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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Do I Hear A Waltz ?

This the title song of a Broadway Musical first performed in 1965. It was written by Rogers and Sondheim. I don't know very much about this Musical other than the storyline is that of an American Spinster, who could not give herself emotionally, (whatever that means), until she falls in love.

She has a doomed affair with a married man during a vacation in Venice.

Many years ago I used to sing in a ladies choir and one of the lady soloists named Edith, who had never married, used to sing this at many of the Concerts that we performed.
In fact, it was one of the most requested song in our very varied programme.

Most of our audiences were older ladies in Residential Care homes and Senior Citizens Clubs. For some reasons, which you may understand, when you read the lyrics, that, whenenever Edith performed this song, many crinkly old faces were wreathed in knowing smiles, and many faded old eyes, regaining their lovely true colours, glistened with with tears.

Here are the lyrics. (Sorry I can't sing it for you)!

Do I hear a Waltz...

Do I hear a waltz?
Very odd but I hear a voice,
There isn't a band and I don't understand it at all.

I can't hear a waltz,
Oh my lord there it goes again!
Why is nobody dancing in the street?
Can't they hear the beat?
Magical, mystical miracle,
Can it be true?
Is it true?
Is it me?
No it's you!

I do hear a waltz,
I see you and I hear a waltz,
It's what I've been waiting for all my life... to hear a waltz.

Do I hear a waltz?
Oh my dear don't you hear a waltz?
Such lovely Blue 'Danubey' music,
How can you be still,
You must hear a waltz!

Even strangers are dancing now,
An old lady is dancing in her flat,
waltzing with her cat.

Roses are dancing with Peonies.

Yes it's true,
Don't you see?
Can't be you!
Must be me!

Do I hear a waltz?
I wan't to share it 'cause...
Oh boy, do I share a waltz!

Sadly Edith the soloist died a few years ago and I never did pick up the courage to ask her what was behind her reason for singing 'Do I Hear A Waltz'. I always felt it held some deep significance in her life but she never revealed what that significance was.
She was a very tall, good looking and beautifully groomed lady. She certainly had an 'aura' about her, however, she was a very private person, that was, until until she opened her mouth to sing, in her beautiful Contralto voice.

I truly believe Edith did hear her Waltz!

Do you hear a Waltz?...Do tell

I will share my 'Waltz' with you, on my next post.....


  1. Hie are they these days? The tubes I mean.

    Hope you're well

  2. trubes- if you mean do I hear music around me the answer would be yes. My waltz music is life in general. I am not always in step but mange to find the rhythm enough to make it through each and every day with a smile.

    Favorite Songs- Would be Poco Harems " Whiter Shade of Pale" Otto Kellands " Let me Fish off Cape St. Marys". my own "I can still remember" these are all on Youtube by the way.

  3. Whenever I hear Bette Midler sing "The Wind Beneath Your Wings" or Barbra Streisand sing "Memories" I stop to remember the good times. Thanks for sharing this Di. :D

  4. Di...this was a truly lovely post and you took me away...i have reread the post several times and "listened" to the music as i imagine it was sung by your did make me a bit melancholy thinking about what was behind the words...and how she was hearing the waltz while feeling the intensity behind her thoughts...
    another thing it brought to mind is one of my favorite sayings...which you will have to wait for...i just thought of a wonderful post and i will have it up tonight if possible! oh i am so excited! thank you, my friend! xxLisa

  5. That's not girly Trubes! Thanks for the tip-off eh...

    Look at Youtube and you'll see two performances, one by a chap called Stearns Matthews, and another duet by Carol Burnett (lovely legs...) and George Hearn.

    Worth remembering chums for what they were; she would be in my book as a pal too! Maybe she 'heard' but didn't/couldn't listen?

  6. Oh yes!

    You know there have been times when I was so in love that I was sure that everyone around me felt the same - I would look at people as I passed them in the street and when I saw a grey, tired, dismal face, it would shake me for an instant. How could someone be sad when life was so beautiful? I wanted to grab them and somehow infuse them with some of what I felt. Obviously I didn't - or I might have been beaten up.

    The older generations so often were bereft in love - they would have one powerful passionate but unsuccesful or unsuitable encounter and then that would be it. Spinsters forever more. I had two great Aunts like that. It seemed so sad - but when they spoke of those times, their eyes simply sparkled and you could see they were back there. Maybe the memories were enough.

    What a lovely piece.

  7. hi mr pineapples...I guess you is jes one Cool Dude....Welcome to my Site pleased to meetcha...

    Da tubes are jes fine I plays em every day! 'Ol Trubes can get a tune out of anything....

    Tell me what your song is...tell me what you hear...

    Welcome again

  8. Hi Old Tarf:
    Whiter Shade of pale was one of my 'favs' too, Don't know the other one though.
    I e-mailed you today but it was sent back, so, can you confirm your address again please.

    Hope you enjoyed your Birthday.

  9. Hi Leslie:
    I love Bette Midler's, 'Wind Beneath My Wings', too.
    I found the book captivating, but was slightly disappointed with the film, still enjoyed it though
    Love Babra's 'Memories' too.


