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P stands for Pamukkale

Pamukkale ( Cotton Castle) is an enchanting and remarkable sight in Turkey. It is set high upon a plateau almost 400 feet high, rising in a curtain of stalagmites and stepped shallow pools, merging one into another on hundreds of different levels. It's described as a fairyland of cotton white forms with pale blue water cascading gently down. It was formed by water laden with limestone from the thermal springs of Cal Dagi. Pamukkale is also home to Cleopatra's Pool. .
We actually bathed in this beautiful part of Paradise.Cleopatra's  Pool  is a basin full of thermal hot water that for centuries have given health to those who bathe in it. Pamukkale has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 and is one of the most visited places in Turkey.

O stands for Olu Deniz

One of our earlier visits to Turkey took us to a breathtakingly beautiful village of  Olu Deniz..... This means 'dead sea', it is a warm lagoon in the gulf of Belcekiz.  It is backed by pine covered mountains that literally tumble into the turquoise sea. This was once the haunt of Pirates. Olu Deniz is said to be the finest beach in Turkey. I shall never forget my first view of it, from  the mountainside road that we were hiking down, I was just blown away, one of the the most stunning views in Turkey. 

We stayed in a mountainside hotel called The Montana Pine , it was set in a pine forest. It was a joy to wake each morning to the sound of songbirds twittering away to each other, and the fragrant aroma of the pine trees. Our room in the Montana Pine with the Taurus Mountains in the background. The rooms were in individual chalet type lodges and beautifully furnished in an Alpine style. 
 Lunch at the hotel was always of a high standard which we enjoyed if w…

N stands for...East Neuk.

East Neuk  comprises of little fishing villages of the most northerly part of the Firth of Forth, (estuary or Firth of Scotland's River Forth).  Neuk is the Scots word for  Nook or corner.

We stayed in the town of St Andrews which is home to The Royal  and Ancient St Andrews Golf Club, world renown for staging  'The Open'.

St Andrews is also home to one of the finest University's in the UK.  Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge met and studied at the university.                        William and Catherine revisited the university after their marriage... I wonder if Prince George will go there ?
On East Neuk is the pretty little fishing village called Anstruther, we would watch the local fishermen land their catch on the edge of the harbour. The Anstruther Fish bar is voted as producing the best Fish and Chips in the UK. They have won several awards. We can vouch for that, definitely the finest we've tasted on our trips around the UK.....Absolutely delicious! …