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Monday, 16 March 2009

News up-date and stuff. Dedicated to EK.

At last I'm back on line after nearly four weeks without my PC, I had eighty eight e-mails to deal with and all kinds of rubish to clear before I could even begin to read all my favourite sites.
Not being able to do my weekly Ocado shop and having to struggle around the local Sainsbury's was no laughing matter, especially for a 'gal' like moi in such fragile health.
What's that expression now?....'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'!

Thankyou to everyone who has been enquiring of my well being and that of baby Christian.
Christian is really thriving and gaining weight and his Mama is really full of beans!
My brave girl has bounced back after such a traumatic time in childbirth. My heart swells with pride each time, I see or think of her and Christian.

RIP Rocket.

We've lost our family pet rabbit Rocket to a murderous fox from the local woods. It'd been hanging around for a few weeks obviously eyeing up the ingredients for his next banquet.
Although our garden was secure a neighbour had inadvertently removed a panel in the
fence and off Rocket went. He was murdered in another neighbour's garden and I assume, carried off to the woods.

There was nothing left but a bit of white and gold fur, thankfully no blood and guts!

He'd lived to the grand old age of 9 years. You can imagine how sad we feel....
I hope the Foxes enjoyed their banquet.
Heaven knows what we will tell the Grandchildren as they loved him so much, they played football with him and he alway patiently let them stroke him, not always as gently as instructed.
We are now down to two pets, Princess Chloe the Cat and Chico the Cockatiel.

I know all this is all very trivial but you did ask!

EK will know why I've dedicated this to him.

Anyway it's so good to be back on-line again. Now, I'm going to have a good read of all my favourite sites.

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