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Viva Espania! Part one.

What a lovely time DT and I had in La Mata, a seaside resort at the top end of Torevieja, Costa Blanca.
We stayed in an apartment which is owned by a friend.
It was very comfortable with a spacious patio area that overlooked well manicured gardens, with a large swimming pool.
There were fine views of the Mediterranean too.
I love to be by the sea, I suppose that living in Liverpool, one of the world's major seaports, it's in my blood.
My Great Grandfather was a Captain in the Merchant Navy and used to carry goods to many far off places, including Southern Spain, where we have holidayed on many occasions.
Everything was going 'swimmingly well' until our second day at the beach, when, DT decided to launch himself off his sunlounger.

He has a poor 'track record' of the said item!

I had my nose in a book, when there was an almighty ripping sound.
Turning around, I saw him with his backside firmly planted in the sand, and the remnants of the bed and aluminium frame, encir…

Adiòs amigos'

Darling Trubes and I are off to sunny Spain for ten days for a long overdue holiday.
We are staying in a place called La Mata on the Costa Blanca.
Most holidays come at a price, particularly when, one's husband doesn't pay attention, when being given precise instructions by 'she who must be obeyed'!

I spent some time on my PC trying to get a 'best price' for Easy Jet flights to Alicante, which is approximately a thirty minute drive to La Mata.
After finding the best price, DT was given precise details and requested to go to his
den to complete the booking.

Two hours later he reappeared clutching the booking confirmation, proudly announcing that by slightly altering the dates, he had managed to shave £70 off my original costs.
Heaven knows why it took him two hours.
Nothing to do with checking the football scores on his PC perchance!!

Two weeks later, DT was discussing having got such a good deal, on the flights with the friend, who was kindly leasing out his holiday a…