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Monday, 10 August 2015

E For Edward Lear,

Edward Lear (1812-1888) was a poet and an illustrator.  He was talented in many fields, including music and in particular, famed for his wonderful nonsense poetry and limericks .


At the age of 16,  Edward Lear was employed by The Zoological Society as an ornithological draughtsman. Then, from 1832-1836 he was employed by The Earl of Derby who had a menagerie, at his stately home and estate, known as Knowsley Hall, in Liverpool UK. (My home town.)

Edward Lear's first publication in 1830 was 'Illustrations of The Family of  Parrots'. The paintings were well received and compared favourably with the works of John James Audubon.

Edward Lear's early paintings of the parrots for his illustrated book. 

I cannot write about Edward Lear without sharing a couple of his amusing limericks, of course I'm tempted into 'going into one' again (a description by my daughters of moi when I get a little over enthusiastic).... you may recall I covered 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat on an earlier ABCW and as I've been EULOGIZING for quite long ENOUGH, I'll just throw in a couple of limericks from the fabled Edward Lear

There was an old man of the South,

 Who had an immoderate mouth

 But in swallowing a dish that was quite full of fish,

 He was choked, that old man of the South.

There was an old man of the North,

Who fell in a basin of broth,

But a laudable cook,

Fished him out with a hook,

Which saved the Old Man of The North.

That's ENOUGH for now..... I'm  EXHAUSTED....

My thanks to the  ENDEARINGLY lovely Denise, for devising ABCW and also  Roger, the EPITOME of EXCELLENCE in his quest to keep us all in order!
Oh! and not forgetting the team of helpers assisting them..Di xx



  1. Endearing limericks and show his sense of humour. How did you ever know about him?

    abcw team

  2. Leslie:
    I learned all about Edward Lear at school. I'm a great fan, some of his nonsense prose is hilarious, one that comes to mind is 'The Pobble Who has no Toes' and of course, my all time favourite, 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'
    If you go to my Trubes blog in 2014 and scroll down to 'Octopus and an Odd Ode' you will see it .

    There are lots of his works on-line for you to peruse. @
    Part of this site has his work written and recited.
    I bet your grandchildren would enjoy them too!.

    Love Di.
    ABCW team.

  3. Until now I had read only 'The duck and the kangaroo' once while surfing the net but will surely look for more of his work. Thought he wrote for children... thanks for the post...

  4. Hi Ira,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    I don't think I've read The duck and the kangaroo,
    so I shall have check it out.
    If you look at my reply to Leslie I have given her
    the name of the site with a lot of his works and Wikepeadia
    tells you all about him , I'm sure you know that already,
    Nice to talk,
    Best wishes,
    Di. ABCW team.


  5. What a wonderful and interesting entry !
    Loved to read it... never heard of him before.

    Melody (abc-w)

  6. These limericks are so enjoyable, I will have to investigate him more. The illustrations are lovely.

  7. Is this the Lear from Paperback Writer?


  8. Wonderful illustrations and enjoyable limericks.

  9. A very fun and informative choice for the letter E!

  10. Ha, ha, ha...! It is a fun week we are having now! Thanks for the post.
    Best wishes.
    Wil, ANCW Team

  11. I love limericks and dear old Lear was probably the best at writing them.

  12. An interesting poet..first time knowing about him.Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love Edward Lear,next to Ogden Nash...

  14. I completely love limericks - they're smart and so funny. PS: I like people who 'go into' things - it speaks of passion.
    BeatAboutThe Book

  15. Don't know him, but like the poeme

    ABC Wednesday

  16. Edward Lear sounds like the kind of friend I like to have. Happy ABC Wednesday! #46

  17. There was a man named Lear
    Who held onto everyone's ear
    He was a poet
    Though he didn't know it
    Now he's in history books here.

  18. To all the kind people who have left comments on my ABCW take on the letter E,
    I thank you sincerely.
    Unfortunately due to family commitments,
    I will not be able to answer each comment individually, as I usually
    Hopefully, back to normal next week.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  19. I LOVE Edward Lear so thanks for that Di! XX

  20. I had to go re-read The Owl and the Pussy-Cat before commenting. I appreciate Lear's imagination and wit a lot more in my "old" age. I remember it from school days. I don't know why we also didn't study a bit about the authors of the poetry and stories we read. I thought Edward Lear lived in the 20th century. Maybe we did and my mind went to other places. Now, I must go find more Lear to read. Thanks, Di. Have a great week.

    By the way, the Mama grew something new in her garden the other day.

  21. Used to know a one time valet of Lord Derby, got to go on the estate several times, it was fantastic!

  22. Great article. it adds my knowledge :)

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