me hanging on for dear life, as he whizzes me along.
As I sit with my back to him, he can't hear me shrieking warnings of forthcoming perils ahead.
Although, judging by the amused looks on the faces of people passing by, the whole world could hear me....
Hmm......Selective hearing methinks!

The Chair is shortly to be modified with a power pack which greatly assists the person pushing.....Lord help me, I may be taken out one sunny day for a walk around our lovely local park, Calderstones in Liverpool, and end up in Oxford!
Well, I could always pop in, on Anne in Oxfordshire, for a 'nice cup of tea and a piece of cake' (with apologies to Worzel Gummidge)!

The back problems have nothing to do with the ongoing Rheumatoid Arthritis, which also gives me grief.
I'm determined the wheel chair is only a temporary measure and I am determined to be 'up and running', (well, walking gingerly), very soon.

Sorry about the major moan, but sometimes, just sometimes, a girl needs to 'off load' !


  1. I'm so sorry you are in pain, Trubes and sincerely hope you are feeling better soon.

    I was thrilled to get a wheelchair (courtesy of the Red Cross, a wonderful and truly helpful organisation, not just a political lobby group) so I could get out but of course I was happy not to need it in time and hope you don't need one soon, Trubes.

    Mum has a motorised scooter thingy which she never uses. I wish she would. I wear spectacles now and so does she but that argument doesn't work. Is your chair going to be motorised so you can be in control? I found the trouble with a wheelchair was, as you say, the jarring of any bump going straight through you and any corner taken too fast puts strain on your back as you try to keep upright. So perhaps if you can be in control that would be better soon, when the power pack is on?

    I do hope your chair is sorted to make life easier for you. And I wish you a speedy recovery, dear Trubeywan x

  2. My goodness, Di! Can't you have surgery to fix the back problem? At least then you'd only have the rheumatoid arthritis to give you grief!

  3. Is that when you lose all feeling in your leg(s) Trubes?

    Can't they chop out the extended bit of the disk?

    Poor you, it really hurts all this, and I sympathise.

  4. Hello Philipa, Lovely to hear from you.
    At present I don't qualify for a self controlled, motorised chair.
    One has to be unable to move around indoor;
    This I can do, with a struggle, by using my stick and staggering from chair to chair, hitting walls and doors, as I go.
    Is your back fixed or do you still have trouble with it?

  5. P.S. Philipa, Thanks also, for your kind wishes, it's comforting to know somebody is thinking about you.


  6. Hi Leslie,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    I have been told, at present, it would be too dangerous to operate.
    Maybe, if the discs settle a bit, then they will take a different tack.
    The problem is, there are four slipped discs, this, I believe creates serious problems, when operating on them.
    I'm awaitng an appointment for the Pain Clinic;
    Lord knows what they will come up with...
    I'm up to my eyes with Morphine and Pregabmalin already!

    I know you're well acqainted with serious back disorders, Leslie, so any words of wisdom would be very helpful.
    Hope Lorne is still improving,


  7. Hello Dear Scrobs,
    Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments.
    If you read my reply (above) to Leslie, it may give you a clearer picture, rather than me rambling on again.
    The Morphine is kicking in, now so I'm floating into the realms of smileyness...Pip Pip!


  8. Sad to hear it.

    My Mum is in a similar situation owing to a long-term illness and medical injury. I have every sympathy. Sadly I'm now estranged from my parents over a row with my dad.

    I hope it is - as you say - temporary and wish you all the very best for a good recovery.

    Big hug (but not too hard !)


  9. Hi Kevin,
    Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your kind wishes.
    It means so much to me, hearing from my friends.
    At present I feel as low as a Corgi's bum!

    Sorry you've fallen out with your Dad, was that due to the holiday in Cyprus problems, or had it been simmering for a while?

    After having a couple of holiday 'spats' with relatives, I've avowed not to 'go there again'!

    Hope you, Paula and the boys are well and happy,
    Have a good Bank Holiday,


  10. That sounds awfully painful and it must be frustrating for you not being able to get around easily.

    I hope it sorts itself out soon and you are up and about again on your own two feet.

  11. Hi Cherie,
    So good to hear from you.
    Yes, the pain can be excrutiating, particularly when the drugs wear off.
    I don't have much inspiration to write...bloggers block methinks!
    Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the Bank Holiday,


  12. I'll bet you're an awful patient!

    So sorry to hear of all the pain you're going through.

