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Paul McCartney

I cannot let the opportunity pass without mentioning 'The day I met Sir Paul McCartney.....This how he looked then....just so handsome ! We were in a stream 0f traffic driving along a congested street in Liverpool city. It was 1964 I was a very happy teenager and had fallen in love with the guy I was to marry three years later.  We drew alongside a very smart, silver Aston Martin DB6 and who should be driving it but Sir Paul McCartney. I nearly passed out, he was so handsome. He wound the window down to speak to me, I spluttered to him, "I absolutely love your latest record, 'I want to hold your hand". He asked if I would like to hear it, then pressed a button on his 6 track tape recorder and played ' I want to hold your hand'. Then he proceeded to sing along with recording. I bet there's not many girls can boast that they were personally serenaded by Paul McCartney. His father was sitting alongside him, smiling proudly. Although, I'd seen The Beatles per…

Octopus and an Odd Ode

In it's raw state I love Octopus, the first time I tasted it was on one of our many holidays in Turkey. I know, in it's raw state it is most unattractive, but when it's prepared and cooked, it is most delicious.     It takes on a pretty pink and creamy hue, the flavour of griddled Octopus surpasses most other seafood delicacies, (that is, in my humble opinion)! Altinkum in Turkey is where I  had my first experience of Griddled Octopus, we dined in a simple little Locanta on the edge of the beach, we saw the fishermen out in their brightly coloured boats in the morning, hauling in their catch which included our dinner! The stunning beach at Altinkum. Now an ODD ODE! The Owl and the Pussy Cat.   By Edward Lear. The OWL and the Pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful Pea-green boat They took some honey and plenty of money Wrapped up in a five pound note The OWL looked to the stars above And sang to a small guitar "O lovely Pussy O Pussy my love What a beautiful Pussy you are You are, Y…

Nonsense Poetry

I love  Nonsense Poetry. Amongst my favourite writers of Nonsense verse are Ogden Nash,  Edward Lear and the highly acclaimed Liverpool poet  Roger McGough,  ( part of my subject matter for the letter M). There are many more, indeed too many to write about so, I have picked Ogden Nash the American journalist and poet.

This is one of my favourite poems by him, he was such a wordsmith he mixed his words with occasional hilarious insight almost turning his work into a parable.
Consider the auk becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly Consider man who may become extinct Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked! 
Good-by  Now or pardon my Gauntlet . Bring down the moon for genteel Janet; She's too refined for this gross planet She wears garments and you wear clothes You buy stockings, she purchases hose. She says That is correct, and you say Yes. And she disrobes and you undress. Confronted by a mouse or moose, You turn green, she turns chartreuse. Her spe…

M is for The River Mersey and Roger Mcgough

Life goes on day after day  hearts torn in every waySo Ferry 'cross the Mersey 'cause this land's the place I loveand here I'll stay..........
The above lyrics to a well known sixties song performed by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
Liverpool people are passionately proud of their city and for good reason.
 Dare I mention The Beatles again? Gerry and his band and used to play along side them in the early days when the banks of The River Mersey was awash with Music. The Mersey is  70 miles long and spills out into The Irish Sea to mix with the Mighty Atlantic Ocean. For centuries the port served as the second largest dockland in the UK where traders earned their millions whilst the dock workers were paid a pittance which, in more recent year caused a lot of industrial strife.
 Eventually the Container ship came to the fore and the docklands became derelict, until Margaret Thatcher's government invested large sums of money and they have been regenerated into a wonderful de…