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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Viva Espania! Part one.

What a lovely time DT and I had in La Mata, a seaside resort at the top end of Torevieja, Costa Blanca.
We stayed in an apartment which is owned by a friend.
It was very comfortable with a spacious patio area that overlooked well manicured gardens, with a large swimming pool.
There were fine views of the Mediterranean too.
I love to be by the sea, I suppose that living in Liverpool, one of the world's major seaports, it's in my blood.
My Great Grandfather was a Captain in the Merchant Navy and used to carry goods to many far off places, including Southern Spain, where we have holidayed on many occasions.
Everything was going 'swimmingly well' until our second day at the beach, when, DT decided to launch himself off his sunlounger.

He has a poor 'track record' of the said item!

I had my nose in a book, when there was an almighty ripping sound.
Turning around, I saw him with his backside firmly planted in the sand, and the remnants of the bed and aluminium frame, encircling his stocky frame.

He was firmly stuck, much to the amusement of the diners, at the adjacent beach bar. I could do little to help, firstly because I was convulsed with laughter and secondly, I am physically incapable of getting up of a sunlounger without my darling's assistance.

This is due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis that has depleted my mobility.

The more he struggled, the more entrenched he became. He managed to 'turn turtle', only to become even more firmly stuck.

Imagine the scenario...He looked like a beached turtle with the sunbed on his back.

Fortunately an enormous passing German chap saw his plight and helped disentangle him.
His name was Harry Neuman, and his laughter was as large as his six foot six inch frame!

It's the first time we've managed to make a German laugh whilst on holiday.
We treated him and his lovely wife to drinks at the beach bar.

I don't know what it is about DT but he has an uncanny knack of keeping me suitably entertained, albeit unwittingly!

On our way back to the apartment, we discovered a little roadside shop that sold all kinds of delicacies, including chickens cooked on a rotiserie.

That evening we dined on assorted tapas, followed by a delicious hot juicy chicken, stuffed with fresh herbs and smothered with the basting juices from the rotisserie.
I served delicious, huge squashy, whole baked local tomatoes and tiny potatoes, baked and sprinkled with sea salt, fresh from the local salt lakes.
Also I served a dish of baby padron peppers roasted in olive oil and again, sprinkled with sea salt.
All this was washed down with several glasses of a Spanish Rose Cava.

The end of a highly entertaining and perfect day.


  1. Lovely! (and hahahahaha!)

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely break. I must say that is just what I could do with right now.
    I hope you are well.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day :-) I do hope DT wasn't too battered by the sun lounger. I met some really cool Germans on holiday too.

  4. Rested and ready for the fray? you made a German laugh,not a bad hol then.

  5. Hello Blue Eyes:
    Glad you liked my story, yes indeed I still have a good chuckle when I think about it.
    I must tell you, it's not the first time DT has wrecked a sunbed.
    He's quite a stocky chap, not fat but probably built like a rugby prop forward.
    Maybe he just does it to make me laugh!

  6. Hi Ellee,
    We did indeed have a lovely break and I am now planning the next one!
    It wasn't much fun coming home to the cold weather though.
    I'd move to the 'Med' area tomorrow if it wasn't for my 'girls' and adorable grandchildren, I'd miss them so much.
    I am struggling with the Rheumatoid but am due to see a new Consultant next week, I believe he's a 'top man', so I'm feeling hopeful that he can work some magic!

    Hope you're not working too hard...I bet your lovely cruise seems a million milles away now.


  7. Hi Lils, It was a lovely day.
    DT quickly recovered from his assault by the sunlounger after a couple of beers or three!
    The sunlounger wasn't very well though!
    Talking of 'Germans on holiday'...

    I always take a German phrase book with me when I travel to Spain...It really breaks down barriers. We've met some really lovely people by doing that.

    Hope you, Elby and Pig Dog are well. I'm looking forward to reading more on Calfy's site about her trip to Damascus...such talented doubt, just like her dear Mama!


