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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

B for Banking and Beatles

I started my working days at Lloyds Bank Executor and Trustee Company in the magnificent India Buildings Liverpool.

This is the entrance to India Buildings.

 I felt so proud and fortunate to work in such splendid surroundings. Running through the centre of the building was Holt's Arcade which housed several small businesses.


Holts Arcade. Wonderful architectural details, just look at that ceiling!

These were truly exciting days for me,

My first job and own bank account, complete with a cheque book  bearing my name.

 Now that I was working I was expected to pay my way in the household. I remember asking my mother should I pay in cash or would she like a cheque....much to snorts of derision from my slightly older brother, commenting that she should take the cash as my cheque would probably bounce..... There was always a little sibling banter between us!

Working for Lloyds Bank gave me many opportunities in life such as going to a city college on day release and taking specialised exams in financial subjects, and furthering my education in several other relevant subjects. I just loved it, I felt so grown up, being able to buy my own clothes, have my hair styled in a posh city hairdressers and going out for business lunch with my work mates, on pay day....Oh how grown up and independent I felt.

I can't possibly talk about this most impressive era in my life without mentioning.....



They were the most talented and famous group to emerge in the sixties and we fellow Liverpool people had a front row seat watching their meteoric rise to International fame.

 After watching them perform in local clubs and town halls around Liverpool, we all knew they were something very special. They used to play at a cellar club in the city called


My very best friend Barbie and I used to dash out at our lunch break every Friday to watch many of the talented groups that were around, including The Beatles.
These were such heady days that I shall never forget, the Beatles played such an important part in my life.

When The Beatles made their triumphant return to  Liverpool, after taking the world stage by storm, our boss at the bank let us leave work early so that we could see them arrive at The Liverpool Town Hall for a Civic Reception with Mr and Mrs Mayor.

On the balcony at the town hall.

The crowds pressing forward toward the Town Hall, along Castle St in Liverpool, all eager to get a glimpse of their favourite band.
The white building on the top left of the picture is where Barbie and I stood to get a glimpse of our beloved Beatles... Grandstand view!  .

..Barbie and I were at the very front of the crowds and  a kindly policeman let us slip under the barrier, as fans were in danger of getting crushed,  many girls fainted in the clamber. 

We were so lucky, when the boys got out of their limousine, we were so close, that I managed to touch Paul's arm.

 200,000 fans lined the streets to welcome them home from their successful trip to America.


Performing on The Ed Sullivan Show in the US.

They'd made it in The US... to follow..The World Tour and we all know the rest!


My sincere thanks to the brilliant Denise for having the bravado in devising abcwednesday and also to the bookish Roger for being the backbone  in his administration. 



  1. Wonderful memories and history! Oh how excited I was to watch the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show here in the states! Great post of the letter B.

  2. What great memories. You worked in such a grand building - lucky you! And super lucky to see The Beatles in Liverpool! The closest I ever got to the Beatles was watching them on the Ed Sullivan show. Their music is timeless - I still love listening to all those great songs. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I envy you the Beatles memories of the time. Wwhenever I visit Liverpool, I head straight for the refurbished Cavern. Lovely City.

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  5. Liverpudlians (sp?) are right to be proud of a great song team.

  6. That building looks fabulous. I would love to have the opportunity to photograph it, inside and out :-)

  7. Great pics! This is indeed a Brilliant take on 'B'. :)
    Happy ABCW!

  8. Brilliant Trubes! What fabulous memories and pictures too...

  9. I've actually met Paul since Roger but that's another story!


  10. Hi Ellen, thanks for dropping by. I can remember the furore they caused when they were in the US, we were bombarded with newsreels of them and a local cinema screen their first concert there, nothing could be heard except screams...golden days for all.

    Di x

  11. Hi Susan,
    I was honoured to work in such magnificent surroundings heady days indeed.
    John and Paul only lived a short drive away from where we live now so we often se The Beatles tour bus go by on their tour of Liverpool.
    There's a fine Beatles Museum at The Albert dock on the fine waterfront in Liverpool ,


  12. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you like the Cavern Club, They made a good job of the refurbished site but doesn't have the same atmosphere as the original...Who else had Cilla Black serving soup and hot dogs at lunch time, she was the hat check girl and the cloakroom had a café to the side of it...well before the Health and Safety mafia!

  13. Cherie . Hi, it is a wonderful building. There are so many fine building in Liverpool . Later on I worked in The Port of Liverpool Building which, in a different way is equally as fine.
    There are dozens of beautiful building in Liverpool, which I know you would love to photograph, just haven't enough space or time now to tell you about...perhaps a quick google would give you more information,
    Love di..xx

  14. Indrani,
    thanks for dropping by and your kind comments, most welcome!

    Best wishes,

  15. Hi FP,
    thanks for your kind comments, I never forget the golden days of my youth.... grounding for my future which has been varied but in the main, very happy,

    love di..xx

  16. Terrific anything to do with the Beatles♪

  17. Hi Trubes, first of all , you are doing so well with ABC , I saw your invite to join but I don't think it is for me , I am not a writer like you. I think it would be too hard for me to put together something each time, but thank you for the suggestion.

