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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Shaky and Silver Linings.

The time that we have  been dreading, is upon us: Today my husband is going into hospital to have his triple by-pass(heart). The operation is scheduled for Wednesday am. He is the only patient in theatre that day so hopefully he will get star treatment . 

Also  a team of dialysis nurses will be looking after him keeping his kidneys functioning correctly. We are so fortunate in this country to have such a  wonderful health service, even though  a  lot of people complain about it, usually those that haven't contributed to it. Needless to say I'm rather Shaky, whilst himself still carries on in his usual cheery and Stoic manner.

Moi trying to keep calm !

Of course I have been  beset by the usual platitudes, such as, 'Don't worry they  perform these operations  every day '(not on my   husband they don't, I thought, most uncharitably) and 'My  uncle had that  operation when he  was  86 and he's still with us now, he's 92 And he's got all his own teeth!

Good old British Pantomime.

When I used to
'Strut my Stuff 'in Pantomime, I often played the part of Principal Boy, part of the role  involved chasing giants  in'Jack and the Beanstalk' or looking for a princess in 'Cinderella'.The role required me to sing various popular songs and one I particularly liked was 'Look for the Silver Lining', this was a delightful song because it offered optimism and hope I was just about 19 years of age I was young,

'in love' and engaged to be married. I was full of optimism for the future.

 A while ago I wrote about the most wonderful holiday in Austria. The beautiful cloud formation over the mountains certainly had many 'Silver Linings'. (The picture above was a view we encountered on a trip over the Bremmer Pass, travelling from Austria to the Northern Italy mountains called The Dolomites).

Look for the Silver Lining when'ere a cloud appears in the sky. 

Remember somewhere the Sun is Shining

So the right thing to do, is make Shine for you.

A heartful of joy and gladness will always banish

 Sadness and Strife, 

 So always look for the Silver Lining 

and try to find the Sunny Side of life.

Time to Sign off now and my Sincere thanks to the Sensational Denise for devising Abcw all those years ago. I thank Roger and Leslie who have worked Steadily to Showcase all the wonderful contributions of Abcw bloggers. Not forgetting the team of assistants who help with the time consuming job of visiting allotted memes.

best wishes,
from Di,
ABCW team. 
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

R stands for Robbie Burns.

Robert Burns was a world reknown poet, writer and lyricist. he was born in Scotland and wrote many splendid poems about his beloved Scotland. His words were often Romantic and were directed to his many loves. From reading about his life it seemed he fathered many children.

This is a favourite poem/lyric by Robbie Burns.

My love is like a red red rose      


  That's newly sprung in June 

 My love is like the  melody 

That's sweetly played in tune.

  As fair thou art my bonnie lass

 So deep in love am  I:

And I will love you still , my dear 

Till all the seas gang dry.

Till all the seas gang dry my dear

And the rock melts wi' the sun

And I will love thee, still  my dear,

While the sands o' life shall run                      
Robert Burns with his love Highland Mary. this poem is dedicated to her, so romantic!

And fare thee well a while          

And I will come again my love

Tho' it were were ten thousand mile.

I am dedicating the lovely ballad to my darling husband Ian . He has recently undergone kidney dialysis and is now preparing for open heart surgery, this will take place on Wednesday 17th of May, needless to say the Realisation of what is about to happen envelopes us both...countdown time....I'm wishing my life away, just wishing and hoping for it all to be over and for him to be fit and well again. His surgeon assures us he'll be a new man again.

Our thanks to Denise, Roger and leslie for keeping this much love mem running so well,
also to the team of helper who support Roger and co !
Best wishes,
ABCW team.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Q stands for Quiet

Oh!  How I love Peace and Quiet.  NOW ! 

But back in the day.........

Well ! I do now but going back several decades that just wasn't the case, I didn't know what 'QUIET' was. I believe i was the noisiest girl in the school and was always getting scolded for talking in class when I should be QUIET ! 

It wasn't that I was stupid, quite the contrary, I was actually Quite bright. Apparently, I used to get so excited when the teacher, the Quirky, Miss Nevesen, took class and she would ask questions and as  I thought I always knew the answer, I used to get beside myself with excitement, and jump up and down shrieking to get her attention, of course she ignored me and let the more timid children answer. Inevitably, I would sit glowering at her until I was told to sit in the corner and put the dunces hat on. 

Miss Neveson would wear her National costume on special occasions, I know she was Scandinavian and had come to England during WW2 with her family to escape persecution by the Natzis who had invaded their land. 

I  remember the Queen's Coronation in 1953 and Miss Nevesen wore her National Costume, she really looked lovely but not as lovely, as our new young  QueenElizabeth,  She looked beautiful.

The picture of the Scandinavian lady (left) is as near to as I can remember. After my bad start in Miss Nevensen's class we became Quintessentially the best of friends, she taught me so much and most of all, how to keep Quiet and listen 

! It's amazing how much one learns by Quietly paying attention and listening.

H R H Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. She is dressed in full Coronation Regalia.

When I was in my second year in the Infants  in Broad Square School I looked froward to friday afternoons because we had 'Quiet Time' in the school library, we could read to our 'hearts content' then pick two books to take home to read to our parents. Also incorporated in our 'Quiet time'we wer given a list ofspelling competition and my prize was.... 

After Miss Nevesen taught me how to keep 'Quiet' I was rewarded by her asking me to read a text from my favourite book, which was Heidi by Johanna  Spyri.

Heidi is a delightful story of the events in her life of a young girl in her grandfather's care. It is one of the best selling books ever written.

Notice to readers: I had written more about Heidi but my PC has decided to cut part of it off,???
There is still something wrong so my apologies for unwittingly for publishing only half of what I had originally written,

Thanks to Denise, Roger, Leslie and the tea of helpers for keeping this wonderful meme going.
ABCW team.

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