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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


As it is more than a month since I wrote anything on my Blog and as several kind Bloggers have e-mailed me, to enquire of my well-being and whereabouts, I feel compelled to give you an update.
I am still struggling with health issues and up to my eyes in prescibed drugs it is difficult to find inspiration. With this in mind, I thought, perhaps I may have a general chit chat or even a 'rant'!

Here goes.......

DT and I are thoroughly depressed with the on-going financial failings of this awful Government. Everything we have both worked so hard for and saved for, to use in our retirement, is quckly fading away. When we both retired we were quite comfortably off, not now! We live in a quite large house which we would like to sell and buy something smaller but because of the current financial climate it is an impossible task without losing a lot of money. In the meantime we are using savings (what's left of them) to subsidise our outgoings.

Neither of us have ever been dependent upon the state, we have paid our taxes at higher rates and worked hard to save for later life. We are both in our early sixties and look forward to lots more happy years together

Then it was 1997 and along came NuLab...

'A new day has dawned has it not'?...... spouted the supercillious, grinning idiot Blair.....'No more boom and bust'....roared the brooding, so called, 'psycholgically flawed', Iron Chancellor Gordon'Prudence' Brown.

Our savings and investments (all in Blue Chip Companies), have lost three quarters of the value, in the time NuLab have been wrecking the economy, of this, once wonderful Country.
They are disappearing faster than an ice cube in the Sahara Desert.

I have been around long enough to see the damage sucessive Labour Governments can do to the economy, having worked in the Banking and Financial Services sector for most of my career.

My Father, who was a Master Printer and a staunch Socialist, was absolutely mortified when, at the age of eighteen that I announced I was going to vote Conservative. He launched into a lecture of how he and my mother had worked hard to make sure that I, and my siblings, had a good education, and 'this is how you repay us'. This made me smile because I knew, my mother, unbeknown to him, voted Conservative, however, to save the peace let him think she was of the same political persuasion as him.
I did point out to my Father, that the very reason he'd had made sure I'd had a good education was the very reason that I was able to form my own political opinions and not to be swayed by his assumed family tradition of voting labour. he harrumphed a bit but eventually we agreed to differ.

A few years later when he was managing a large printing works and having had several 'wild cat strikes' on his hands, he, according to my Mother, 'saw the light', and changed his vote to Conservative. he never did tell me about his change of heart. A lovely, kind but rather proud man was my Father.

Talk about a leopard changing his spots!

There....Rant over...I look forward to your comments my dear Blogging Chums!

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