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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Greetings to my ABCW friends.

I haven't been able to participate in this week's round ( letter G) due to circumstances beyond my control. Firstly I reached a certain age that a lot of ladies prefer not mention, and secondly as most know, I lost my dear sister recently. Losing her has hit me like a sledge hammer, thus not being able to concentrate on much !

Fear not Roger, I am preparing  the introduction for next week (letter H), HOPEFULLY we can get things back to normal in this HOUSEHOLD. Life has been so HECTIC of late.... now then,

My furry little companion Princess Chloe.

where's my favourite pen and my little lap top cat, so I can start writing again ?

Best wishes to all ABCW--- ers

Thanks to Roger, Denise  and Leslie for all that you do for ABCW.



  1. You don't have to appologize... not for me anyway.

    Life can be overwhelming at some times... it takes all the energy one has to get through it... so all in due time...

    And you know.... if you-know-what... were to find me.

    Blessings and all else you need right now, is my wish for you.

  2. Melody;
    Thank you so much for your kind words,
    they are most welcome.
    Best wishes,


  3. Hi Di,
    I think of you and how sad you must be without your sister. I wouldnbebthe same for I havealso a sister who is my best friend. I would miss her if she passed away. I wish you a lot of strength. I hope that we will see you frequently as we are used to.

  4. Hi, Di,
    Hope you're feeling a smile this moment. Big, warm bear hugs to you.


  5. And there you go - you did G is for GREETINGS! Hope things do get back to normal soon for you. And for me, too! The house is in disarray and I have until Tuesday morning to be ready!

  6. It does take time to accept the "new life" without your sister. I'm rooting for you!!!!! Sweet little princess.

  7. Well, Di, I hope you know I appreciate your efforts. and I know it's been a difficult time.


  8. sorry about losing your sister, hope she didn't suffer too much.

  9. May the peace of the Lord be with you, my friend.

  10. Inspiration will come back again (I am waiting for it too) and never mind about the numbers you see in your passport, it's your mind which counts ! Some are already old at 20 !!

  11. Getting your point...
    Have missed participating in some weeks.
    Hope all will be well soon.
    Your sis is with God.
    Take care. Be happy.

  12. HI Di... like i wrote earlier... still the same feeling overhere ;-)

    Take your time... only you can tell what is good or lesser good to do...

    You're still in my prayers!

  13. So sorry to read this :-(
    My condolence

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I usually like to reply to your comments but for some reason when i do post a reply it just diappears, any advice would be most welcome,Thanks Di x

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