    Anyway what a fabulous post , you have such great memories, and you sound excited as you write about it . Well done once again xoxo

  18. I was mesmerized by the Ed Sullivan show, my Dad however thought their hair was scandalous!! I knew every word to every song. My first job was in 1966 and I felt just the same way you did! You did have a fabulous surrounding.

  19. Di, this is an amazing post. I knew you were from there and all, but I gasped when you write that you were so close that you got to touch Paul's arm! *SCREAM* lol See you soon, I hope, on my next trip as I plan to spend more time exploring Liverpool.

    abcw team

  20. Hello Anne, good to hear from you and your kind comments.
    You are very modest in saying you are not a writer!
    One only have to look at you blog site, you write so eloquently about you trips around France that You contradict yourself. Your writing flows naturally and with great enthusiasm and interest....
    After all, who was it that has encouraged and helped me to get my blog going again? Yes! Guilty as charged...'Anne from Oxfordshire'.....
    Go check her blog site out folks, it's well worth a read!
    Anne took me, step by step, in posting pictures and transferring snaps from my Blackberry, also taking pictures from Google and transferring photo's from my new Panasonic Lumix camera to my PC.
    All this was done over the internet patiently, piece by piece.
    I do understand that you are very busy work wise though.
    Any way thanks you so much for your kind support and help.
    Love Di..xx

  21. Hi Ann,
    so lovely to hear from you again, thanks for your kind comments.
    My Dad too, said that Beatles should have a haircut.
    However, he quite liked their music, particularly when our dear Mum used to sing along to their catchy songs.
    Love Di.x

  22. Lmkaz.
    thanks for your kind comments and so pleased you like The Beatles,they really were unique in their performance and writing too.

    Best wishes,


  23. Tanya,
    Thanks for dropping by and your comments.
    The Beatles truly were phenomenal, I still smile and feel so pleased that I was a teenager and involved in the golden era of The Beatles in Liverpool. Truly wonderful!
    Best wishes,

  24. Leslie,
    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, I am so grateful for your support in helping me to kick start writing on my blog again.
    When we met at The Albert Dock in Liverpool for dinner during your 'whistle stop tour' of the UK, the time passed so quickly that there just wasn't enough time even to talk about The Beatles.
    Next time you are in the UK we shall have to do part two of our life tales! I look forward to that with relish!
    Liverpool has so much history attached to it including the beginning and abolition of Slavery, Shipping, Musicians, Theatre, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra....Poets, Writers, Comedians, Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants Cathedrals, Magnificent churches, Mosques, Synagogues... and not forgetting the lovely Waterfront.
    I have decided to dedicate this round of abcw to my beloved City, where I can....
    See what you've started Leslie,
    Love Di xx

  25. The Beatles were the first pop group I liked!
    Thank for your nice comment. Yes I am in Norway now enjoying the tour in the south of the country.
    Have a great weekend.
    wil, ABCW. Team

  26. It's great to have a theme isn't it? So looking forward to your future posts. We have visited Liverpool only once and it was quite by chance. Great stuff, again good to have you aboard.
    Denise x

  27. Hello Mrs Nesbitt,
    Good to hear from you and thank you for yours kind comments.
    I am grateful to you too because by your devising of 'abcw' it has given me, and many others the opportunity to write about all and sundry.
    In the short time of writing on 'abcw' I have made some lovely and interesting friends from all across the world.
    Quite a few in the US and Canada, Australia, India. Holland, Belgium and of course the UK.
    This has really opened up new horizons for me and I'm already working on my next one.
    Love Di.xx

  28. Hello Reader Wil,
    good to hear from you and thank you for your kind comments.
    The Beatles were such fun and so talented. Liverpool has always been a place full of talented people.
    I have decided to keep my theme through this round 'abcw' dedicated to my wonderful city, of Liverpool. I'm sure there will be plenty to write about, (fingers crossed).
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday in Norway,
    love Di.x

  29. Dear Trubes , you have made me blush , thank you for your amazing support , yes I suppose I am guilty of getting you back to Blogging , but look at you fly :-) xoxo

  30. hello dear Anne, I guess I just needed a push in the right direction.
    Sounds awful I know but when I got to the near top of my tree professionally, I had a PA and I just walked the talk....if you know what I mean..
    A bit of a generational thing!
    I only became interested in the cyber inter thingy world when the Rheumatoid Arthritis got a grip of me...Rats !
    So here we are now!
    talking to, one of my very best
    blogging friends ever.
    With love,
    di.. xx

  31. Ha! you made me homesick.

  32. Hi Thud,
    how can you be homesick when you are having such a fab holiday in the US...
    I though you would my B story ie Buildings and Beatles.
    I know almost everybody knows of the Beatles but not too many are aware of the wonderful architecture in and around Liverpool,
    enjoy your well earned holiday,
    love di..xx

  33. You saw the Beatles???? I am sooooo jealous.

  34. Liz I not only saw The Beatles perform live at The Cavern, I met Pau McCartney in a traffic Jam in Liverpool, we sat alongside him, chatting for about 5mins, he played his latest record for us (She loves you) He was driving an Aston Martin and had an state of the art 6 track tape player....real wow factor in those days!
    His Dad was sitting next smiling very proudly, as he had the right to be!
    A Magic moment in Di's life !

    love di xx


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