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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

M is for Mother love,

I cannot describe the joy I felt when my first daughter Kirsten was born, there was this tiny little being humming quietly, taking in her first breaths of humanity.

How did her daddy and I manage to create  such a model of perfection,  she had an auburn cast to her curly hair and the brightest blue eyes I ever did see.

My GP, (Doctor) was a Scotsman called  Murdoch McLeod,  he looked after me all through the pregnancy, His appearance was a bit scary, he  had a shock of red hair and huge bushy eye brows. 
Despite his scary appearance he was a marvellous Medical Practitioner.
For the first two weeks of Kirsten's life he would call round to make sure Mother  and Baby were making  good progress, I also had a Midwife looking after me,
 this was  during  the  70's  when there was such excellent  Care  in the Community,
 How things have changed ! 

My dear mother Margaret came to stay with us and she cooked marvellous meals,  to sustain the new Mum and Dad, whilst getting to know this tiny little miracle of birth.

There was a lovely song around then by Elton John and the first line was
'Blue eyes, baby's got blue eyes, like a deep blue sea watching over me'

I used to nurse my little miracle and sing this song  whilst feeding her, and she stared at me intently, with her beautiful blue eyes.

Moving Moments and Marvellous Memories

In the following years I gave birth to two  more little miracles, Ingrid and Astrid, thus making the family complete 

Now we have our three Marvellous Daughters, who have produced four Mischievous grandchildren, two Pugs and five cats...thus, the........

. Making of our Marvellous Family.

My  thanks  to the  marvellous Mrs Nesbitt for creating  ABC Wednesday and the  merited  Roger for his administrative skills.


  1. It never fails to amaze does it? the ability to create such little jewels of perfection.

  2. M is also for the lovely Memories you have shared with us :-)

  3. Ah, Di! Your musing was a marvelous success with you coming up with the ultimate in love - that of a mother. Now both of us grandmothers, we can look back with magnificent joy at the happiness our daughters and grandchildren bring us.

    abcw team

  4. M is for marmalade which I now love after years of hating it!

  5. Hi Thud, thanks for dropping by, 'Jewels of perfection' indeed'!
    When I thought I could never love a child more than my own along came four little 'Jewels', wonderful grandchildren.
    Enjoy your holiday with your lovely family,
    best wishes Di.xx

  6. Hello Cherie,
    lovely to hear from you, glad you liked my 'memories', my family is everything to 'me', they bring such joy,
    love di,xx

  7. Hi Leslie,
    good to hear from you, it is wonderful being a Mum, and grandmas too, a blessing indeed.
    Bet you're getting the jitters now your 'Marriage Day' draws nearer,
    Love Di.xx

  8. Flowerpot:
    How can you not have liked Marmalade for so long, I love it, now that your taste buds have reawaken to the taste of it, have you tried any of the Chivers range, one of my favourites.
    Hope you are still getting stronger day by day,
    love Di..xx

  9. Mother love is like no other. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  10. Hi Trubes! What a lovely tribute to motherhood! Thank you so much.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  11. Carver...So true, it certainly has been the most bounteous event in my life,

    Best wishes,


  12. Reader Wil.
    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Best wishes,

  13. Wonderful. And, yes, care was different then.

  14. So sorry Trubee that I haven't called by till now. Surely M is for Martinez, and after today, Manchester City?


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