    If you ever want an honest medical interpretation of what you're being told, you know where you can find Dr Lakelander.

    I hope things get better for you soon.

  13. Hi Lakes,
    So good to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments.
    Yes, I suppose I am an awful patient, but then, DT is a very patient man, thankfully.
    Thanks for the offer of help from Dr Lakes, I'll bear that in mind. and indeed, I do know where to find her Ha!
    We've sort of said hello at another 'place', which was, succinct and amusing.
    Darling Rosie was the subject of the colloquy!
    As you can see dear Lakes, my lap top is an absolute lifeline at present, so it's lovely to hear from you and other blogging pals.


  14. Trubes...sorry to hear you are at present rather under the weather....I hope a good summer and a labour defeat buck your spirits up.If you make Tai pan at any time the dim sum is on me.

  15. Hi Thud,good to hear from you again..I am a bit 'out of sorts' at present and, not cheered by the thought of a hung parliament...In my mind, there's only one thing that needs hanging, that is, Gordon Brown.
    Nevermind, there's hope yet if Cleg keeps his word!

  16. Thanks for asking Trubes, I have my moments but would say that things are generally happy at home. I'm sure you will be pleased to know that my constituency is now Conservative after being a Labour 'safe' seat for.... ages!

  17. Hi, Trubes. I'm sorry to hear that you're in pain, too. But it doesn't read like a moan - in fact, you are looking on the bright side. Thinking of you and hugs from Simi and me. xx woof!

  18. Welshcakes - pardon my impertinence but is 'Simi' a dog or a person? It was the 'woof' that I found intriguing.

  19. Hi Pippy, Glad all is good at home...who needs a 'bloke', when you've got two adorable Children to cuddle.
    When I was first alone and often feeling sad, the girls instinctively knew how I was feeling and all get into bed with me and sing all the songs from The Sound of Music. This would usually end with a grand chorus Do re me!
    Happy days indeed.
    I am pleased that you got a Conservative MP...but are you? I must confess I'm warming to Clegg, he's conducted himself impecably, during the discussions etc.
    Needless to say, we got another bloody NuLab MP, She's 28 and a close friend of Euan Blair.
    Oops! I've gone into rant mode againit's being stuck in this chair all day long.
    Anyway it's good to have a chat,
    Hugs Di.xx

  20. Hello Welshcakes, Lovely to hear from you and darling Simi.
    It means a lot to me, as I'm stuck in this bloody chair all day, in between dragging myself to the loo or kitchen, when need be.
    Anyway, I'm seeing another Consultant shortly, so maybe, she can work some magic potion and repair me!
    DT has just cut the lawns, so all the shrubs and pretty spring flowers are standing to attention, in their neatly trimmed borders.

    There is a question from Philipa regarding Simi, which I found amusing!


  21. Trubes, I'm not unhappy as the new MP is just that - untried as yet. For me there was always a tension between party and person because the NuLab one did actually work hard for her constituents. But know that I didn't vote labour in the end. I completely agree with you that Clegg has acted well (didn't vote Lib-dem either). But I have to say that I think people have savaged Cameron, somewhat unfairly.

  22. We all need to offload, Di and I do hope you feel better soon. Take care!

  23. Hello Flowerpot,
    So lovely to hear from you and thanks for your kind wishes.
    I'm in raptures of delight because, my boy Dave got in and what's more, I like Nick Clegg!
    So, as I'm stuck in the chair I'm really enjoying all the political comings and goings at Downing St.


  24. love the sound of one of your chairs ..but sadly not the other i hope your rid of it soon and all that awful pain too x

  25. Sent you a message on Facebook, Trubes. Well, I hope it was you :-/

  26. Hello Sally, How lovely to hear from you and thank you for you kind wishes.
    I am, at present, sitting in great comfort in my recliner, almost pain free, watching the FA Cup Final.
    Dash It!
    Chelsea have just scored.
    I'm supporting the underdog Portsmouth.
    Being a Merseysider,I'm an avid Football fan.
    Hope you are enjoying the lovely Weather.