  8. Hi Thud,
    Greeting from a very cold and stormy Liverpool.
    Oh, how I would love to be back in the sunshine again.
    Lucky you, being in the Californian
    Hope the harvest went well and the two 'little princesses' are well too, they really are gorgeous.


  9. Great to see you back on form Trubidoos!

    Laughed at the lounger yarn as well, as it can hurt (the ego that is..)

    See blog re uploading pics, it may help too!

  10. Hi Scrobs,
    DT has a penchant for launching himself off sunbeds, as I explained to Blue eyes.
    Thanks for the info re posting pictures..I'll get DT onto the case later.


  11. He sounds like me!

    And that food sounds really good.

  12. The food was really good.
    The local produce was supurb, so much so we ate in of an evening, with DT cooking on a griddle on the patio and I did the prep work.
    I just love immersing myself in a foreign country and cooking their wonderfully fresh produce.
    It also meant we saved a lot of dosh, which we need to, thanks to that 'nice' Mr Brown, who has systematically raided our hard earned savings.
    We did however, lunch out at some good little beach bars each day.
    I'm busily planning another holiday to La Mata for next June.


  13. P.S. That last comment was for Liz BTW.
    Sorry Liz for omitting your name and thanks for your comments.


  14. Mmm sounds a delicious holiday in every way. You and your husband do sound so very happy - tis even better to have someone to share joys with :-)

  15. Like you, I grew up on the west coast of Canada right by the ocean and anywhere I go that isn't near an ocean or some sort of large watery area, I can smell "dead air." lol

    Sounds like a great start to a wonderful trip. My parents used to travel to Spain a lot and stayed in the Malaga area mostly. They met a wonderful young "girl" at their hotel the first time they went and befriended her and her entire family. Many letters were sent and arrived - and I had to translate their letters until my mother started to study Spanish. I've yet to go there myself, but one day.....looking forward to Part Deux.

  16. I really think he needs to keep off the sunloungers LOL

    It sounds like you have had a great time :-) xx

  17. Hi Philipa;
    Good to hear from you.
    DT and I do have a good relationship...
    We have our moments, like most couples, but who doesn't!

    I must confess I'm a bit of a 'foodie' so really love going to different places to try their local fare.
    The seafood in La Mata is wonderful and inexpensive.
    I will talk about the local fare in my next 'thrilling instalment'!
    Ha !

    Looks like good weather for you and the Children during half term...
    Have fun.


  18. Hi Leslie:
    It's funny isn't it, about wanting to be by the sea. I feel almost claustrophobic if I'm too far inland.

    I enjoy trips to the Mountains and Lakes too.
    We've got our fair share of all in the British Isles.

    Not on the 'grand scale' as you have in Canada though!

    I would love to visit Canada but couldn't endure such a long flight.
    This is why we tend to holiday in Europe and Asia Minor, as the flights are little more than 4 hours away.

    Just about to draft ' Viva Espania Pieza Dos'....Tener cuidado!

    I've cobbled that bit of Spanish together so feel free to correct it....
    .. Dear Ms Pedalogue! That's if you can understand it.(I hope I havn't said anything rude). Hee Hee!



  19. Hi Cherie,
    I think you're right there. He did something similar on a beach in Cyprus on a double ended canvas sunbed.
    Again, he ended up, 'turning turtle', with the bed attached to his back.
    I was fitter then and was able to save his blushes by extracating him from the offending item !
    Life is never dull around DT!


  20. Flowepot: Hello good to hear from you.
    I feel like sighing now, I really miss the lovely sunshine but, it's so good to see my family again.
    Lovely Autumnal day here, I'm enjoying watching the leaves on the trees and shrubs changing colour.
    Good old England !


  21. Making a German laugh is quite a feat.

  22. Hello James,
    You're quite right, we usually make them glare at us.
    Particularly, when removing their towels from hotel sunloungers, that, they'd put in place at the crack of dawn, then not using the lounger until much later in the day.
    Rule Britannia!


