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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Two Baptisms and One Wedding.

On Saturday 4th July 2009 our darling Daughter Ingrid married her long time love and partner of 12 years Michael.
The following day their two lovely babies were baptised into the Roman Catholic Church, Olivia Grace aged 3 and Christian Zane aged 6 months.

At the wedding, Ingrid was given away by her Step-Daddy, my beloved Darling Trubes.
Certainly brought tears to my eyes when DT walked her down the aisle.
Olivia was the chief bridesmaid and Christian was the best man. The Registrar commented that Christian was the youngest best man that he could ever recall.
The ceremony was particularly moving, bearing in mind Christian's traumatic arrival in January.

When the ceremony was over Olivia danced down the aisle swinging on her parents arms and Christian exercised his perogative, as babies do, and slept soundly.
He was, however, awake during the proceedings, and tried to join in on one occasion, only to be unceremoniously carried off by an auntie, for refuelling!

The Reception was held in a local hall, which started with an advance party for 35 children to celebrate the forthcoming Baptisms.
A childrens' entertainer was there keeping them occupied...really great fun, (honestly).
It's amazing how a glass of champers or six charges the spirits. All the children went home at 7pm and the adults carried on with the celebrations.

A truly perfect day for a perfectly matched couple.

Next day Olivia and Christian were welcomed into the church with their four Aunties as Godparents.
Although I was raised in the Church of England, I truly felt a strong calling to the Roman Catholic faith. The service was inspiring.

Who knows? A conversion could be in order!

Afterwards we celebrated, yet again, with a barbecue and .......yes you've guessed....more Champagne....Absolutely fabulous!....hic..

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