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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Sea and the Seaside.

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
I do like to be beside the sea!
I do like to stroll along the prom prom  prom:
Where the brass bands  play
'Tiddly-om pom pom.

This little ditty is a popular  old music hall song which was written in 1930.
It  reminds me of my childhood, holidays spent on the Isle of Anglesey
North Wales.
There would be a local brass band playing on the promenade, always starting with the ' Seaside' ditty,  along with other popular music of the day. 

The parents would sit snoozing in deck chairs whilst my brother and I entertained ourselves by building sandcastles, we created moats around them and dashed back and forth,
filling our buckets with the in coming sea.

Big brother devised a plan by building a channel to divert the sea into the moat. however he didn't take into account the speed of the tide, which was great because the moat was soon full, but not so great because dear Mama, who was wearing her prized white kid sandals, was soon to be swamped and surrounded by the merciless tide, thus soaking her favourite footwear,

To say, she was not amused was an understatement !
The white kid sandals did not appear again during the holiday!

 Dear father saved the day and took her to a local shoe store and treated her to another pair of white  sandals, although the were not  made of kid skin ...
.Good old Pa sure saved the day. 

We are about to set off again for another holiday on the island , it's about a  2hour drive from our home, which suits us just fine now
There are so many gorgeous beaches around and lots of seafood eateries.
 We usually take a picnic to the beach, (as pictured above).

 Often we buy  Dressed Crab  from a local fisherman's wife, she has a Shack down by the beach, where she lovingly prepares his daily catch.

 Sometimes we splash out and buy a Large Dressed Lobster for our picnic,
 I prepare a large bowl of crunchy salad and coleslaw, along with a freshly baked Welsh loaf, from the nearby working Mill,
 (I shall write more about the Mill when we return from our holiday)! 
 I am not able to swim anymore, but, I sure can SPLASH !

 Fortunately the  Sea is shallow, so Dearest will hold my arms so that I can exercise my failing legs and feel the benefit of the Sea water, which is considered to be of great benefit to people with Rheumatic disorders.

I love the Seaside.......Simple sandy salty........ SUPERB!

The delicious Dressed Crab........ SENSATIONAL...

My thanks to  the Scintillating Denise for devising ABCW and the Socratic Roger for being such a Sound Administrator.....


  1. I too love singing FP and have sung in several choirs over the years,


  2. Great story - I can just imagine your mother being out of sorts! Is the island "Anglesey"? I seem to recall your mentioning going there often.

    abcw team

  3. Yes it is Anglesey Leslie, my mother, shall we say, had certain standards! White Kid Sandals were the order of the day, that's why she was so miffed, when encouraged the sea to engulf them... he he!
    I thought I'd mentioned the Island being Anglesey, I'll check it over and amend if necessary...
    Thanks for your comments,

  4. Leslie Anglesey is mentioned in the second paragraph xxx

  5. I am not familiar with that tune!
    Yes, I imagine you did, and still do, have fun by the sea.

  6. What a wonderful post about your holidays. You can tell stories and make me feel as if I am with you on the beach. Have a great day tomorrow!
    Wil, ABCW .

  7. So many S-words. Who knew? It all sounds delightful...the sea and the seashore and the seafood!

    Thanks for stopping by My Front Porch and leaving a comment. So nice to meet you!

  8. Wonderful story and shots. I love the seaside. Carver, ABCW-Team

  9. What a wonderful story! I just lvoe the seaside xx Your pics are amazing!

  10. Delightful trip to the SeaShore.
    Beautiful memories even though your Mom lost her favorite shoes.
    You made me so hungry looking at the crab photo. Yum!

  11. Just found your lovely blog from visiting Flowerpot Days. Great memories and stories. Rena x

  12. Hi Rena, welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your kind comments...I get by writing about happy times, particularly as I'm not so mobile, really looking forward to our forthcoming holiday on The Isle of Anglesey,

    Best wishes,

  13. Photowannabe,

    Hello, thanks for stopping by and your comments..
    The dressed crab was prepared by a fisherman's wife in her Seafood Shack by the beach.

    best wishes,

  14. Christina Pop,
    Hello and thanks for your kind comments.
    I think most people are drawn to the seaside as it evokes happy memories of childhood,

    Best wishes,

  15. Hi Carver, thanks for your kind comments, glad you liked the shots!


  16. Thud, hi, thanks for dropping

    Happy memories indeed!
    We'll be there again quite soon,
    hope you and the lovely Mrs T and the baby T's are well and happy,

    love di.x

  17. Judy-My Front Porch:
    Hello Judy, delighted to meet you too!
    I found it quite easy to be able to use so many 'S' words, particularly when indulging in my favourite pastime..
    visiting the seaside.

    Best wishes,

  18. Hi Roger OG,
    thanks for dropping by.
    I think most people love the seaside...
    Best wishes, Di.x

    'pisstake'.. ??

  19. I LOVE living by the seaside and never take it forgranted, having spent 10 years away from it during the period I was a young teacher in Nottingham. Have been down to the beach this morning with Sadie and Bing - good job as it's raining now.

  20. You are truly blessed Denise to live where you live, so many beaches and wonderful countryside on your doorstep, not to mention Whitby Bay and the best Fish and chips in the world.
    We have to drive for about 20 mins to get to a reasonable beach but my favourite is Rhoscolyn on Anglesey 90mind drive...
    Enjoy your holiday on the IOM..


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