  10. Yo Daisy:
    Good to hear from you. Glad you like my tale. Of all the good things in my life I love people the most, (only goodies tho' not baddies).
    We have visitors for the weekend and are surrounded by our Girls and Boys and the three lovely grandchildren....Now, it can't get much better than that!
    Hope you are well, loved your story about the 'Picture' on your Blog, Brilliant !


  11. Hello Blue Eyes:
    Tell me what your song is...pleeeese and, welcome back to my Blog, good to have you around!


  12. Hello Scroblene Sweetie:
    Good to see you on my site.
    You make such lovely comments, thankyou.

    Not sure how to find the You Tube song tho' any more details to help?

    Thanks for the info.

    They were wonderful days when I used to sing in the Choir, it was such fun being able to sing and make, sometimes, very lonely people happy...Golden Days!
    I think I must know the words and music of nearly every Musical written, except of course, 'Do I Hear A Waltz'!
    Yet, it's the words and my imagination of the scenario, when Edith was singing, that stirred me the most...Funny isn't it?


  13. Hello Reluctant Blogger and welcome to my Site;

    Glad you liked my tale.
    Life's a funny old thing and one never knows what hides behind an old face, a sad face, a happy face, a cross face and so on!

    I like your words they are very moving..

    Thankyou again.


  14. Trudidy Do Daaaahhhh....

    Here are the links in You tube.

    You just cut and paste them into your browser address bar, (one at a time), click on the resulting bits that appear to get them going, turn up the volume, and nostalge away with a vengeance...

    Lovely legs though.........

  15. I must admit I go all misty eyed whenever I hear Wonderful World... I'm a sucker for the old ones... thank you for the comment by the way. Like your blog too... I'll be back!

  16. I can't hear any music at all - certainly not above the din of all the voices screaming in my head.

    I had a similar old lady in my life used to teach me singing lessons.

    She'd walk from the piano to the manuscript shelf farting with every step.

    It was very difficult for me to concentrate on opening my vowels after that.

  17. Hi Trubes, glad to see you up and about and so bouncy - must be all these unusual substances you are consuming!

    My fave tunes are Stardust by Hoagy Carmichael [Gosh how I wish I had writen that!] and Sunny Side of The Street by the Andrews Sisters; Grandad's is Can't Get Started with You by Bunny Berrigan. If you'd like to listen to some great music, cut and paste this into your browser:

    I think your friend Edith would have liked that one.

    We like the oldies... Tuscan Tony posted a vid of Humphrey Littleton's Bad Penny Blues a few days ago - also one of our all time favourites.

    Toodle pip...

  18. Lovely post, Trubes and I do hope Edith did hear a waltz.

  19. Well that is a lovely story and I've never heard the song. I do love to think that people have these wonderful mysteries inside them, secret loves, faded longings and sweet memories.

    Then again, maybe Edith only knew one song....

    For me, Brewer & Shipley 'one toke over the line', begin the beguine and a song that I CANT FIND ANYWHERE...

    Right... please help me...

    This is the first verse and chorus
    I dont know where the song comes from I cant find it online or on iTunes. Does anyone know the name of it? I'd be SO grateful!

    Where the mountains touch the sky
    And the snows are gleaming white
    Where the winds so softly sigh
    And the clouds go drifting by

    Sometime, Somewhere, there will come a day
    Sometime, Somewhere, I'll be on my way

    and no, it's not the one from West Side Story...

  20. Granny alas forgot to mention that I really do also like Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Quite brilliant in composition and execution.

  21. Trubes- the email is

  22. Hi Kevin:
    "Voices in your head, a flatulent music teacher and open vowels".....My oh My! You do sound in a bad way. Have you been imbibing of the local Scrumpy 'me dear'...?
    I had a bad experience on that during my student days. Sufficient to say that I've never touched the stuff again!

  23. Hello Grumpy Gran.
    Thanks for the info; We used to sing 'Stardust' in the Choir, One of my favourites too !
    I saw the 'Humph' version of Bad Penny Blues on Tusc's Site, Very good it was, too.
    He's going to be terribly missed on 'Sorry I havn't a clue'.
    I wonder, will it carry on without him ?......... I havn't a clue!
    Ghershwins 'Rhapsody in Blue' is another 'cracking' piece of music, also another 'fav' of mine!

    Hope you two GG's are well and enjoying some fine weather!


  24. Hello Welshcakes:
    I think maybe Edith did hear her 'Waltz but certainly didn't tell anybody, that I know of.
    She devoted her life to her music and looking after her aging Sister Nell. She was quite an accomplished Pianist too, such a talented Lady.

  25. Hi Merms:
    I've found your song One Toke over the line on....
    Very good it is too.

    I hope Monty was pleased to see you when you got back from Canada. Chloe usually ignores us for a couple of days, when we return home from holiday, then over- compensates by following me around, generally tripping me up and meowing furiously!

  26. Hi Old Tarf:
    Thanks for e-mail address will be in touch asap.

  27. Merms...Oops I've misread your comments re the song so I'm back on the case ! Toot Toot !

  28. Scrobleners Darling;
    Thanks for that info. I have indeed, 'nostalged' away, wonderful, made my day!
    DT wants to know how you know that I have wonderful legs ? Ha ha!


