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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mrs Nesbitt's space

Exactly one week ago today, we actually met Denise from 'Mrs Nesbitt's Space' Blog Site. As arranged, we called in on our way home from our trip to Northumberland.

What a warm welcome we received too!

Aye, there's nowt like Yorkshire hospitality!

It was quite a long drive from Berwick on Tweed to the tiny village of Liverton, in North Yorkshire, but so worth it to meet Denise.
As instructed, I phoned Denise to say we had arrived in the village; Apparently, all the houses in the village have the same Post Code, just to confuse the nice lady on Sat Nav !
We turned into Denise's lane and there she was, standing in the middle of it, waving an enormous Union Jack. I roared with laughter as she flagged us down....I felt like royalty, particularly as close friends call me 'Lady Di'....
We met the hens, May, Bev, Margie, Eva, Olwyn and my God Daughter hen, Mabel.
Freida the Alsation was particularly pleased to meet us and gave us both a jolly good licking.
We didn't really meet the other Alsation Elsie, as she has behavioural problems and is not averse to taking a chunk out of you, when she pleases. Apparently she is a one man dog and adores Denise's husband, Jon.
Unfortunately we were too late to meet Jon but will do one day soon, when they come down to Liverpool.
Elsie was a rescue dog, I do think it particularly brave and kind of Denise and John in doing this, anyone else may have given up on her, particularly as she gave Denise a nasty bite on her lip.
We were served us a delicious lunch of Chilli Beef, Curried Vegetables with lovely large, Yorkshire, baked potatoes, smothered in butter....Absolutely delicious. To follow she had made especially, for moi, my favourite cake....Lemon Drizzle.
We sat and chatted and laughed, it was if we had known each other for ages!
Eventually, we said our goodbyes and left for the second part of our journey home.
As we were leaving Denise presented us with, six delicious new laid eggs from the hens, each with the hen's name on it, a goody bag containing two delicious hand made beef pies, from her local butcher, a bag of the scrummy yorkshire potatoes, that we sampled earlier and, last but not least, was a little China spoon rest with a hen painted on it.
Such kindness, particularly as Denise knows how much I love new laid eggs.
The china spoon rest, takes pride of place beside the kettle, in my kitchen, so each time I have a 'cuppa', I am reminded of our meeting, and smile to myself!
The Meat pies, were delicious and were devoured, with baked potatoes and mushy peas for supper, when we arrived home.
Thank you, so much, Denise, for making our meeting such a memorable occasion. It was surely 'The Icing on the Cake', after our delightful holiday in Northumberland....which I am just about to write about.....Watch this space!

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