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Monday, 30 January 2017

D for Dreams.

As you all probably know I am a great Poetry fan,
I came across this sweet little verse a while ago, 
I liked it so much that  put it my special little,
 ABCW book of ideas,
to use at an appropriate time, as now.
I do hope you like it.

DREAMS.....  by Langston Hughes.
Hold fast to dreams
for if dreams die,
Life is a broken winged bird
That cannot fly
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go.
Life is a barren field
frozen with snow.

Childhood Dreams.

When I was a small child
 I used to DREAM of 

Tinkerbell said to Peter Pan

 'You know the place between sleep and wake,

 the place where you still can remember DREAMING,

that's where I'll always love you,

 That's where I'll be waiting'. 

 'Never Never Land'
It was a place where children never
grew up and had wonderful adventures
The story is the classic children's story
called Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie.
Peter was a boy who refused to grow up.
he would fly out of his bedroom window
taking with him a few friends he also had a special
friend in Tinkerbell the fairy.
They had many adventures in Neverland and 
Peter had several skirmishes with Captain Hook
and a ticking crocodile.                     

Peter fighting with Captain Hook.

Eventually during their final skirmish Peter pushed Captain Hook into the Crocodile's jaws and wicked Hook was eaten... Hurrah !

Statue of Peter Pan in Kensington palace Gardens, London.
  (All the pictures on this post are by courtesy of Mr Google.)

Thanks to Denise Roger and Leslie, along with the special team of helpers for keeping this well loved meme running for a decade or more.

Best wishes to you all,
ABCW team.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

C for Cities

The City of  Bolzano in The Southern Tyrol.

This is a delicious plate of a cured pork which is lightly smoked in the farms in the surrounding mountains and pasturelands.

A selection of local hand
cheeses again derived from the cattle
that graze in the verdant pastures and mountainsides bedecked with fragrant herbs.

Delicious home made soup, made with a beef stock then fresh herbs and  vegetables also dumpling may be added.
This the the local tipple called Grappa, it is a distillate without additives or refining substances, It is a type of Pomace brandy and delicious served with Prosecco.

One of the stunning views on the drive to the City of Bolzano.

After making two attempts to write a CONTINUATION of my previous posts firstly about a visit to Austria then follwing on last week about a visit to the CITY of Bolzano in the Southern Tyrol.

My PC has decided to lose all the wordage and lovely pictures that I  had collected then put together for my meme. I am just trying to post some more pictures of the goes for the third attempt!

The Province of  Bolzano is dominated by it's majestic scenery  and pretty small towns, typical of a border area, where three cultures and languages live together in harmony i.e. Italian, German and Latin.

Time stands still in this breathtakingly beautiful part of  the Southern Tyrol.

Well I must finish after my third attempt, I hope it isn't too Cock-eyed....I CAN only say I tried !

(Please note that all the photographs on this site are taken by courtesy of various Google sites. You will see the names of the various photography firms in the watermark or beneath the picture. DW.)

My thanks to Denise Roger and Leslie and all the rest of the team for keeping ABCW running for so long and now looking forward to the Changes to Come in not too distant future,

Best wishes to all
ABCW team.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

B for The Brenner Pass.

The Brenner Pass.
 Last week I wrote about a wonderful holiday I had in Austria (Europe); Whilst we were there we took a trip to Northern Italy to see the magical mountain range of The Dolomites (part of the Alps).
 The Brenner Pass is a pass throgh the Alps , it forms a border between Austria and Italy;
 It is one of the principal passes of the Eastern Alpine range.

The Brenner Pass (mlddle right),

We stopped at  a most stunning sight it was of Lake Carezza; It has a beautiful backdrop of Pine trees and The Dolomites.

Lake Carezza.

We were heading for the City of Bolzana, in the heart of the Alps. it has a most interesting history which will saved for another time.
 Note the beautiful architecture.

The peak of The Dolomites.

  Yet another amazing trip over the Brenner Pass from Austria into the stunning scenery of Northern Italy.

Please note that all of the photographs on this meme are takenby courtesy of several Google sites, my thanks to the many talented photographers.DW.

My thanks to Denise, Roger Leslie and  team for making ABCW happen.
Best wishes Di.
ABCW team.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Z for Zither

Shirley Abicair playing her Zither.

When I was little I clearly remember a rather talented lady called Shirley Abicair who played the Zither and sang lots of jolly songs on the TV.

  She had a crystal clear voice and her Zither accom paniment was truly lovely.

 She discovered the Zither at the back of a cupboard when she was quite small and virtually taught herself to play, She lived in Adelaide in Australia before she came over to the UK and presented some childrens' TV programmes.

 The  Zither and Shirley were made for each other.

This is a concert Zither, it has a fret and not quite so basic as the one Shirley found in a cupboard many years ago.

The Austrian Zither also known as a Landleute and was very popular in Austria and Bavaria. It was also a popular folk music instrument called a Volkzither, this was around the beginning of the 19th century. 

Austrian lady playing the concert zither.

The highly acclaimed painter Franz vonDefregger (1835-1921). he is well known for his peasant genre and narrative painting..

Austrian peasant playing the  ZITHER .
As I've run out of  Z's I shall ZIP off for a quick zzzzz ( siesta time) but before I go i would like to thank the wonderful ZANY Denise who devised abcw all those years ago and the ever ZEALOUS Roger and his ZESTFUL assistant Leslie for doing what they do in keeping us writing our memes, Last but not least thanks to the team of assistants who help with the visits.  
Best wishes to you all for 2017..... Happy New Year. Di, xxx

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