  29. Hello Steve:
    Welcome to my blog and I am pleased that you like it.
    'Wonderful World', is a lovely song. I used to like 'Satchmo' singing, 'We've Got All The Time In The World',too. That evokes memories within me of a lost love!


  30. Trubes - Harrumph...

    Always been a 'leg man' and you fit the bill magnificently!

    It's the muscles ya know...

    Surely DT knows that!


    Glad you got the nostalges; I learned a bit too from that!

  31. Hey...Trubes,

    I've just re-read what I wrote and need to go and get a refill, something special no doubt, or perhaps a small tincture of the Beauj...

  32. i had to come back and revisit this posting is so lovely trubes...and i guess i am wanting to hear a waltz today...

  33. Hello Scrobs again: Good to hear from you! My dainty old 'pins have trodden the boards a few years ago. in Amateur Productions. I was The Prince in Cinderella, Dick, in Dick Whittington and a Hula Hula Girl in the chorus of Robinson Crusoe. (Thats when, it seemed, that I was destined for better things), so, was 'plucked' from the chorus line and made a Star !
    Oh happy days....more nostalging eh Scrobs ?

    Hope you enjoyed your Beujolais!
    As the weather has been so lovely, every evening has been a 'Barbie ' at Chez Trubes, washed down with several glasses of wine.
    Of course, Moi does all the 'prep' work and of course, DT takes all the praise, for the delicious food.
    He is very good at the 'barbie' stuff though.
    Have a good weekend.

  34. hell Daisy darling: Thankyou again for your kind words. I'm glad you like this little story. I've just realised that I havn't replied to your e-mail,will do asap.

    As you may have read, we,ve been to busy enjoying the glorious weather, here in Sunny Liverpool. I seem to stagger from the Patio to bed each evening.
    There were complaints about me snoring last night, DT and Chloe the Cat decamped into another room..Tee hee... I enjoyed having the 'Super' King Size bed all to Moi!

    Will write soon,


    I do hope you hear your Waltz soon Daisy, I'll wave my magic wand , so, wait and see what happens!

  35. Hi Di - wanted to let you know my friend Cathy and I are probably coming over to the UK this summer after all. Would love to meet up with you as we'll be coming from northern Wales across towards Liverpool. Would you email me at

    Hope to hear from you soon. Hugs!

  36. trubes, dera heart, hope you're having a splendid sunday :-)

  37. Phillipa: We did have a lovely Sunday, thanks, just the two of us sharing a traditional Roast Dinner, with lots of fresh spring vegetables and a glass or three of Prosecco.
    Bugga this 'Nanny State' telling us what we should eat and drink, I've always cooked good fresh food. Even when I was very poor I would make Shepherds pie and good wholesome stews, I still do, we like good british grub.
    Hope you had a good day, I must get on with my next yarn doncha think?

  38. I do indeedy :-)
    My daughter has tonsillitus and I'm getting no work done WHATSOEVER. Eek! Can't say no to that one though. Many cuddles.

  39. Ah Pippy, I do hope your little girl get better soon. Tonsilitis is so debilitating in younsters and adults alike.
    One of my daughters sufferd badly with it and she eventually had her tonsils removed.
    I can remember feeding her jelly and ice cream, which she loved. No wonder her recovery time took so long!


  40. Trubes: Just left a musical message for you on Scroblene's Shudden post.


    Time for a new one on here too????

  41. well, back from vacation. So email anytime.

  42. Time to stir your stumps Di,

    The recent swing in Cheshire has encouraged me to kick-start my little Lancs / South Lakes blog.

    Hope to see you visiting soon!

  43. Hello GG....Thanks for your message on Scrobs`s Shudden post, just retrieved it. I've been a bit 'off line' recently due to family commitments etc.
    I'm desperately trying to get a little anecdote together before we go on holiday, to Antibes on 31st May for two weeks, can't wait!

  44. Hello Old Tarf: Glad you're back from your vacation and I hope you had a grand time. Will e-mail you.
    We're off to Antibes S.France on 31st May for two weeks.

  45. Hello Mr Lakelander, good to see you back again, you have been sorely missed. You're quite right, it is time I 'stirred my stumps', so just starting a new little story straight away.
    I've re-sent the e-mail to you so hope you receive it.

  46. Hi Merms:

    I remember singing that song "sometime, somewhere" in my primary school choir. I don't know the origins of it but I do remember one more line:

    "and the world is filled with light" which was the last line of one of the verses. Also, our version had 'gently' instead of 'softly' in the third line of the verse you quote.

    Sorry not to have been more helpful.

    My Best,


  47. We sang 'Sometime, somewhere' too. I remember all the lyrics, but I can't find it anywhere online either. I've been looking for some time, so if anyone DOES find it, I'd be pretty happy. I remember we sang 'gently' instead of 'softly' too.

  48. Im also looking for sometime somewhere


I usually like to reply to your comments but for some reason when i do post a reply it just diappears, any advice would be most welcome,Thanks Di x

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