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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Health Issues......Again !!

Who was Spotty Muldoon ?
Well, I don`t know who he was, but I sure know how he must have felt.
I am sharing yet another 'health issue' with my dear Blogging Chums, as so many of you have been enquiring of my whereabouts, via e- mail and telephone; So, Here goes.....
As most will be aware that, I am really a bit of an 'Old Crock' and have probably bored for Britain on my recent 'Back' problems. Not content with having had Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years, then the Synovial Cyst saga, I have decided to hit the Jackpot and develop a very nasty skin condition called Pemhigoid ! Don`t ask, look it up, if you`re interested,(at your own peril). I feel like the Dennis Potter Character in his wonderful play about 'The Singing Detective'.
My Consultant Rheumatologist referred me to a Consultant Dermatologist, who, was quite baffled by my rash. To my horror , he thought it may be Scabies. I broke out in more spots art the very thought of having the 'S' word. He was most disappointed when after performing a skin biopsy that it wasn`t. Apparently 'S' is extremely easy to treat. Needless to say I was quite relieved to know that it wasn`t, but then, mortified to learn the nature of my latest affliction, which is far more difficult to treat than scabies.

Are you all itching yet ?

I have been put on a course of Steroids (nice) and now, after being weaned of Morphine, re cyst I am now up to my eyes in Steroids, which I may have to take for some time.
I believe Steroids can do strange thing to ladies....I just hope I
don`t grow any extra 'bits', surplus to requirements. Perhaps, now is the time, to run off and join the circus!

Darling Trubes, in his own jocular style, suggested that I get into training for the next Olympics as a Shot Putter and follow in the footsteps of Fatima Whitbread.
You can imagine that Moi was not amused, so, when he`d picked himself up of the floor, he apologised profusely, then added, "Perhaps Boxing may be more suitable for you to indulge yourself in".... Cheek !
The current side effects afflicting me, at present, are, constant chattering, hyper-activity and a feeling of euphoria.
So there it is..... must away now... Just going to re-decorate the Hall Stairs and Landing and then enter the Annual Mersey River Swimming Competition !(Before supper that is !), Chin Chin !


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you are going through all this and I really can empathise. I do admire you for still being able to joke about it.

    Lots of love from Simi and me in Sicily xx

  2. Hi Trubes and welcome back..

    I have warned John Rambo and Arnie Schwichithingy... to watch their backs! I too hope you do not grow any extra bits. Maybe this stem cell research stuff has some merit after all - if only the religious nuts would shut up and mind their own business - which should be vigorously pursued.

    (Now THAT's the way to start an argument!).

    Keep smiling.

  3. Hello Dear Welshcakes.
    Thankyou so much for your kind reply.x I think you have mentioned having a Rheumatic Disorder so you will know all about pain and the management of it.
    This skin disorder is really something awful. On balance, I feel itching is more troublesome than pain. At least I have managed to control the Rheumatoid pain with all medication and advice given by the 'Medics', but, as I`ve only just been diagnosed, I shall have to be 'patienzza' ( I`m guessing at the spelling of patience, in Italian). I will be pleased for you to correct me, if I am wrong !
    I think the self derisory wit is in my Liverpool blood, as you will know, there are a host of very funny and talented commedians hailing from Liverpool.
    One only has to take a Shopping Trip into the City and behold the beauteous sight of 'Scousers' at work and play....Wonderful !
    Love to you and darling Simi.Purr Purr from Chloe.

  4. Hello Grumpy Granny,
    Fancy you 'popping up' on my 'mega health rant'. As DT will verify, I have turned into a GG also!
    I am in total agreement with you over the Stem Cell Research debate.
    The Clerics would do well to preach about the 'Almighty' and leave the Medical Fraternity to their wonderful work.
    A gentleman neighbour of ours has Parkinsons Disease and it`s heartbreaking to see a lovely, kind and intelligent man, turn into a crippled, confused, quivering wreck.
    I believe it is too late for him to benefit from Stem Cell Research, but there are millions more sufferers who would benefit.
    So to the Clerics, I say, "Keep praying, mind your own business, and let the Medics carry on with their vital work" !
    It strikes me that, the ethos of some religious sects, is to believe, only in the sanctity of life from conception to birth !
    There ! Another rant over.
    Can I now claim the Grump of the year award ?
    Hope you and Mr GG are well.

    Love Di.xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 'Euphoria' That sounds like a great side-effect.

    Believe me though when I say that a pair of bollocks is a curse - they take over your mind which I'm sure you're about to find out !

    Chin chin ...



