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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N is for Neighbours


 Everybody needs good neighbours

 with a little understanding

 you can find the perfect blend

 Neighbours should be there for one and other

 That's when good neighbours become good friends.

These are the lyrics to the world renown soap opera
  It is based in Ramsey Street Australia,
The tales evolve round the comings and goings of the
neighbours, all very interesting and heart warming too!
Several of the character sprang to fame in the music industry
 including Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

We have wonderful neighbours and have shared many joyous occasions
 including special birthdays, Christmas and New Year parties and so on,

The most special neighbours are the family who live next door,

 'The Nygaards'
There are the two boys aged 22 and 17,
 then Mum and Dad Karl and Anna.

We've been friends for 21 years from the day they moved in when the elder son was just
 eighteen months old. Within a short space of time we would be invited around for meals,
 Anna is a lovely cook, she is half Italian and creates some stunning Mediterranean dishes.
When they visit us I often make one of my special Lamb Curries which they love,
 or even a good old British roast.

The Nicest time is the Summertime, then all kinds of Nocturnal events occur,  ladies rustling up delicious salads, bowls of steaming hot buttered New Potatoes with perhaps some marinated chicken or beef and king prawns.
 The menfolk stand around the Barbie having a beer and a good Natter and offering tips to the Notable  Chef de Barbie of that Night.
Naturally  the ladies will enjoy a few glasses of a Naughty little Napa Valley Rose.` 
We have a great little café called The Neighbourhood which serves all  sorts of delicious meals and snacks, people often meet there to discuss local issues too, which is important too my thriving Neighbourhood.........I really can't think  of a  Nicer place to live .  

My thanks to the Nurturing Mrs Nesbitt for making ABC Wednesday happen and the Noble Roger for Negotiating his way around and keeping us all Neat and tidy in our literary endeavours.



  1. You would be the best neighbours ever...especially if you invited us to your scrumptious-sounding meals! Lorne loves to barbecue so he'd always off to be the chef du jour! :D

    abcw team

  2. You would be most welcome too Leslie and Lorne...who knows what's around the corner?
    Thank you for your kind comments, whatever you say always lifts my heart,
    love Di xx

  3. I only wish that we had your neighbours. We have the neighbours from hell!

  4. I'll find out if vinogirl is making a rose on my next visit.

  5. Yes I agree ,it is great to have good neighbours like I did in the Royal Air Force and my best mate Carol and Pete.. I have good neighbours here , but not the type to see everyday or invite round ,, in fact some weeks we don't even see each other . But I do know that if I needed help I could go to them and I do know there names.. Where I used to live was different and we lived in a cul de sac , we used to have parties and go for cuppas .. had to move because of hubby's job. xox

  6. Growing up, Thud and I had the worst neighbours. Thud now has great neighbours and I have a 50% average, such is life :)

  7. Absolutely Trubes!

    And 'Neghbours' was the founding of Scroblene as well!

    But they are much more famous of course..;0)

  8. Hell Cheshire wife:
    Sorry to read you have 'Neighbours from hell', there's nothing worse.
    Is there nothing you can do to stop their bad behaviour ?
    My friends had a load of students move in to the house adjoining theirs, when it was put the rental market. Wild parties ensued so when the students were 'sleeping it off' the next day, the friends played extremely loud opera all day long, they did it a few times until the carousers got the message! Fortunately the house was sold to young family, thankfully, no more noise.

  9. Hi Thud: I developed a liking for Rose whilst when on holiday in Provence, one of my favourite holiday spots....
    It evokes memories of lazy lunches in a little café overlooking the beach and dining on delicious skate wings in butter sauce or even a simple seafood Pizza all washed down with a bottle of the local Rose...cost at about 2 Euros a bottle...Aye happy days !
    Hope Vino Girl produces some for you,
    love Di.xx

  10. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by.
    We have been very lucky with our neighbours, particularly the present ones I've written about, it's like having an extended family living next door. We've had such fun with them over the years, they even came to youngest daughter's wedding a couple of years ago.

    love Di.xx

  11. Hi Vino Girl, I hope you're producing some Rose wine this year for when Thud arrives? I've been stimulating his taste buds with tales of Provence and their lovely Rose wine...
    Sorry your neighbours are only 50% the other 50% could make life so much better!
    Good luck with your crop this year.

    Best wishes Di.x

  12. Haven't watched Neighbours for ages! I wonder if I'd recognise anyone.


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