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Monday, 14 September 2015

J for Jubilee,

A poem for The Diamond Jubilee by Pam Ayres.

Pam is a celebrated English poet, comedienne, and song writer, She is a writer of some hilarious monologues and presents Radio and TV programmes.

Dad took me to the local pub in 1953,

 They had a television set, the first I'd ever see,

 To watch the Coronation, I knew it sounded grand,

 Although at six years old, the word was  hard to understand.

But little kids like me and others all around the world, We saw the magic crown: we saw magnificence unfurled,

 A brand new Queen created, the emergence and the birth,

 And the Abbey seem a place between the Heaven and the Earth.

Certain pictures linger when considering the reign, Hauntingly in black and white, a platform and a train, The saddest thing I ever saw, more sharp than any other, Prince Charles, The little boy who had to shake hands with his mother. 



HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

A thousand boats are sailing little ships among the large,

 Close beside the splendour that bedecks the Royal Barge,


 And as the pageant passes,  I can see an image clear,

 Of The Royal Yacht Britannia, she surely should have been here.

I wish the Queen a genuine and  JOYFUL  JUBILEE...... Sure in the affection of the mute majority, I hope she hears our voices as we thank her now as one, Sixty years a QUEEN.   A job immaculately done.

Her Royal Highness enjoying the JUBILEE celebrations.

My sincere thanks to Denise for creating ABCW in such a JOCULAR fashion and to Roger for the JUST and fair way he  JOLLIES us all along to produce the masterpieces that appear each week on our dedicated ABCW blogs; Oh! and many thanks to the team of  helpers who assist Roger with visits to other blogs...One big JOLLY  family! Di .... xxx.






  1. Love your choice for J! What an amazing celebration and great poem! Long live the Queen!

  2. Nice choise for this weeks letter.... inspiring people are all around and we are the luck ones to be inspired by them.

    Have a nice abc-week and day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. I echo your enthusiasm and respect for Queen Elizabeth! My first understanding of her was when she came to Vancouver in 1951 as Princess Elizabeth and my mother took us all down to the corner of Broadway and Burrard Streets to watch the royal cavalcade drive by. It was my first view of a REAL princess and at the age of 4 I was totally enthralled. Of course, my ancestry is British so we were brought up in the traditional customs of the British, which really weren't too different from most of Canadians at that time. I do hope she continues to reign until her death, with all the "underlings" taking over most of her duties until such time though. She is a wonderful woman who has fulfilled her promise to her people from the day she became Queen at such a young age. Long live the Queen!

  4. Ellen B.... Thanks for your kind comments..
    Long live the Queen...indeed!
    Pam Ayers writes some hilarious stuff, well worth a google!

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  5. Hello Melody,
    lovely to hear from you again.
    I am certainly inspired by so many writers, we are
    certainly lucky to have access to so much information.
    whether it be by good schooling or libraries,
    (certainly where I learned most of the knowledge I have)!
    And latterly the internet.

    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  6. Oh Dear DI,
    'Certainly' too oft used!
    Must be my 'buzz word'...certainly!

  7. hello Leslie,
    I totally agree with all you say, the Queen is a
    shining example to us all,
    The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cambridge
    are taking on lots of extra work including many foreign tours.
    Also Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge,
    The Princess Royal has an indefatigable work load too.
    Having our Royal Family is all that makes us quintessentially
    British and I include Canada in that Leslie.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  8. Pam Ayres reminds me of gentler times.

  9. She's been queen nearly all my life! Actually, longer, though the coronation was later.

  10. It really is a lot of work to be Queen.
    Lovely photos and I enjoyed the poem too.
    That must have seemed odd to see Prince Charles shake his Mother's hand.

  11. Your queen is a very remarkable lady. How beautiful she was at her coronation, but she must still have been in mourning for her father, whom she deeply loved.
    Thanks Di for your photos and your post.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  12. I always enjoy reading about the Royal family. I truly enjoyed the poem and pictures today. Thanks for sharing them.

  13. I wonder why we Americans find ourselves glued to the TV whenever am important event such as the queen's coronation, her birthday celebration. Is it because we have nothing as grand as that in our country? I'm not criticizing because I'm right there too, just wondering.

  14. I take my hats off to those who write poetry.


  15. Very nice choice..have a great day.

  16. A beautiful poem full of sentiments and respect. Lovely choice for 'J'.

  17. The first time in my life I went to the cinema was with my grandma in Germany, who took me there to watch the coronation ! I was 10 years old, what an event ! Nobody had TV at that time or maybe a few, but I had never seen a TV !

    ABC Team

  18. The coronation looks grand. It must have been quite an event.
    BeatAboutThe Book

  19. We had a celebration in town the other day to mark the length of the Queen's reign (longer now than Victoria's) - it was well attended and impressive with a piper and the colours, some speeches and some reminisences. What a splendid job she has done!

  20. Hello Thud,
    Thanks for stopping by, good to hear from
    you again!
    Pam Ayres is certainly from gentler times,
    times, almost lost in this world of war and strife.
    I fear for all the displaced people scattered across Europe.
    What ever will become of them?
    It could be a stark message to the meddling politicians, to look after their own
    Countries and keep out of the Middle East.
    For all the wars they've stirred up, nothing has been achieved but to uproot hundreds of thousands of decent people and turn them into refugees.

    best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  21. Hello Roger,
    I'm old enough to remember, in 1952, King George V1 passing away, and my mother crying. I also remember the newly, uncrowned Queen Elizabeth 2 returning from Kenya after having cut short her Royal Tour with Prince Phillip.
    The following year 1953 I was aged 7 and my parents had hired a tiny TV for us to watch the Coronation.
    Thus starting 60 glorious years of The Queen's reign.
    Treasured memories of a wonderful lady,

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team,

  22. Loved all your pictures, and jubilee was the perfect word! Thanks for visiting me.

  23. The little boy that shook his mother's hand. What a memorable image. It's like the one of John-John Kennedy saluting his dad's casket as it passed by him.
    Cheers to your Queen!

  24. Again, Thank you all for your kind comments,
    I'm afraid I can't reply to more at present as
    we have workmen in doing some vital repair work
    to our house...chaos ensues !

    Best wishes and again, thanks to all.

    ABCW team.

  25. The queen is still a favourite though some people wants a republic.

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