  7. Kevin you are a naughty boy for using the B......s word on my blog.
    I have just persuaded my very posh cousin, who resides in the stately county of Hertfordshire to read my Blogs, she will probably faint with horror at her younger cousin engaging in such a 'sporting' dialogue with a young, handsome man. Tee Hee, she`ll probably be 'green with envy'.
    The Euphoria still reigns here and I`m full of beans, (jumping ones that is). Bum bum, He he!
    Pathetic isn`t it ? Laughing at my
    own corny jokes. DT has gone out to play golf today, I reckon he couldn`t wait to get out of the house, to take a break from his loopy wife. The man has the patience of a saint.


  8. You poor darling, what a horrid time you are having. It always happens to the nicest people. Will be praying for you my dearest trubes! x

  9. Yikes! I do feel for you Trubes! Though, it's good to see your sense of humor is intact.. if not your epidermis;-)

    Best wishes, LJ


  10. Trubes: OK, I shall happily hand over the GOTY award to you - but only with the proviso (and early warning) that me and him will be giving you stiff competition from here on in! So keep your eyes peeled in the blogosphere for acid drops....

    Yes tks, we are ok.

    PS: Weren't Everton pants on Sunday? Eufa cup again for them.

  11. Hello...I found you via Leslie's Blog and read about your health poor thing....steriods..yuck....I just came off of them a few weeks ago for my colitis....I never felt eurphoria..which I did...I got anxious...very close feeling to anxiety attacks...then Hot much so that I would have to change the linens....then came the dreaded leg cramps...dear god that hurt....just remember to eat your bananas...steroids can make you lose potassium which in turn causes a variety of effects...gosh I hope the rash gets under control....cheers!

  12. The british Assoc of Dermatologists suggest that one cause of the Pemphi-thingy is that one might be "with child". As it is fashionable for ladies like yourself who have only just shaded past the age of 35 to suddenly sprog, could this be a possibility?

  13. Trubes- Sorry to hear about the latest go round with your health.

    'Scousers' at work"- I was bemused by this statement.

    I didn't realize they actually did?

    I gather by your nostalgic look back at your holiday in Feb. that something was up.

    Email me or Skype anytime. Merms will be over here in a couple of weeks for some R and R. She has the Skype details for us.

  14. Hello Lady Jane.
    Thanks for your comments. It is good being back 'ablogging', even if it is a Mega moan! I just don`t know what else can go wrong.
    Nevermind, at least I`ve got all my own teeth, retain a humourous slant on life and.... my bum doesn`t hit the kerb when I step off it !

  15. Merms Darling:
    Thank you for your kind words, you are such a 'sweetie'.
    I hope you are welland your usual happy self again.

  16. GG:
    Thanks for that award, much appreciated.
    Yes Everton were 'pants' on Sunday,
    I couldn`t watch it in the end and DT had to go and lie in a darkened room to recover.
    He could only be coaxed out by the aroma of his favourite Sunday roast cooking and the thought of a large glass of chilled Ruddles County Ale.
    'Tis a sad sight to see a grown man cry in his beer!

  17. Hi Smalltown RN:
    Welcome to the world of Trubes. thanks for your kind and constructive comments.
    I have been given Etidronite Sodium etc, to counteract losses of calcium and protection against Osteoporosis.
    My youngest daughter has Crohns, and I recall her taking steroids. She was taking a much larger dose than I am and it managed to arrest the Crohns. at present she is in remission, thankfully.
    I see that you are a RN, so I would dearly welcome any tips in counteracting any withdrawal effects from the steroids.
    My GP has given Anti-Histamines to help me sleep, but they are not having any effect at present. i am seeing my Cosultant tomorrow so he may have something in mind to help!
    I`ve visited your blog Site and found it very interesting and humourous,( A girl after my own heart! I shall pop back over to have a good indepth read, which I`m looking forward to.

  18. Tuscan:
    Welcome back to my site. You are
    very funny and never fail to make me chuckle. Just what the Doctor ordered!
    If I were to conceive at my tender years it would have to be an 'Immaculata'. Not exactly 'past it' but should we, whisper delicately, resting !!!
    No wonder DT spends so much time on the golf course.


  19. Hi Old Tarf: Good to hear from you again.

    Of course Scousers work;
    Somebody has to remove the hub caps from moving cars!

    I do hope my post on Careless Sigh wasn`t too depressing, I do tend to speak as I feel at the time, which isn`t always a good thing!

    If we had a nice thick hoare frost now, I would happily roll in it, naked,(not a sight to be missed), to get rid of these damnable itches.

    I`m so glad Merms is coming over to see you and Mrs OT, I hope you have a wonderful time together. Will e-mail you when I`ve got some thing interesting to say.

    love Di.xx

  20. Di so sorry to hear you've been having further probs :-( best wishes for a speedy solution x

  21. I did look it up. I just need to know things! Sounds painful. Are you over seventy or worse still pregnant. The case history needs to be complete. On a more serious note, I hope it clears up soon.