  23. Glad to see you had a fabulous holiday despite the arthritic affliction :) I too seem to cause sun loungers to break and fold themselves up or throw me off and avoid them as much as I can. I have a small dread of holidays as I feel there is a requirement to enjoy yourself and to relax that can be quite stressful but they always turn out lovely anyway. Mouthwatering description of food. I have taken over the hostel's kitchen here rather and am enjoying experimenting with favourite recipes using Syrian ingredients. Yesterday I made tiramisu with processed cheese spread in place of mascarpone and amazingly it turned out edible! One of my friends here is German and sharing an apartment with two other "typical" humourless Germans who never laugh and in fact look irritated if you so much as smile; very trying for her as she is a bubbly, smiling person and hates to see the perpetuation of the German stereotype. I told her that Germans have a reputation for getting up early to hog sun-loungers too and I think have inspired her to become a German anti-sun lounger stealing vigilante.

  24. Holidayed on costa del homeo as flat broke. House looks like a bombs hit it and for some strange reason smells. Have they shut the cat in? Mind you they cleaned their hamsters out (amazing - it's usually me) and they've got hamster poo in places I didn't realise it was possible to do that. Haven't checked the video recorder.

    When they go back to school I'll have to clean from top to bottom, shampoo carpets and it's tempting to bath the cat! But we get caravan back next weekend :-))

  25. Hi Calfy:
    Good to hear from you. Glad to read you've commandered the kitchen at the hostel; That's just the sort of thing I would do...
    'A girl after my own heart'!
    I, just love cooking, it's a real passion of mine.
    What a good idea, to adapt the tiramasu recipe, by using processed cheese instead of mascarponi.
    My next door neighbour, who is Italian, makes a wonderful Tirimasu.
    We have a deal, that, when they come around to eat with us, I make the main course and she does the pud.
    It is awful really ,to stereotype the Germans but, I have met some really grisly ones, when on holiday in Europe.
    I always take a German phrasebook with me, so that I can try to 'break the ice'.
    I've also met some vile and ignorant 'Brits, on my travels too!

    I suppose, it goes back to having been at war with each other, in times gone by!
    Sadly, prejudices run deep!

    Enjoy your studies, I am enjoying reading about your time in Damascus, on your blog.
    Take care,


  26. Hello Pippy, I've been in the same position as you, being skint and having children to keep occupied, in the school holidays.
    Then whoosh...along came DT my 'knight in shinning armour'.
    He encouraged, and supported me, in resuming my career, so that I was not dependent upon State Benefits.

    Your day will come my friend...least when you don't expect it!

    Believe me, I am considered to be a 'White Witch', by family and friends.
    I have an uncanny knack of predicting things, that often come true!

    Take care,


    P.S. Where has your caravan been?

  27. OMG, I completely forgot about the lounge chair incident and went straight to the chicken stuffed with herbs and was salivating all over my keyboard when I think I may have shorted it out...but it seems to be working now...pass me a leg, and I'll have a bit of that juice from the cookery thingy!

  28. Hi Sandi,
    How lovely to hear from you again.

    Today, as it is Sunday and being English,
    I am going to roast a plump, free range chicken.
    To accompany it, we shall have roasted potatoes and butternut squash, glazed carrots and sweet garden peas.
    The chicken will be stuffed with sage and onions and I will make a jus with the collected juices from the cooked chicken.

    Last, but not least, I will make a traditional bread sauce to accompany it.

    All this will be washed down with a smooth Chilean Merlot wine.

    Lunch is served at 2pm pronto....
    Don't be late!


  29. Very funny about the sun lounger!
    Iv had a similar experience with my mother in law going through the deck chair..
    I spotted the situation through the window and chose to ignore the situation until someone else came to the rescue, at which point I dashed over to assist...
    such fun... :)

  30. Hello Mercury:
    Welcome to my blog, good to hear from you and thanks for your comments...just over to visit you Look out!