  27. Oh Trubes :-( your poor old back. How do you stay so buoyant? Wishing you speedy improvement.

  28. Find yourself some nice opiates :-)

  29. Hi Lils: Yes the 'back problem', is a bugga....
    My husband Ian is just too wonderful for words, he's having to do everything for me, at present.
    I stays buoyant, me dear with the help of a morphoid patch called Bu Trans and anti Peripheral nerve damage drug, called Lyrica....
    So.... sometimes baby aiss a flying and some times I'm a zzzzzzzzng.
    Thanks for your kind words Lils, 'I get by with a little help from my friends'.


  30. Hi Blue, Lovely to hear from you...I refer you to my previous words to Lils.


  31. I'm sorry to hear about the wheelchair Trubes, and your ongoing pain.
    So sorry for Pip too :-(

  32. Hello Ellie,
    Thank you for your kind wishes.
    I've been in denial about the 'wheelchair' for ages and, because of this, I've made myself housebound.
    However, with a little encouragement from DT we went out for a 'trundle' yesterday, which was a pleasant experience.
    It's amazing how many people nod and smile as they pass by, when normally, they seldom engage in eye contact, let alone, say hello!


  33. Trubes...pic of princess otw with horses is within a mile of the seven stars. We are off to California for a couple of months on monday but upon return if you fancy dim sum with the family then you are on!

  34. Thud: I can't believe the coincidence of 'The two Princesses and the Horses in the Field'....
    I truly had a feeling of de ja vu, when I looked at the picture, it was so touching that it almost brought a tear to my eye. Memories of years gone by, with my little girls, re-awakened by your lovely little girls.
    We would love to join you and your family at The Tai Pan when you return from California...hopefully I shall be more mobile by then.
    Have a wonderful time, and give my good wishes to Vinogirl and Vinodogs.


  35. I'm as guilty as the next person for not appreciating good health.Do we ever wake up in the morning and say to ourselves "Hey,I feel healthy and pain free today".But when we are in pain,there is nothing we wouldn't trade to feel pain free again.While you are determined to ditch the wheelchair there is every chance that you will.Let's hope the pain is only temporary.

  36. Lord Roby: How lovely to hear from you again and thank you for your kind comments.
    I am just about to go to a 'pain clinic', so hopefully they may be able to help me.
    It is frustrating, not to be able to do all the things, I was able to do.

  37. Pain is definitely tough. I'm so glad the medical establishment has become more sensitive to it.

    I see that you've joined ABC Wednesday, which is great. But can you please 1) indicate specifically what D is for... DT? 2) give ABC Wednesday a mention.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  38. goes it in liverpool with you?

  39. Roger OG...hello, I'm not sure how to write on ABC Wednesday...Denise did explain but I'm still floating around(happily), in a golden haze of morphine...I'll have another look.

  40. Roger..DT stands for 'Darling Trubes', AKA.....Ian,my darling husband!

  41. Thud Darhhling...So good to hear from you..All is well in Liverpool, apart from ,now having a Bl'dy labour Council and I'm still struggling re back problem, the up-side of that is, I'm as high as a kite on Morphine..
    How are you and dear Ms. Thud and gorgeous little girls'...
    We have two little princess's too, Molly aged six and Olivia, aged four.
    When you coming home?
    I'm looking forward to meeting you all for 'Dim Sum' at The Tai Pan!


  42. Roger OG...hello, I'm not sure how to write on ABC Wednesday...Denise did explain but I'm still floating around(happily), in a golden haze of morphine...I'll have another look.

  43. Pain is so debilitating, I hope you are managing the pain ok.
    Happy New Year to you.

  44. Thanks for your kind words Ellie which I see you wrote om the 4th January. Happy new year to you and yours Ellie...I havn't written any thing on my blog since April 2010, this is because of my sededntary life . I am however, surrounded by my loving family and fab little grandchildren...who could ask for more? Annoyingly my condition is static. I've been told thatan operation isn't an option, as it's too, I guess I'm still 'musing from the chairs'!


  45. should start to 'off load' a little more!

  46. Hope you are much better.

    Thinking of you.

    love from Nova Scotia,

    Don (alias OT)

  47. It's a good job you're not having to be pushed around our road: there is a dip in the road that is beginning to seriously worry me. I fear George may disappear down it one day.

    Your post is far too cheerful to be a moan by the way!


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