  22. Trubes; this sounds awful of course. You have to get better, but you will, because the sun may come out this year, and we'll all benefit - I hope...

    If it's any consolation, in your honour, I've put The Singing Detective on 'my favourites', but assure you that I'd rather watch you...

    You take care now eh?

  23. Ai yah
    A lot of these things are caused by stress, maybe you could do with a few months of sun?

  24. Trubes- call us when you decide to rub yourself with snow and ice. We will have a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows and Baileys for you right after.

    Hear from you soon. Best to your family as well.

    Don x

  25. I looked it up and it sounds terrible - related to immune disorders, so I guess because of the rheumatoid arthritis? The article said that it goes away within 6 years! 6 years!!! Hang in there, Trubes!

    Once, eons ago, I broke out in giant hives (never did figure out why) and had to take steroids for about a month. I felt GREAT! They gave me such energy that I didn't really want to stop them.

    Let me know if you decide to do the roll in the snow - I'll have to hop a plane & fly in for the show and some Baileys that "tarf" is going to bring! lol

  26. Well, what a wonderful response from all my Blogging Chums so , if you don`t mind, I`ll do a response on one post: Here goes.....

    Thanks for your kind comments, I do hope your health is improving too, you`re very kind.xx.

    Mary Mary qc:
    Ha ha! No, I am not quite that old. I am in the 'new' early 50`s age group(make of that what you will)! Certainly not pregnant, perish the thought.
    Have been reading your site and it is really very good and extremely funny, so, will pop back later, for another good read and a chuckle.
    Hope you and 'yours' are all well and happy.x.

    As ever, Thankyou for your lovely words.
    Yes , please God, let us have some sunshine this year.
    I don`t think I could watch 'The Singing Detective' at present, I`m sure you`ll understand the reason why! xx.

    Beast of Clerkenwell:
    Ai Yah, or as we say in 'Scouse land...."Hiya lad ".
    Yes, Stress does play a big part in Auto Immune disorders. For some unknown reason, I do seem to have 'high anxiety levels'. Lord knows why?
    I have quite a 'cherished' lifestyle, with a loving family and 'fab' Husband.
    "A few months in the sun",
    Now you`re talking! We are hoping to go to Antibes in June and maybe Turkey in late September.
    Good to see you back again, will drop by your site later.xx

    Old Tarf:
    Mmm, 'Hot Chocolate, marshmallows and Baileys', what a tempting prospect, must try that!xx.

    And....Last, but not least!....

    Thankyou for your kind words.
    Yes, it is related to Rheumatoid Arthritis, confirmed by my Consultant, yesterday. I think I will only be on the Steroids, short-term, so, I feel quietly confident, that, he`s looking for a speedy recovery..fingers crossed.xx
    The 'roll in the snow'...Now I`ve started something...What larks!

    love Di.xx

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Blogosphere Rule No1: It is strictly forbidden to post your own replies more than once just to get your stats up.

    {from the Editor of the Acid Drop Gazette}

  29. GG. aka The Editor of the' Acid Drop Gazette'

    I have immediately deleted my duplicated reply. Heaven knows, it was long enough, without having to read through it twice.

    Have you been an Art collector in a previous life ? You do very much remind me of an old friend (or two) of mine !

  30. T: No, regrettably "art" and I seldom agree. I am one of "I know what I like" brigade who does not appreciate as art a pile of bricks, a rumpled bed, or a dead sheep in a tub of formaldehyde....

  31. GG..said..
    "A crumple bed".
    Surely not? Are you Grandma or Grandad
    Any self-respecting lady would not leave her bed crumpled (except Tracey Emmin). DT sometimes makes our bed then I have to re-make it ,just not up to this fastidious Granny`s standards I'm afraid.
    With regard to Art I do like Lanscape and painting of real things. When we were in Antibes last year, I was almost relieved, when we found the Picasso Museum closed, for renovation. I just don't understand Abstract Art.
    As for Tracey Emmin, well, I don't know what her 'stuff ' is all about. Quite a strange lady.

    I'm off to see the Dermotologist just now, lovely man, very humourous, and sympathetic.
    DT accompanies me on these Consultations, as I can't seem to string an intelligible sentence together, without forgetting what i was saying and then, forget what the 'Great Man' had to say. This due to my medication, (I hope !
    Regards to your grumpier other half.

  32. Trubes - it was that Emin rumpled bed atrocity to which I was referring. People who produce rubbish like that and expect any sensible people to drool over it ....... I am lost for words at their stupidity!!! Didn't that win some luvvie award or something? Pathetic twaddle. Like I said, I am from the I know what I like brigade - and that particular effort, like just about all her stuff to date, was way off the radar.