  31. Thanks for popping over!! You are a lady on the Go!

  32. Great story Trubes, can just imagine the scene :-)Yes making a german laugh can be hard :-)

    I love the chickens you can buy ready cooked, I know we can get them here, but they are just not the same. In france you can buy the chicken, the potatoes, and even the veg, all cooked, and just take it home...I did this on holiday!!

  33. Hello Anne,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    I guess 'making a German laugh', is quite an accomplishment!
    As I mentioned earlier, I always take a German phrase book with me, when we we travel in Europe.
    Interestingly, We have yet to meet a German in France, I wonder why that is!
    You're right about the Rottiserie Chickens in the UK....
    In our local Supermarket they're usually incinerated and covered in horrid season salt, which of course, helps them singe.

    I'll send you a P.C of my beloved City of Liverpool, when I'm next out.


  34. Too funny! Sounds like something my hubby would do. The food sounds absolutely wonderful.

  35. Wow, can't believe you made a German laugh!

  36. Hello Morning Glory,
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments, glad you found the writings about The beatles interesting...Somehow I thought you would!


  37. Hi Vinogirl...Well you know us, Scousers we're capable of making the whole World laugh!


  38. Thanks for visiting The Village; I really like the sound of your food and Rose Cava !

  39. What a story to remember your trip by!
    Remind me to offer a sturdy chair should we ever meet...
    PS. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  40. A warm hello to my new friend The Villager...Thanks for your comments.
    We've just been for a ride around Liverpool City and the Docks...pleased to report the place was heaving with tourists and locals alike !


  41. Hello Scintilla, Welcome to my site and thanks for your comments.
    My husband had a penchant for launching himself of sunbeds. I dont know why, as he isn't overweight.
    I suspect he's just an attention seeker,
    Either that, or just a clumsy oaf.


  42. Hi Trubes, my caravan has been at my parents as Dad fixed a couple of things for me, bless him :-) I've been looking forward to 'Viva Espania! Part two' and hope you post some more memories. You also suggested another topic. I will continue to check back. Hope you are feeling better.

  43. Sounds like a bit of a tall story to me.Did you get a picture of the German laughing? Are you sure it wasn't just schadenfreude?.Also Trubes have you noticed that there are more Afghan comedians than there are German ones!!

  44. I had an Afghan rug once. It was full of life.

  45. Hi Pippy,
    So glad you've got a good Dad to
    help you. My dad died when I was 27
    and I still miss him now. He did live long enough to see two of his three grandaughters, their arrival brought him a lot of joy.
    I'm on new front line drugs for the RA but it's too early to say whether or not they are having a positive effect...fingers crossed...
    I bet you can't wait to get out and about again in the Caravan, weather permitting, of course.
    I expect it's a bit cold at present.
    Love to you and your lovely children,
    P.S. I had an Afghan coat in the sixies!

  46. Lord Roby:
    Guten Morgen mein'Lud, I'm sure Harry ze German was laughing with us and not at us.
    He was really a very jovial chap, even more comical than Hitler or indeed, Comical Ali, the well known Iraqi Speinmaster, imortalised by the phrase...'What tanks I see no tanks', he said, as the American tanks were closing in behind him!


  47. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is good to meet another local blogger.

    Glad that husband is none the worse for his little adventure and that you enjoyed the holiday.

  48. Hi Cheshire Wife, Good to hear from you and thanks for your comments.
    Said Husband never fails to keep me amused, particularly whilst on holiday!


  49. I smiled, then I laughed. Nice blog post.

  50. Hi Velva, Good to hear from you...Glad my tale made you laugh..
    DT often makes me laugh, albeit unwittingly, most of the time!
    I'll be back over to your site later, hope you had a good holiday!


  51. Well come and practice your spanish with us in Mexico for Christmas. Have a merry one and Happy New year.


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