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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Yonca's Retreat.

During this round of  ABCW  I have written quite a lot about our many trips around Turkey, we have stayed in 4 and 5*Hotels,  A Mountain Hut, (loosely described as a rustic pension) complete with holes in the roof, we discovered this during  a scary storm orchestrated by the loudest thunder and fork lightning, which was streaking across the turquoise blue lake beneath us, and stripping the bark off the surrounding fir trees. The exceedingly rude owner,  ignored our requests to move to another room, even though rain water was cascading down the walls... His attitude was a shrug and a 'what do you expect, this is a mountain lodge, and yes, it does rain!


After the storm, then a beautiful sunset.

The fire was lit to dry out the rather damp guests


The next day we managed to pin down the holiday manager who immediately arranged for us to transfer to

Yonca's Retreat

What a delightful retreat YONKA'S place is , We were greeted by herself and a very friendly golden retriever called Bertie who wagged hi tail so energetically that he almost lost his balance, He was to be our best friend of the holiday.


It was just like walking into a secret garden.

Yonca  was a very talented lady, she would write all day long and then indulge in her art work, we would often see her sitting down by the harbour sketching away.

The name of the place where Yonca's Retreat is situated is called Kalkan, It is in a delightful part of The Turkish Riviera and has lots of tiny boats and yachts bobbing around in the beautiful turquoise waters.

Beyond the harbour there are lots of quaint little shops purveying aromatic herbs and spices, the aromas are divine. There are a lot of roof top restaurants serving delicious Turkish cuisine.

The views across the town and the harbour and looking toward the mountains are sublime.

Oh how I yearn to visit Turkey again but sadly my failing health is against me! Also the political climate in my favourite countries are deemed to be high risk areas for British tourists.
Maybe we can revisit Austria and do a spot of Yodelling !
There! decision made..Yodelling in Austria...our next holiday destination and we could probably take a leisurely drive through Europe via the Euro Tunnel.
My sincere thanks to the lovely Yorkshire lass, Denise for devising ABCW and also to the ever Youthful Roger for doing what he does, so well!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

X stands for XBox

A poem by Ken Nesbitt
Xbox Xbox,
 you're the one for me,
I also love my 3DS
and my Nintendo Wii. 
Gamecube, Gameboy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in love this much.
Pac-man, Sonic,
Mario and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
In everlasting ink.
Run, jump, flip, hang,
double-jump and climb.
That's all I want to do
with every second of my time.
This is true love
Yes it's plain to see
X box X box
will you marry me?

Ken Nesbitt is an American children's poet. he was named Children's Poet laureate in 2013 by The Poetry Foundation. His writings often include imagery of outrageous happenings, before ending on a realistic note. he's a wonderful writer, so I urge you to Google him and read some of his stuff, well worth a read !


My sincere thanks to our eXuberant Denise for devising ABCW and also to Roger for his eXactitude in administrating ABCW

Without these two eXceptional people and the band of eXcellent helpers. ABCW would not be here so to quote Roger "Thank you for all you do".


Monday, 8 June 2015

Vistas and visions of Liverpool

View  of the Pier Head and the  visually stunning waterfront.


I thought I'd let the camera do the talking showing Liverpool at it's very best.        It's been a busy few weeks around our beloved city.

 The Three Queens sailing majestically up The River Mersey for Cunard's 175 Anniversary  Celebrations.  See the vision of The Red Arrows Aerobatics Display team.

The Queen Mary berthed at The Pier Head Liverpool.

Vision of the three original Queen Liners

After the spectacular Cunard celebrations then came

The 2015 International  River Mersey Festival with the Tall Ships sailing into port.
Majestic Tall Ship in full sail entering the glorious Liverpool Bay.


Berthed in the famous Albert Dock.

Sailing past The Royal Liver Buildings. Notice the also famed Liver Birds atop each tower.


So here I sail away leaving some wonderful VISIONS of my beloved city Liverpool, I do hope you have enjoyed learning more about my home town.


Many thanks to the veritable Denise for devising ABCW, who, at present is VROOMING around The Isle of Man with her husband Jon, and enjoying The TT Races!

 and also to Roger our most valued administrator..

 We too,  thank him for what he does, so valiantly!

Best wishes,

ABCW team.

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