    As for a crumpled bed (which is NOT what I said!), we all have them from time to time and we do all get days when we just can't be bothered to do anything about it. In our house we just have one large Swiss-style duvet with a selection of removable covers, which takes merely a shake and a spread and bed is made in less than 20 seconds (even you know who can do it!). Simple and no messing about with sheets and blankets (apart of course for the under sheet!).

    Hope your hosp visit was not too traumatic and that you continue to improve.

  33. oh trubes you are so well written...even when in the dumps you can find the words to make it lighter...i do hope that things start slowing down a bit medically and they are able to treat you appropriately...take care of yourself darling and if you ever need a little know where i am...

  34. Trubes, I am so sorry you have this now to deal with.. you poor thing. You are so very brave.

  35. GG said...

    Hi GG. I know you were alluding to Tracey Emmin on your comments, I think we must have crossed our wires !
    We have Continental Duck/Goosedown Quitls on our beds. Like you, I couldn`t be bothered with Sheets and blankets now . They are easy to straighten but DT, Imho, just doesn't get it quite right, not to my fussy standards, anyway.
    I do hope you are both well and enjoyed the week-end snow. I have written a little 'Guest' post' on the Careless Sigh, blog Site of Mermaid's, if you care to 'pop over'?

  36. Daisy Darling :
    Thank you for your kind words. 'Tis a good job my sense of humour prevails. I don't know, just, what else, could go wrong with my 'god damned' Auto Immune system. Nevermind , at least it's me and not one of my daughters. I was lucky enough to be able to raise them when I was in the peak of health. Despite all this going on, I nearly, always look as fit as a fiddle ! so can't even play the 'sympathy card', very often.
    I am so sorry about your upset on your Blog Site, and do hope you'll come back soon,, maybe with another pseudonym.

  37. Lilith:
    Thanks for your kind words, sorry I'm late in replying.
    Hope you enjoyed the snow at the Weekend and Pig PUP had a rollicking good time!


  38. Trubes: Popped, as suggested. I had not visited that site before but will now pop in from time to time. Will not contribute as I object to the ID sign in thingy. Where do you all find the time to contribute to so many different blogs??? Everywhere I look I see familiar names having got there before me.

    The snow is early this year. Not that many years ago me and him got snowbound on Salisbury Plain on 24 April on our way back to London from Cornwall with a croaky van full of furniture. The weather had been perfect that whole week, but a sudden overnight blizzard just before we were due to mak that journey seized up the whole of the west country across as far as Aldershot! So, maybe some more yet to come!

    Glad to see those banned substances seem to be doing their work for you!

  39. well trubes i decided i didn't like having to change who i am so i just made it a private site but i don't have your email darlin...if you feel comfortable just email my daisy addy and i will give you access as i do love hearing from you...if not...i will continue to visit you here...without an issue about well xxLisa

  40. gg said...

    Hello: Glad you popped over too Careless Sigh. It was, of course, Mermaid`s 'dream child' and she asked those mentioned to contribute.
    It's a pity that you do not wish to sign up with Google, as you do write interestingly. However, that is your prerogative.
    The reason why I have so much time to contribute to many sites is that:

    Je suis retraiteè.

    Qui s'excuser s'accuse ?

    Gloussser glousser! (Chuckle chuckle)!

    Indeed the 'Banned substances' do seem to be working, thank goodness.

    Your friend in Blogging,


  41. Oops: Typo !
    Should read 'to Careless Sigh' not 'too'. Tch tch !

  42. Daisy:
    I tried clicking on your E-mail info on your profile but it wouldn`t allow me to proceed.
    Don`t know how else to let you have my e-mail addresss.
    Any ideas ?

  43. daisy: Just had an idea ! If you e-mail Electro Kevin, he will be able to give you my address. I`ll write to him now and let him know..

    We'll get there in the end !

  44. Is spotty muldoon just a liverpool thing?...along with tilly mint?

  45. Thud:
    Hello and welcome to the world of Trubes. I see you reside some where 'Over the Water'.
    For the uninitiated, that means 'On the Wirral', a peninsular jutting out from The River Mersey with the River Dee on the other side.
    I've been over to your site and very good it is too, Wil go back later for a 'big read'.
    I don't know who Tilly Mint was but my Grandpa used to call me that and Miss Moss, for some unknown reason.
    My maternal Grandparents were from the Wirral and I lived there for twenty years, until re-marrying and moving back 'Over the Water'.

  46. trubes...i am at :)

  47. Trubes: Glousser! To cluck like hens?? Surely not! :-)

    Bavarder commes les vieilles dames, peut-etre?


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